GAUCHO PARTY in Patagonia: Argentine BBQ Asado, Gaucho Music + Mini Rodeo | El Manso, Argentina

good morning good morning guys greetings
from el bolson Argentina we’ve got a bit of a special episode for you today yeah
what are we doing have been invited to a Gaucho party which is pretty exciting
we didn’t even know it was taking place no it’s outside of the city Sam’s never
been to one I went to a few when I was a kid living in Argentina but it’s been
ages and it’s a really fun event so super looking forward to it see I’m got
a couch who had a few days ago we need to go get back can’t believe I put this
on and I know also we should mention that it’s our Airbnb host Valentin that invited
us yeah so cool really cool guy he’s roughly our agent yeah it’s so cool from
for him to invite us we originally were gonna go on a hike but instead we’re
gonna do this this is like how much that is so much better all right off to get
your hat got your hat time there’s a guy so hot I don’t know if Gauchos wear
those green glasses you love to sport but hey they’re there for all all types
okay all types of people with no fashion sense there you go all set
what’s that Oh you and Kitty are gonna have a nice day
together barbecue is currently being prepared
just behind us there’s still another 30 minutes to go before the food’s ready
but yeah there is a lot of meat here lamb cordero cooked on the cross this is gonna be
good we’ve got some picnic tables set up some
benches so we’re gonna be eating before we check out the events the festivities
today there you have it it’s one o’clock right now food should be ready by 1:30
we’ve already placed our order doing a little shopping here if you want
to become a gaucho this is the place to do so you can get the pants the bomb
watches the leather belts leather purses shirts shopping for Knights so I’m
considering buying a okay question is did you bring that much money we have our asado in front of us and we
were testing of the new knives yeah we bought some cows oh nice yeah I bought
one for himself they’re incredible one for your dad the meat is wonderful we
have some different cuts yeah some ribs and is just very very juicy well you got
to show the knife yeah the knife already did its work let’s see if I can cut
another bubble real just so you can see today’s gonna be a day of messy hands
messy eating no forks here it cuts very well it’s a super sharp super tall most
scary sharp and how’s the meat very good very good
do you see saltine tasty we’ve got a bun which is gonna come in handy so ya
lovely meal oh and wine thanks for getting wine for us all right so I’m here with my good
friend Ballentine and we’re having Argentine asado yes
it’s so delicious and we have you to thank for us coming here so thank you
very much oh you will how’s the asado so far this
is very very good a saddle and we are in single man so yes Annie are two local
songs and I am very happy to find these two good guys my new friends new friend
we’re loving this thanks so much she’s so tired she’s been eating a lot oh not difficult I’m gonna have a
scratch on my face well guys here we are that was a great
barbecue what did you think mr. cameraman Sam
it was fantastic we eat so much and everything was delicious oh man what is
they surprised I mean we weren’t even planning on having asado
today just as of yesterday invitations just been amazingly what better way to
spend a Sunday serious yeah and now that we be and we feel like we need a siesta
but the party’s just getting started we’ve got the Gauchos on their horses
yeah the racing around Barrow a lot barrels yeah barrels barrels like going
around trying not to knock them down yeah treating their skill on a horse
yeah so yeah we’re gonna watch this so we’ve just come here for the day but
I’ve gotta say some people have shown up with their tents and I have a feeling
this is probably a party that lasts two or three days people have brought a lot
of supplies you know everything you need to kind of spend a long weekend out here
there’s whole families that have come together the pets have arrived I’ve
actually met a really friendly dog yeah it’s a pretty cool setting and just
beautiful weather for a day like safe we’re back in the car time for a little
update so had a lovely lunch we watched a few of the demonstrations but like the
party’s not really getting going with the Gauchos because apparently they
weren’t really hard yesterday and everyone’s hungover so there’s not a lot
happening today though so our friend is driving us to an old oh yeah oh sure
hello sir we’re we’re planning to visit a labyrinth maybe have some minions like
an opportunity which is awesome yeah that’s where we’re headed right now yeah
I mean we had we had a lot of Perea but I feel by the time we have merienda will
have an opportunity ready for it and yeah that was fantastic getting to go to
that event I mean it was out of town we wouldn’t have found out about otherwise
it was like an hour drive sorted I’ve gone their honor really oh we owe
everything to Valentin yes that’s the funny thing so my only rule is that we have to split
up to make this more fun the three of us
can’t head into the labyrinth together otherwise there’s no incentive so yeah I
ditch the boys I think they’re gonna try and help each other doing this on my own
didn’t work out so well it’s a dead end I’m not trying my second second attempt
first one failed really hoping I can beat the boys this is a massive maze I
don’t know if it’s like the biggest maze in Patagonia or the biggest maze in all
of our Jen Tina but it’s huge it smells nice walking through here looks like a
new path and here the boys I get here the boys I haven’t hit a roadblock in a
while so I feel like I must be doing well road splits
I should mention we’re starting this labyrinth just as we’re losing daylight
Suns already behind the mountain yes I’ve made it to the central courtyard
this is good but this is only the beginning of the labyrinth it continues Wow ooh a door but is not the right way
to talk to talk now this door is open this is a good sign I can hear a dog
barking I can also hear the boys think they’re behind me a few hedges over Oh
dead end I was told that apparently they change up the maze every once in a while
just because you’ve been here once doesn’t mean you’re gonna find your way
around no but we’re out of the first part to
the first maze because you came through the central courtyard yeah
weren’t you to get here oh yeah maybe we will stick together and help each other
out well guys we are back at the cottage and
what are they yes I’m just gonna say so much fun I was today
I loved today it was that the Gaucho event was just incredible yeah I was
picked Acula I felt like I was invited to like an exclusive event that we would
never find us to arrest you yeah yeah honestly everything we do today I feel
like we needed to have a local friend to show us around and get us there and like
explain things to us because this is kind of like off the beaten tourist
trail like these aren’t places that would be easy to access exactly but so
much fun so much fun we had a great asado it was gray on buying our first
Argentinian Gaucho live oh yeah put those to good use over the years mm-hmm
yeah what a day like this was unplanned spontaneous so much fun huh and then the
labyrinth and the afternoon tea that cake okay that’s chocolate sponge cake
with cream and all sorts of red berries and then had meringue and it had done to
the lychee I want to try and recreate that in my kitchen one day Wow so yeah
it’s gonna be hard to talk today but we’ve still got four more days and every
what’s on three Sun ahead of us so yeah we’re just going to enjoy that to the
max please yeah I think we did some hiking we’ll check out the town maybe
make our own saddle here we do have we do have a grill yeah and uh with
coming today a little kitty I don’t know if you can see it yeah these just came
in for a little bit of food yeah so with that in mind we’ll see you guys soon
from el bolson

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  1. Good morning my canadian Friends… !!!! Que cosas positivas pueden comentar de nuestras costumbres en relación a otros países que han conocido….???? Te gustan Sam algunas ??? Feliz DOMINGO amigos…..♥️♥️♥️♥️Rosario los espera…!!!!

  2. hola,miren en si la carne echa asi,se llama a la cruz ,y no es barbacoa,barbacoa es la carne por fuera quemada y por dentro cruda,es en america del norte aca se llama asado o a la parrilla,en usa no se hace con brasas si no al fuego directo por eso sale quemado

  3. Audrey mentioned that they bought a knife for her dad as a gift. Well, I hope Daniel gave them a coin upon receiving the present back in Canada because in Argentina we have this crazy superstition (more like a customary really) that when someone gift you a gaucho knife you're morally bound to give them something in return, otherwise it's an omen of "future fights" between the parties involved, lol. Another great video guys!🧉

  4. Another great day of unexpected events, as how fortunate to have your new friend invite you, guide you and explain it all! Obviously, sometimes these surprise adventures help make a trip unique & special! Thanks!

  5. Sorry folks, the gauchos are way too hungover to perform today. Haha!! Did I mention I love Argentina?!! Thanks for sharing guys!

  6. Maybe if you let Sam do all the talking instead of interrupting him, he wouldn't come off as quite the buffoon. I honestly don't see how he puts up with her.

  7. Gotta go there … you guys are making me sooooo want to just go the airport … I always thought Argentina was dangerous for travel but the reality you show is so good , it is becoming a must do for us … Thanks heaps

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