G-Shock 35th Anniversary GPR-B1000TF-1JR Magma Ocean GPS Rangeman watch unboxing & review

hello everyone GHF here back at you with another g-shock unboxing or review video and today we’re gonna have a guest over here since
we’re gonna be talking about panther; cat, feline, so so I’m gonna have
my assistant sitting over here alright it’s been a while since this guy
get in front of the camera right. Anyway we’re gonna have a look at a GPR – B1000
TF the magma ocean range man so there are so many things to show to all of
you guys so I’m just gonna skip all this to the watch, oh by the way I still need
to show you guys all the things that came along with the packaging of course
so this is the first layer the plastic, and of course this is the paper box
which is really large, and this is the cardboard box with Casio in silver and
g-shock 35th Anniversary logo on top, pretty glossy so let me take this
one out there you go, white interior, and this is the part
where they add in all the papers, in this case three four five two manual book and
we also gonna have yeah the charging cable and adapter and some more papers,
the adapter I believed to be still the same right yeah there are not a special
adapter similar to the previous I believe all GPS Rangeman G-Shock watch, so let
me put all this aside okay that should do it
and next is this guy, the box hard case box, the trunk case box or whatever you
named that this is where the wash lies into there is a plastic, another plastic
of course and another one of those a fingerprint proof-liked metal slab on top
really really gorgeous look at that nice now pop it up right away and you’ll see
this sponge and also g-shock 35th anniversary logo again in there and here
is the watch and before I. you know what, I almost forgot one more thing, I’m currently
wearing the magma ocean g-shock frog man watch by the way, just in case you were
wondering, a really really gorgeous timepiece although they’re still the
same frogman but they are incredibly beautiful anyway let’s move on to the range
man and this is the pillow this will be the price tag………………… so we’re gonna have a look at g-shock
Rangeman 35th anniversary, GPS navigation function, Bluetooth GPS solar
function, point memory function, compass, barometer, altimeter, thermometer function,
and also world time complication as well. This is the reference number and the
price starts at 110,000 Japanese yen which is quite expensive
but trust me totally worth it, at the back part of the
price tag there are some of those logos that represent a functions that this watch have, but we’re not going to talk into that, for today’s video we’re just gonna
have a look at all the details that this Rangeman watch have, the function are
still just the same to any other Rangeman out there. What makes this one
special is the colorway, the finishing, the way the casio mix and match all the
colors into this watch.. yeah that what makes this really special and I’m gotta
say it totally make my Toyota Land Cruiser collaboration Rangeman
really looks like a toy when compared side to side to this magma ocean models;
just much much better. The price still pretty okay today because it’s just been
released but over time pretty sure you gotta go way up high and it’s gonna be
pretty hard to get after this. So let’s start by having a look at all the
details on the side starting up with this side screw bar it does came in IP
plated to black similar to one on this Team Land Cruiser model, matching with
this screw that is locking the sensor guard in there, but as you guys could already
see the buttons came in IP plated to black, now that makes the whole watch
much better because it matches all the metals on the side, the cylinder for the
mud resisting structure now came in rose gold; really really gorgeously made, and
it matched very well with the screw on top over here that’s locking this
antenna or the bezel into place so the regular one came in IP plated to black
that makes this one difference and also since it is.. it came in a lighter tone we
could see all the finishing on top of these
screw head as well. Casio even add the rose gold accents around this solar panel on
the watch face and also the index came in gold a little bit to match with the
one on this switch on this side this indexes at certain angle it does look
like a Rosco but if you look at it at this angle right now it looks more like
a goat to me so that is pretty nice as well it also came with this hairline
finished and let me show you guys there it go, look at all the details and it
matched very well if the hell I’m finish around this digital display as well,
those STN-display and the bar is already dropping by one bar something I
could still use all the functions, this watch is solar-powered; no worry but if
you want to quickly charge it you could use the adapter. So moving on to the
other side of this watch you’ll see that the same thing applied to these two
buttons and the crown now came in gold, not rose gold, but gold. It match very well with this one. Everything else came in rose gold but this part came in gold so that
is interesting right. And next is.. what else, what else.. Alright next thing as
you’ll see that all the lettering on top of the bezel will came in gray colourway,
matching with this ‘g-shock’, ‘forward’ and ‘reverse’, ‘protection’, and also the one on
the watch strap ‘navigation system’, ‘triple sensor’, and this side will have carbon
fiber inserted watchband, solar-powered and Mud resisting structure, the watch
band end bezel entirely came in dark gray, almost like.. it looks like black
right? from poster photo or even regular photos online, but if you compare it side to
side to black G Shock watch for example this one you’ll see that the tone
aren’t the same, for example this mud master; you can see that the tone aren’t
the same as well, it is a little bit more dark grey added into it, more than just
black so that makes the whole piece really look like a ‘magma’ so interesting
right. Next thing is the watch band keeper now came in rose gold with 3-5
stars and three fifth anniversary writings, brushed finish on top, matte
finished all around on the side, no more printing, this is the watch buckle now came in IP
plated to black I mean the whole black IP plated thing
around this watch really makes the watch look much more professional in my
opinion. When you wear the watch, it didn’t pop as much as compared to when
you are wearing something like this silver is lighter in tone; it will
flash a lot of lights, but not for this guy. so this one is much better. the watchband still feature similar
style of construction, it is still really soft but you cannot see the carbon fiber
sheets in there anymore, look at that but you could tell that there’s a carbon
fiber by looking at the code down here look at that there is a ‘CF’ there, CF
writings that indicating that there’s a color fiber sheets in there. Both sides goes with the same..(material) and what I’d like to point out more is the tone, the
red tone down here is not the regular ones that you could get out there, for
example I have this watch band this is from the GW-6900 the burning red
series G Shock watch, you’ll see that the tone aren’t the same, although it looks
almost like they’re the same thing but they are not, this one is matte finish,
this one is matte dial. So, in a way this part is much more sweat resistant it
won’t get discolored as easy compared to when wearing any other colorway and this
is one from the rising red 30th anniversary released watch band, you’ll see
that the tone aren’t the same as well, there you go, this one is much more deeper in
red, so it looks much better and I have another one for comparison, this is the
sneaker freaker collaboration G shock watch, it does came with a red
layering at the bottom of this strap, and you’ll see that the tone aren’t the same.
This one is similar to this one, this one is slightly deeper compared to this two,
this one is a lot lot deeper so it looks times better compared to the usual
models out there but when you wear the watch..that changed the game as well
because now this red could appear, pops even better compared to when you’re
wearing something like this. Alright now since we are already at the bottom layer
let’s have a look at this buckle again, there’s a Casio Japan signed at the
bottom of it and this is the back plate which is obviously a fingerprint magnet
but let’s have a look it is indeed made out of ceramic with
DLC coated if I’m not mistaken similar as the one on here and one on the frog
man, but now you don’t have any one of those feline; Panther logo, a cat logo at
the back as the one you’ll have on this Team Land Cruiser model, look at that. You’ll now have the three fifth anniversary logo instead,
global positioning system writings, three four five two module, GPR – B1000,
ceramic back, low temperature LCD, Japan H, waters resist to 20 bar, and yeah
they are still made from the same, exactly same factory. So you should
expect similar qualities, but in my case, it does break, but this watch works fine, the
crown works fine, so no complain and now let’s have a look at the watch function.
If you want to know the details, what this watch could do, check the WatchUP69
channel instead, he create a lot of videos talking about a function, all the
technicalities that you might want to know if you’re really consider getting
the watch for practical wear for me however mostly gonna be wearing this for
a function, sorry, for fashion only, this one is for
functions and I have a feeling that the price can I go up after this you’ll
still be able to grab this today so..good luck good luck, good luck with that.
Now since we are already in the topic of functions let’s quickly run through what
this g-shock Rangeman watch have, so first of all at home time, it has day, date, day, timekeeping and you could swap this display actually, literally there’s
a display options on top, select using this button and you could display the
screen either time keeping with navigation if you are using the GPS, and
you also display time and barometer, time and sunrise sunset, time and world time, so
its all up to you guys. Let me set this to time and sunrise and sunset instead. My
Rangeman on this tie right now is.. you know what lets try… look at that, the battery is incredibly low, now I cannot use the buttons at all, so that whats happen when
the battery runs to one bar, I’m gonna need to charge this watch. I haven’t been
wearing this watch for over a few weeks now no wonder. Anyway let’s move back to this guy so you’ll see that there’s a lot of setting
that you could run through in this G Shock watch which is really really is
much much easier to use compared to when you’re using this or other master of G
today so it’s really intuitive so next is we’ll have a ‘connect’,
compass, altimeter which operates using the sensor the atmospheric pressure
sensor and also GPS, yeah the altimeter used the GPS to calculate the height, the
elevations, next is barometer, sunrise and sunset, tide graph, moon phase, stopwatch,
timer, world time, and back to timekeeping, so a lot of functions, this
is where you access the navigation, point memory, recall, you could go to setting, you could pair this watch to your phone, and then setting the watch from your
phone and send the setting to the watch, and the other way around when you’re
sending the GPS tracking to your phones; it just really really complicated watch. I
highly recommend you guys to check WatchUP69 if you want to know the
details. Oh, last but not least is let’s have a
look at the LED light which gonna close at there, three o’clock position over
there, there you go, which is pretty basic not as uniform but you will be able to
use this the watch at nighttime so you’re good to go and if you’re
wondering how this watch was constructed into it is I already disassembled this
range man and show you guys the construction the interior will it be
worth it or not it is entirely up to you the contents are they out there have a
look and decide by yourself and let me remove my Frogman Magma
Ocean model, and let me wear the watch and just show you guys how how it will looks
like, the comfort is still the same as the regular GPS range man, the fits still
the same, they are incredibly nice you could have a skinny wrist and you could
still wear this G Shock watch no problem for daily wear then if you want to be
wearing this for professional wear for hiking for anyone one of those
activities you could wear this watch as well, it will looks really really good
people gonna get jealous of this guy when you have to watch on wrist so that
is how it is for this watch, I wanna hear yout thoughts and opinion on this g-shock watch as well. Will you buy the watch? will you not? what are the things that really turn
you down from getting this g-shock watch at the first place? that would be a
really interesting thing to share in the comment section down below let’s see how it goes and for now that sums it all up if you have any concern at all just ask
me from the comment section down below I’ll get back to you right away and help
you out if you have any problems at all regarding these models alright for now
that sums it all up, thank you very very much for watching this is GHF and I’m…. out

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