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  1. I appreciate your kindness for considering reuploading this video, but since Mili clearly expresses how unpleasant it feels to have their work interpreted the wrong way and want no further confusion, could you please take this video down as they wish? I understand that you mean no harm. Nonetheless, it is rather disrespectful to reupload somebody's work without their permission, when they've already stated their own reasons for taking it down even. Or at least, for the time being, could you please put a warning as striking as possible in the description that this video does not deal with any political matters – especially its illustration – so that further misunderstanding shall be prevented?

  2. LOL people triggerred so easy I don't think it's Japan flag until they delete video but if it a Japan flag this song not about war crime why people so sensitive

  3. uh… okay so

    1. this isn't the problem of 'being butthurt'. it should go down if it resembles such topics. would you be okay if the illustration in any way resemble the holocaust, the terrorism of 9.11 or such similar sensitive topics? mili did a great job listening to other's feedback.

    2. mili literally said they didn't want their song to be interpreted as such so they took it down. they don't want this version to be around. you're disregarding the original creator's choices.

    3. obviously this is against copyright? this song belongs to mili. you have no right to redistribute it. you've committed a crime whether you realize it or not. take it down. what you're doing is hurting mili. if you're really their fan, take it down.

    also people, don't listen to birthday kid through this. every time you view this video, that's one less view for mili, the actual creator of the music. you guys are hurting mili just because "you like the original illust".

  4. また投稿?して下さってありがとうございます〜!!!✨

  5. now they got polish flag on the reuploaded ver LMFAO


  6. It’s like we’re a bunch of lonely people / testing the limit to see how much pain we can bear/ not too much and not too little/ so the world feels much more familiar

    Honestly I don’t know how I get this far/ I did this to me./There is no one else to blame/ I did it myself/ I wish it was your fault/ but how could it be?/ I did this to me.

    Sometimes I can’t move at all/ unless I’m certain/ that I’m following the right path

    And the only reason I could carry on is thanks to/ my imaginary children/ great great grandchildren/ singing in front of my hundredth birthday cake/ saying they are glad/ saying they are proud/ of what I’ve accomplished in my time.

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