Gabo gets disappointed upon learning that Billy cannot go to the party | Make It With You

Hello, Oliver? Yes, this is Gabriel Villarica. I was wondering if
your gallery’s available tomorrow night. t’s available? Great! I was thinking of having a
night out with my employees. Yes, that sounds good. I’ll have my secretary send you
the final details by tomorrow. Thank you for accommodating
on such short notice. Bye. Hello, Ana. I want you to send an email to all the employees and board
members of Tinapay Corner. I’m having an event at
Oliver’s gallery tomorrow night. Coordinate with
Mr. Oliver, okay? Bye. See? I can be fun. How are things, bro? I told them to contact
Wall Street Journal first before making a huge investment. It’s very risky for me. You should work with my brother. [PHONE RINGING] H-hello, sir? Hello, Ana. Where are you? Sorry, sir. I’m already
at a friend’s party. But don’t worry. I arranged everything you need
for your event. I know, but where are the others? Sir, I sent you the list of confirmed attendees. They’re just board members
and senior staff. Where are my employees? Sir, they already left. You didn’t mention
it’s mandatory. Do you have an
urgent request, sir? Never mind. Bye. [PHONE RINGING] Happy birthday,
happy birthday… Hello, Sir Gab? – I mean, Gabo.
– Hello, Billy. Didn’t you receive my email
regarding my event today? I did. Sorry. Maybe next time. Hooray!

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  1. Felicia Huwag mong masiyadong dibdibin Ang teleserye.🤣🤣 Enjoy the TV series with LizQuen❤️like I do! I'm just saying what I'm feeling after the epi,Hindi ako nangaaway.Huwag Kang Nega!! really?are you serious?😂😂😂😂

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