Galaxy Themed Party Supplies: and a Short How to! | Discount Party Supplies

Welcome to our Unboxing Video. Today we’re having a Space Party. We have awesome Space Fact Cards. Space Shuttle Erasers, there are quite a few
of them. 20 Lunch Napkins
Some really pretty Space Pencils. We’re going to show you at the end of this
video how to assemble these Space Shuttle Foam Gliders. Gorgeous Tablecover
8 Dessert Plates 8 Dinner Plates
8 9oz Cups An awesome Space Shuttle Centerpiece. And last but not least, Space Party Favor
Bags. These Space Shuttle Foam Gliders come with 3 pieces. First you want to take this little line out
of the middle of the space ship. It just pops right out. This bottom does have this little groove there. So that way when you push the bottom part
through, you can pull it back so that groove goes right in this little part of the space
ship. Then you simply line it up! You have this little fastener that simply
slips right on to the back, right in there just so. And you’re ready for take-off!

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