Gaura Purnima & Holi Celebrations in Mumbai

This is Samir Munshi – sign name. He is the Founder of HKDCI. Have a look. He is also the President of ISCKON The HKDCI organised the programme inorder to provide accessibility through Sign Language and create new sign names. Earlier they had organised programmes for Janmashtami, Diwali and now Holi. Why do you spread the teachings of Shri Krishna? Hare Krishna! What is HKDCI’s aim? Sign Language vocabulary has not been developed. For example, there is no sign name about Karma as well. We are creating new signs in India for the first time. This is will create awareness among the Deaf. Hearing people can hear and grow. But what about the Deaf? This is why ISCKON has extended their support. There are many who are unhappy because they do not understand the spoken teachings about Shri Krishna. He has everything ready. Whenever, ISH broadcasts about his programmes, please do attend and learn. Thank you. This is Chetan Hiralal – sign name. He has hosted the HKDCI Holi programme in Mumbai. Why did you host the Holi event on 1st March 2020. Hare Krishna! The hearing community enjoys and celebrates holi. Deaf people always focus on negativity. I wanted them to enjoy. This is why I supported this. Play holi with love and forget all the past negativity! Hare Krishna! This beautiful bungalow has a garden & play area. It is located near the beach in Malad. It is owned by Mr Harjit Singh Bharara. Very happy to meet you. Why did you let HKDCI host their holi programme here? Chetan asked about hosting the event at my bungalow and I agreed. After inspecting the property, he discussed with Samir and then they organised the event on 1st March. He has a large heart to welcome so many people. If any Deaf individual is interested in this property for birthdays, marriages or any function please contact him for all the details. Its great that he is supporting the Deaf!

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