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“The After Party.” And we’ve got the “Game
Shakers” with your host, Karen– just Karen. Hi. And welcome to
“The After Party.” I’m your host Karen. And today from “Game
Shakers,” I have Benji Flores and Thomas Kuc. We’re going to be talking about
the episode, “Armed & Coded.” So let’s get started. Benji, I want you to
stick your tongue out. OK. KAREN: And I want you to give
me the plot of “Armed & Coded” with your tongue sticking out. OK. Hear that every day. Let’s go. Um, basically Mason Kendal
wants to know how to code. So he comes to “Game
Shakers,” and Babe thinks this is her chance
to have date Mason Kendal. But then, Kenzie starts
teaching Mason how to code. And Babe gets very, very upset! And everyone goes crazy. And I can’t tell you
anymore, because you have to watch the episode. That’s exactly what
happened in this episode. Let’s give him a
round of applause. That’s perfect.
-Thank you. All right. So I actually got you a gift. Yes! I love presents! BENJI FLORES, JR: I love boxes! I got you a gift. This is for you. It’s heavy. It is? -Is it Christmas time already?
-Open it. I want you to see what it is. [DRUM ROLL] Ah! I love this! It’s Bass Milk! Did you really not
see that coming? That was great. Dude this is so awesome. Oh my gosh. So you guys had to drink
that a bunch in the episode. You guys were like chugging
bass milk the whole time. Is that really bass milk? Did they really milk
a bass for that? It’s actually a banana. Bananas. Apple juice. Apples. And water. That just sounds like
a delicious snack. No, it’s not actually. KAREN: All right. So I want you to
drink the whole thing. -Go ahead, Benji.
-Why? No.
KAREN: As quickly as possible. No, don’t. Not as quickly as possible. But is it good? It’s good at first. But you know, it’s
kind of like if you eat or drink too much of
everything, it gets really bad. It sucks, because we had
to chug it so much that it would come out of our noses. How much do you think that
you chugged in that episode? Probably like a milk carton. The whole thing. Not the whole milk carton,
like the skinny ones. Would you ever drink it again? So you’ve had enough of
bananas, apples, and milk? I mean I could have a sip. I would have to
watch you have a sip. Chug!
Chug! Chug! Not chugging. [CHUCKLING] Not chugging. It’s good. More bananas this time. That’s good.
KAREN: Really? Yeah.
I highly recommend. You’re welcome. Please welcome to “The
After Party” couch, Cree Cicchino and Maddie Shipman. [CHEERING] So today is a special treat. I was going to get the actor
who played the delivery guy, Tate, in the episode. So your character, Babe,
orders like some candies and stuff for herself. Yes. And this amazing delivery
guy, Tate, he delivers them. And I really wanted
him on the show, but he’s doing a
play in Australia. And he couldn’t come. But I think that they were going
to get him live via satellite. Live? He’s doing a play in
Australia right now. He’s a super big
deal in Australia. Hey, Mike? THOMAS KUC: Is he all right?
KAREN: Hey, guys. We’re here at “The After Party.” Can we get your–
do you hear us? No. He can’t. Are we having a problem? Can you not hear us? I don’t know what’s going on. BENJI FLORES, JR: Remember,
it’s like a distance thing. MADDIE SHIPMAN: He
must like those grapes. KAREN: OK. Well, let’s try and get him. But I had a backup plan
in case this didn’t work. So in this episode,
“Armed & Coded,” Kell has his arm atrophies. And I actually have the
actor who played the arm. The arm? Oh, really? Can I get the arm? OK. So this is a special treat. This is the arm. Can we just focus
on the arm though? I don’t need the
rest of the actor. OK. Did we get the?
OK. We got it?
OK. Thank you so much.
OK. That’s all. Thank you so much. Thank you. So that was the arm
from “Armed & Coded.” That’s awesome. So do you guys know
how that works? So basically, that’s one of
the writers and producers of “Game Shakers.” And she had her arm
put into a cast. And then from that,
they made a mold. And then they made Kell’s
atrophied arm in the episode. It was cool. It was pretty awesome to see
someone’s real arm be fake. Let’s see if we can get Mike. Does he hear us yet? Did we get the connection yet? Hello? Mike? KAREN: OK. I guess he’s just eating grapes. I don’t know. Well, I actually have
something else on tap, because this isn’t working. I interviewed Cree
and the actor that plays Mason Kendal on the show. And we have a perfect
segment for that. So let’s all watched
that instead. I guess we’ll try
and get that up. But let’s watch it here now. All right. Hi, everybody. I have Tanner Buchanan
am Cree Cicchino here at “The After Party.” So are you in love
with him in real life? Or is that just an act? It’s an act. I’m just that good. I’m just that good. Did you guys know each
other before the show? Or did you meet here on set? We met on set. And then season one he came
on during Babe’s jacket, so that was fun. How do you get into character
to be so in love with him? I pretend he’s food after
a long day of filming. You pretend that he’s food. How does that make you feel? I’m cool being food. I love food. KAREN: Well, you
guys don’t say a lot to each other on the show, so
it’s like it’s very little. But I feel like words are
not needed between you two. No. Too much tension there. KAREN: There’s so much tension. At least from my end. Yeah. He doesn’t really have emotion. No emotion at all. Do you feel nothing? What do you feel like
when you’re out there? Like character wise? KAREN: Yeah. I think Mason is someone
that feels everything, but not nothing at all. That is deep. That is really deep. Thank you so much. This has been Tanner and
Cree’s romantic hour. Woo! OK. That was amazing. Thank you, Cree for that. THOMAS KUC: That was great.
That was very funny. Interesting. So, Cree, in this episode, you
got to dance for Mason Kendal. Yes. And you are an
incredible dancer. Let’s all give it up
for Cree’s dance moves. Thank you. So how long have
you danced for? About 10 years. 10 years! That is very much
most of your life. I started when I
was about four years old, just in a dance group. We did competitions. And then when I moved out
here to start filming “Game Shakers,” I focused
in mainly on hip hop and street jazz and jazz funk. Jazz. Street jazz.
Jazz funk. Gotcha. OK. So do you remember the dance
that you did for this episode? Yes. So let’s do like– I want
you to teach like 10 seconds of that dance to this group. OK! KAREN: So why don’t
you guys all get up. I have the song here. We might have to do it
without the song for a second. OK. So let’s do it without
the song first. So let’s just do
like 10 beats of it. OK. So it starts, 1, 2. So shake that hip
and bring it out. That’s definitely
not what I did. And then, you go 3,
4 to the other side. And then, in, up, hair. Hair. No, no, no. Face this way. KAREN: Benji is adding a lot
of his own [INAUDIBLE] to this. Here. And then, it’s
usually a lot of out. And then, you go
down and then up. How do you do
like the hair flip? OK.
I love it. Let’s do it with the music. And– [MUSIC PLAYING] 5, 6, 7, 8. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Down and up. Woo! Yes. All right. Thank you so much for
coming to “The After Party.” We had a great time. I feel we’re going to be
dancing our way out of here. See you next time. ALL: Bye! [THEME MUSIC PLAYING]

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