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[Didgeridoo] [Indigenous song]>>Kaya, Kaya wanju. Hello and welcome, my
name is Simon Forrest Burungu. And I’m a Whajuk Barladong Nyungar with kin
connections to Yamaji and Wongi peoples. I’m also Elder in Residence at
Curtin University and here to give a welcome to country.>>Good evening ladies
and gentlemen and welcome to Curtin University’s 50 Years of Innovation
Gala Dinner. My name is Tracy Vo, I’m from Channel 9, but I’m also honoured to say that
I am a Curtin alumna. I graduated from the School of Journalism in 2004.>>And good evening ladies and gentlemen, it’s a truly wonderful sight to see you all out
there and it’s such a pleasure to welcome you on behalf of the
Vice-Chancellor and myself. Tonight we celebrate what has been achieved in the
last 50 years. We acknowledge that Curtin has come of age and we are honoured to do
so in the company of so many of our colleagues, partners and friends. Across
the world, great universities infuse their communities with a spirit of
innovation and entrepreneurial vision and Curtin University shines brightly among
them. I’m now delighted to introduce our Vice-Chancellor Professor Deborah Terry AO.>>Ladies and gentlemen it is wonderful to have so many of our partners and
friends here for this very special evening. Tonight is a night of
celebration of the past, of the present and the future.
We salute Curtin’s journey from an institute of technology to a global University. We applaud the success that comes from
working together towards a common goal. And we anticipate what the future might
hold for one of this states, great institutions. I’m privileged to be
Vice-Chancellor of this great University in our fiftieth year, but the success
belongs to the state, to all of you here tonight, to those leaders on whose great shoulders I stand and to our students, our staff and
our alumni. I also applaud and thank all of you here who have contributed to
Curtin through your wise counsel, through our advisory boards and council and
through your philanthropic support. Your support magnifies our impact in so many
ways and you are all wonderful ambassadors for the power of education.
Our institution was born out of ambition and out of a deep understanding that
powerful economies and stable and strong civil societies, have at their core,
world-leading and engaged universities. It has been a tale worth telling of a
successful journey of which we should all be very proud. So now I ask how
bright is the future for one of WA’s great institutions. We’ll just watch this space. Watch as Greater Curtin comes to life
and we double our on-campus student accommodation and we attract industry
partners to co-locate on campus. And watch as we deepen our global
partnerships always with an eye on delivering benefit back to WA. As we
secure our position as a core component of a vibrant innovation ecosystem
driving new industries and new jobs. As we remain focused on fulfilling our
obligations to regional WA and as we ensure that our students are equipped
with the advanced skills and perspectives so essential for their
future success. And watch as more and more of our graduates step forth
as role models, as leaders and in ways that will inspire us all, as they shape
the future to be a better, stronger and fairer place for those who follow us. In
doing so I assure you that we will remain true to those qualities of
inclusion, engagements and innovation that so define this great
University. And we will do this at the same time as ensuring that we continue
to meet our namesake’s imperative that above all things the University must
have a soul and must look ever forward. Thank you.>>It is now my pleasure to
invite you to view a short video that honours WAIT and Curtin leaders across
the decades.>>Curtin thanks all of its wonderful Chancellor’s and Vice-
Chancellors, who over the past 50 years have helped shape it, into the
successful, global university it is today.>>Curtin has continued to transform and
adapt over time to innovate and respond to the community in the needs of
industry. It had a good base to build from as a West Australian Institute of
Technology and it is appropriate to celebrate the excellent university which
is now 50 years old. I applaud the bold thinkers and leaders of WAIT and
Curtin and the students who have worked together to shape the organisation over
the past decades. Congratulations again to Curtin University on this significant
anniversary.>>I am very privileged to be here this evening for this very very
important event and as we know Curtin’s anniversary, its fiftieth anniversary is a
significant event in the states and nations calendar. Curtin excels in making
Western Australia fairer. The effort that Curtin goes to, to engage with students
from backgrounds that haven’t traditionally been engaged in education,
is outstanding. And in all fields of endeavour, people from all sorts of
backgrounds come to Curtin, get an education and have a more fulfilling,
successful, better life than they would otherwise have had.
But Curtin has also engaged in making Western Australia a stronger place. There
is not an institution West of Geelong, that has more international students
than Curtin University. It saw the opportunity early, it has thousands of
students from around the world and particular the countries to our north, an
important income earning stream for the University but also for the state. The
institution has grown from 3,000 students 50 years ago to 60 or so
thousand students today, 220,000 alumni, engaging with all sorts of
industries making sure that Western Australia is at the forefront of innovation,
technology, advancement and success. I look forward to that success
continuing for the next 50 years and beyond. Thanks very much.>>We are very proud to be making our
contribution to the future of this great state and helping to build its profile
and its reputation internationally. Our partnerships with government, business,
industry, and the community are so important in bringing this mission to
life. I’d like to invite you now to watch a short video that celebrates some of
the rich and diverse partnerships that Curtin enjoys today.

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