Gaby and Alex play Family Fun Game with Mama

Hi guys today we are gonna be doing that cannon Just spin the spinner. It’s landed on red color number three that’s mean you have to move the cannon to number three and Red color means that you have to angle the cannon on the red color. It’s mean this way Like this we’re gonna blow Whip cream in here. So once you press the button and it hits the person in the face, I Get a point, but if I miss you get a point and if you are able To knock whipped cream with this hand. You are the two points. So guys. Are you ready? Yeah wants to shoot first Okay. Now we gonna shoot first Okay, let’s load it up Pick up a spin the spinner Green – we’re gonna move cannon – no – And don’t you got a straight shot that’s easy. Oh That’s why I can see okay Gabi got one point well done Well, okay Gabi spin the spinner Number three bread. Okay, let’s move the cannon so number three Yeah, I move this to color red. It’s free. Oh No, it’s my turn So you got 2 points Monica zero points, oz got zero points there’s my to suspend belief Okay You will get two red that’s not bad let’s move this to number two Excited hey, Alex whenever are you ready? Yeah, I got one boy well done oh shoot And you’ll get read – Okay, my turn to Spain Green – watch out try to block it yeah Number two Is pain and you’re gay that’s easy Got me spin the spinner and you’ll get My face is clean It still fine Okay, not a spider Yoga one boof try to Block it so you got three points. Yeah. Okay spinning and Yummy I could pull points now. Okay guys last two rounds One green pls. Are you ready? It’s a straight shot try to block it Okay, I’m gonna spin And I get one red copy, are you ready Judge the block it On – there you go Copy you blocked it So guys let’s find all the points I like you got five points I Got six points. I got it how many points you got? Six as well, that’s me you and I we both warned

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