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Today I am gonna to do a fun challenge with my Mumma and Papa and that is fun game challenge as today my exams over so will bring you this fun challenge for you hmmm..You studied a lot during exams :-)) she has watched TV and played all time hit Like if you enjoy the video and get it to 2,00,000 Likes and do SUBSCRIBE to our channel as MymissAnand gonna be 5M soon and also press that bell So Anantya what we have to do? here we’ve four cups with filled water have we drink the water? No.. You’ve to move this ball from here to that cup I am doing it so easily No you need to it by Blowing… My ball dropped so I’ve putted it three times and I did four times me too hmma.. I think Director will decide it well so here we’ve a balloon for our next challenge and each person has to burst five balloons you thought its so easy to do so.. but actually its not we keep it on the chair and we’ve to break it by sitting on it and I don’t like to burst it simply then how will I do so by sitting on it and you have keep your hands fold as I doubt you might use your nails so keep your hands folded I’ll use headphones as I don’t like the bursting sound of balloons that small balloons didn’t get broken easily it was really troublesome when we had sitting after breaking the balloon.. Mumma & Papa mostly use the small balloons as I wasn’t be able to break the big one so then how were I break the small one I think Nisha found this game so easy and she found it so tough so Anantya what we’ll do with these glasses we have to make them fall like this..with hands… hm that was so easy you’ve to make them fall using balloons first you inflate this balloon and them make them fall its too easy no its not that easy.. as I don’t know how to inflate balloon hehehe… so he’ll do first as he won the last round then me as last will I as I don’t know how to blow the balloon wow.. how you did it here we’ve gems in our next set up and we’ve to eat them No…actually we’ve to separate them on the basis of their colours the one who will be quickest to do it…will be the winner and we’ve put them one by one means one colour at a time so Camera keep an eye on both of them will we have to make them fall?? No.. actually these are marked and we’ve to take out one at a time and keep it on the top like this Here I’m the kids and take protein diet So I’ii be the winner No, I’ll win Game has to be played using brain…So, I’ll win They are not dare enough to do In case if you touch…you are out Touch what? Cup should not be touched to the table Okay Oh! it’s very much complicated Shubham has cheated over Mine too is tight Shubham added extra to me This game is for minded ones So you would have got to knew the winner She already is out as she has lost and is third in position Still I have done it So, I’m the winner First time Anantya is the winner You might be thinking that we are enjoying picnic But we are going to do a challenge Towel race challenge We have to do this way by the towel as if mopping Hands cannot touch the finishing line hands must be kept in Are you ready Yo I’m ready I’ll win as m youngest That is our finishing line So 1, 2, 3 and go… Anantya deserves a clap She is the winner I enjoyed the challenge Mumma, papa did you? Yeah! we enjoyed a lot We did the challenge for fun not for being the winner You too can do the challenge with friends and family And also do with your parents This is very complicated I enjoyed the water one most

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