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NARRATOR: It’s The After Party And we’ve got the Game
Shakers– with your host, Karen– just Karen. Hi everybody, and welcome
to the After Party. Please welcome to
the show Maddie Shipman and Cree Cicchino. Woo! Woo.
KAREN: Yes. And today we’re
going to be talking about “Buck the Magic Rat.”
-Yes. KAREN: Which I have to say
was my favorite episode of the season– or just
that we’ve shot, period. I love “Buck the Magic Rat.” And I got to hold a baby rat. KAREN: And you got
to hold a baby rat. So Maddie, you were a
huge part of this episode. You know everything about it. So give me the plot of the
episode in ten seconds. Maddie, go– ten seconds. Um it’s– “Buck the
Magic Rat” is about a rat that I find in the
subway who take to the Game Chigger’s place. And gets sick because
he’s home sick. And we have to call Bobby Dog. Sister– Oh my god, I let
you go way over. That’s 11.39 seconds. So in this episode,
you get a rat. MADDIE SHIPMAN: He’s magical. KAREN: He’s magical. He gives a lot of good luck
to everybody around him. MADDIE SHIPMAN: And karma. KAREN: Good karma. But at the end, he gets sick. And it turns out
that he is homesick He’s homesick. KAREN: And has to go
home to the subway. It was a hard scene
for both of us. Both had to take a
second after filming. Did you tear up
during that episode? MADDIE SHIPMAN: Oh yeah.
-Yeah. KAREN: Seriously?
-I got so attached to him. Well I didn’t tear
up because like, I had to stay strong
for the momma. She just lost her child. So that was emotional. But it was a funny episode too. Yeah.
KAREN: It was really funny. Really funny. What was your favorite
moment of the episode? I liked this one scene
where I got to hold him while I was on the phone. Because while filming
that scene, when we cut, he got all sleepy
and I would sit down and manage to turn
him on his back and he was as small (BABY TALK). KAREN: To me, the funniest
moment of that episode was when Betty Dung laid down. And she had the
rat go on her face. So we’re going to
do that to you now. We’re going have a rat
crawl over your face. So I could just have you
lay down on the ground– OK. I’m joking. CREE CICCHINO: I was ready. Maddie completely
believed me that we were going to do that though. I was ready. -I am so upset with you.
-I’m sorry. I don’t want to hurt you. But you both love rats. Yeah. What if you have were rats? Like where would you go
and what would you do? I know exactly
where I would go. Tell me. I would go into a
retail store, scurry my little way across
the floors, and then go over to the candy section. Do you like sweet candy or
do you like chocolatey candy? Sour candy. KAREN: Sour candy.
-Freak. KAREN: So she’d be the little– I’m a freak. And I like chocolate. Chocolate is, like, my bae. KAREN: So she’d be
like the puckered rat. Give me a puckered rat. What would that look like
with the teeth and the pucker and me the eating? That’s it, on the
nose, thank you. And Cree– that’s Cree’s face. That’s like the Cree
Cicchino face– the rat face. So you got really close
with Buck the Magic Rat. And I wanted him
to come here today. But he couldn’t. But I got you something
his cousin Tuck actually gave me to give you. So he said to open it
and see what he got. So I guess just open
it just like that. And see what he got you. [SQUEALS] MADDIE SHIPMAN:
Oh, it’s garbage. KAREN: Oh her favorite. MADDIE SHIPMAN: And
his little pancakes. KAREN: Oh, a little
stack of pancakes. You two Together to
eat pancakes together. MADDIE SHIPMAN: And a
dreidel– of course. -Of course.
-Of course. Of course. MADDIE SHIPMAN: Oh and
then there’s a book. CREE CICCHINO: Oh a little book. MADDIE SHIPMAN: A little
pamphlet about London. Oh from London. MADDIE SHIPMAN: And then
there’s a little credit card. KAREN: Oh his credit card. Oh my gosh. That’s how you could
spend the money if you’re a rat at a retail store. Exactly I’m literally
crying right now. She needs a second. KAREN: That’s amazing
Oh she’s actually literally crying right.
Wait. Hold on a second. Are we getting– are we– oh OK. So we actually have a feed of
Buck the Magic Rat– the actor who plays Buck the Magic Rat. [GASPS] KAREN: Actually just called in. He’s calling in for you. OK so do we have him–
we have him on the line? Can you hear me? Can you You hear me? -Yeah I can hear you.
-Hello? I can hear you. Great to be here, Karen. Nice to see you, Maddie, Cree. Ethan, I hear you’re
in London right now. Yes, that’s right. I’m here in sunny London
doing some theatre. Oooh. KAREN: Oh my god,
that’s fantastic. Who’s in the play? Oh lots of fine actors. Like Ryan Gosling is in it. Ella Anderson, she’s wonderful Ella Anderson, really? I love her. Oh yes, Ella’s in
everything these days. So anyway, look, I don’t
have a lot of time. But yes, working on Game
Shakers was pretty great for me thanks to the girls
Maddie and Cree. Oh the way Maddie, no hard
feelings about the tail pulling. (LAUGHING) All right, I’ve got to go. Goodbye, I’m doing theatre. KAREN: All right, bye, Ethan.
Always a pleasure. Bye. You’re actually crying. Tears are running
down your cheeks. That was an emotional moment. OK so in this
episode, you guys– THOMAS KUC: Ayy guys, whatsup. We’re here for the After Party. OK you guys– this is
like– you know that this is the end of the episode. [INTERPOSING VOICES] KAREN: Where were you? I got you this rat box. You guys got me another rat? Yeah it’s a box of. Oh I’m so excited. KAREN: You got her a rat?
-I got her a rat. You see that? It’s an empty box. Are you kidding me? Yeah but basically, it’s
the thought that counts. -We thought about it.
-But what about my rat? It ran away. It saw a pizza and it
was like ay, I need a– Hello! What did you guys get me? Our attention and
our caring love. No but like actually
though, what did you get me? I got you something. What did you get me? I got– umm. We’re going to sit downn now. KAREN: I got you this. What is that? THOMAS KUC: Did you
already eat that? Yeah I couldn’t finish it. All right, guys, thank you
so much for watching The After Party. We just talked about
Buck the Magic Rat. And we had a great time. Wait– what? We’ve been here for a while
so we’re kind of tired. Bye guys. ALL: Bye! Thank you so much for
coming to the after party. I had a blast, I
hope you did too. If you haven’t seen
“Buck the Magic Rat yet, you can catch it
online and on the app. It is my favorite
episode of the show. I love it. And I want your click
here to watch Kel and Shell’s epic laser battle. It is insane. I want you watch it. Click here and do that. And comment below. Let me know what you
liked about the episode and I want to do more of that. OK so, I’ll see you next time. NARRATOR: Bye,
Karen– just Karen.

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