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[MUSIC PLAYING] -Hey everyone, it’s
Brooklyn and Bailey, and today we decided
to have a special guest today to do our video with us. -Hi guys, I’m Shelby
with OwlBeTeen. -And we have been
visiting them in Missouri for most of the week, and
we’ve been having so much fun. Today we decided to show
you guys galaxy glow jars. It’s something that you can
do for holidays, or parties, or camps. Anything that would work
for glow in the dark jars. -Alright. The glow sticks you can get
at a dollar, at Michael’s, and Target, and
the Dollar Store. -And you just need Mason jars. Which you can get
12 for– the price usually varies, but the prices
are pretty cheap for about 12 of these. You’ll also need some straws,
scissors, and glitter. Also gloves and
glasses, or goggles, just to protect your eyes and
hands from the glow sticks. Then you want to take the
lid off of your Mason jar, so that we can get a
glow stick in there. Then you want to take
your glow stick– and we actually picked
out the best colors, which is green, blue, and pink. They show up the best. And you’ll want to crack it. -Pop it. -Pop this glow stick. Pop this glow stick. And then you’ll want to
put on your latex gloves to protect your hands. Even though glow sticks actually
aren’t technically toxic, you’ll still want to
put them on for safety. -When you cut them it squirts,
so you’ll want gloves on. -Don’t want to
get them all over. -Unless you want to
be glowing all day. And then you’ll
just want to cut off the very clear end of the
glow stick into your jar. So that if they leak, they’ll
just get inside your jar. And you just leave the
ends inside your jar, because you will see why later. -And you let ’em drip
out, take a straw. -You’ll want to take
your straw and put it at the end of the
glow stick, and blow so you’ll get all the glow
stick inside your jar. -Kind of looks
like glowing snot. -Oh, lovely. -So once you have the
majority of your glow stick inside the jar, you’ll want to
take your glasses and gloves off. -You want to do about two glow
sticks to get all of the glows. -Yeah. So we’ll go ahead and put
the next glow stick inside. -So there are three different
kinds of galaxy jars you can do, so she’ll
show you her’s first. -I am using just a
little strip of tulle. And all you’re going to do
is stick the little piece of white tulle in, screw
your lid on– and maybe if I can do it
right– and shake it. -While she shakes, I’ll
show you what I did. We took crystal fine glitter,
and all I’m going to do is just put a couple
shakes in there. I don’t know how you say that. That’s probably good. -Oh, I like that. -And then we’ll screw
my jar lid on there. And I will shake mine too. -And then mine is just
thicker, bigger glitter. It’s not quite as
fine as that one. And you’ll do the
same thing, you’ll put a couple little shakes in
there– that’s probably good– put your lid on, and shake. And this is the reason why,
you what the end of your glow sticks in here, is it helps
spread the glow stick. -It’s like a dance. -Alright, that’s probably good. -Whoa, yours looks awesome. -Oh, mine looks cool. -And right now we
will show you what they look like in the dark. -Whoa! [INTERPOSING VOICES] -For Valentine’s Day,
this one would be amazing. -Oh my gosh, drop it
off at someone’s door, that would be so cool. -Or like, Birthday parties. -Birthday parties and forts. -Night time things. -You could, like, line
them on your doorstep. -Fortress! -Fortress! -My gosh, they’re so pretty. -Cool. -They’re so bright. Oh my gosh, that’s like
the coolest thing ever. -Okay, be sure to follow
Shelby at OwlBeTeen, and don’t forget to leave
a comment below on what you would use these jars for. Like, parties and stuff. And I guess I’ll
see you next week. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Remember when we tried
to make the bubbles glow in the dark too? -Yep. and the– -It was actually kind of cool. -I don’t remember if we– -Taking the bubbles
and putting the glow sticks in– it was so cool. -I saw it on Vicious, and
I really wanted to do it, but I never ended up doing it. -It was really cool though,
we couldn’t get it to work, but one girl did. Cause it was like
glowing bubbles, like Wizard of Oz bubble. [LAUGHTER]

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