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Hello Friends This is your friend Anu Singhal I have a Fantastic Birthday Party Game Idea for you Which you can also play in a kitty party Generally there remains an issue in most of kids parties that there are kids of many age groups in the party so how they all can play a single game ?? So this game is a resolution for this problem To play this game, I have created this chart Five kids can play at one time with this chart The numbers are marked on this chart There are numbers from 1 to 8 and START point is marked and END point is on upper side To play this game We only need a dice. There is no time limit and also five small car toys which are easily available with most kids If car toys are not available, bike toys can be used If even bike toys are not there, other small toys can be used or even chess or ludo pawns will suffice to play Please see, I will tell you what to do As we play in LUDO, The pawn starts only after dice rolls 1 or 6 Similarly, here chance starts when dice rolls 1 or 6 Five kids can be called together Every kid will get the chance by car he selects Suppose this kid gets a 4 on roll of dice, the car will not start This one gets 3 This one gets 5 She gets a 6 so her car starts She will get another chance after 6 similar to LUDO She gets 5 in this chance Car moves to column where 5 is marked The next kid also rolls a 6 His car also moves to START He moves his car by 3 columns In similar fashion, the kid whose car reaches column 8 before all others, will be the winner of this game. The next kids does not roll 1 or 6, so she does not START She gets 2 The rounds will go on, and the kid who reaches column 8 first will be the WINNER Even if there are 20-25 kids in the party You can call 5 kids at atime Get a winner from each round of 5 kids And play a FINAL round with each round winner and get the Final WINNER If you like this game Press LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my channel Thank You Friends

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