Garth Brooks’ Daughter Had A Hilarious Response After He Married Trisha Yearwood

– Wait, you did something special though with your daughters when
you and Trisha got married and I thought this was
the sweetest thing ever. – Well, they got married. So, Trisha doesn’t have children. So they got married. They exchanged rings and
said vows to each other because I told ’em, “If
something happens to me, “you gotta take care of the queen. “You gotta take care of Miss Yearwood.” And it was great. We were at the dinner, all three of ’em, it was a really tight
conversation, I’m nervous, and I finally work up the courage to say, I’d like to get married and
they were all fine with it. I said, “But you gotta take care of her.” And I’m waitin’ for something
intelligent to come back and it was the youngest, Allie, that said, “We got your back, bra strap.” (audience laughs)
(Kelly laughs) That was it. That was the end of the conversation. – Guess I’ll have some
more cornbread, yeah. That’s like awesome.
(Garth laughs)

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  1. Let your beard be natural because that dye job isn't..but it goes with his I'm so shy fake routine…and he is full of more video of him staring in a pose constantly would make me throw up..a woman don't even pose that much in a video starring and looking like look at me…just to much..but he is shy..Not!
    And not country your all about rock but you did country to get rich so that marketing was smart on your part.

  2. Kelly I like you, I really do, and I'm so glad you got picked for a 2nd season, but please, you have to do something with your clapping, is too much, it doesn't look good. Just an opinion.

  3. I still remember the day he and his wife and Trisha were on stage and he brought out flowers to Trisha and not his wife. Oop 🥺

  4. LOL!!! 😂I’m from Tennessee and I thought I’d heard them all but I have to say I’ve never heard that!!! I will say that I’m gonna add that to my list!!

  5. So. Garth Brooks was married, cheats on his wife with trisha yearwood, then marrys the jezebel that broke up a marriage. And as a country you people celebrate him and her like its ok. Godless Godless Godless people

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