GAYCOUPLE Q&A #3 “BAO GIỜ SẼ CƯỚI? When We Get Married?” ♡ HONGHWANG {vietsub/engsub}

1…2…3… Hello~ Okay. Welcome back to my channel And this is SUYA Suya say hello Hi~ I’m Suya She doesn’t want to say Hello~ And welcome back to my channel And we will make the video Q&A ep 3 Many subscribers have been sending the questions, too many so we need to make the video about this. Q&A Because a long time we don’t do, from ep 2, right? We don’t do anything Not because we’re lazy, we’re just busy. OK. Which question? HS: Sending from…
EU: The first question Tu Trann?? Tú Trần, maybe! “It sounds weird but what is your preferred choice of underwear color?” What is your color? Yeah, it’s normal, just normal like… Black or grey Easy to wash Right? I saw you wear some neon color before HS: Neon color?
EU: Yeah Orange Orange? I have some, but sometimes. When I feel bored I like something or red. But I don’t have the red thing before All are the dark color! Just like that, maybe because dark color can washing easy. Why is the first question about underwear? Next… “Sorry you and him. How many times a week you have sex?” Do you calculator? Exactly we don’t do too many. We don’t do too many And we don’t calculator how many times we do the sex! Like that! Just when we want, we do. I don’t know, not many times! Not many times. “Hi Eugene and Hyunsu, what if one day one of you have a third person who like you and want to be your side? Thank you. Love both of you.” Woo~third person? It just like someone else. HS: Someone else likes you!
EU: Like me? So? So asking like what’ll I do, right? I don’t know. Like you? Just someone can like you. But you…you are not jealous anything? Oh my God. Maybe jealous! But… that person will know. Know what? Eugene isn’t easy person like that. Really? I don’t worry Why don’t you worry? I don’t worry. Oh my God! Ok, I will go with them. How about change that someone likes me? Someone likes you? Ya! I will kill them. Oh my God! I will come and say: Ya! He’s my boyfriend! Get out! Like that! Need to sure nobody near you. Next question. “It is not comfortable saying about money but Can you share with us?” Don’t shake the camera, Suya! Suyaaaaaaaa “For example, who are most paying for meal travelling and shopping? What is you guys doing? Who make more money? And how can solve problem which is caused by money? Thanks a lot !! Have a nice day~~” Have a nice day too! Ahhh~have many questions… Who most paying for the meal, travelling and shopping? Maybe we shared, right? Yeah, we share everything! Look like when I’m in Korea, Hyunsu will pay for meal. Many times. But when Hyunsu goes to Vietnam, I will pay for meal many times. And shopping, exactly… I just buy my things by my money. And he buys his things by his money. Yeah, like that! And sometimes he gives me some gifts, like that presents… And… Who make more money? I make more money. Yeah, he makes more money. Super rich! We still get any problem with the money Don’t be worry about that Exactly we don’t have problem with money right now. But maybe in future hahaha And next question… “Are you happy with your relationship? And have you ever kissed in front of your parents? EU: Maybe
HS: It’s not really personal. Not look like a deep kiss…Right? Just the kiss look like…chu…like that. We do? Maybe have. That’s today! Just kiss in your cheek! Yeah! Just kiss like that, not kiss by lips. Yeah! We’re happy! OK! Next question. “Do you wanna marry each other?” Do you want to marry me? Right now? He said that he won’t marry me if I don’t clean the house. You already said! We were living together for many months, right? Don’t do anything in house! I do many HS: I’m tired!
EU: I do many. If you keep doing like that, I won’t marry you, really! Really! Why could you say in the video like that? Why do you hit me? Oh my God This question is from Zakaria Zaini. “Who said I love you most?” Maybe me! No. Me. Me. Me. Yeah! Maybe him! HS: You never say like: I love you~
EU: Maybe you. OK, maybe you. This’s from Jazmin The first: “Mention 3 things you like and hate from each other” Okay, 3 things I like… from me. What? 3 things… You don’t have anything make me like Okay. Just talk about 3 things you don’t like first. 3 things I like about him… #1. Sweet And… #2. Kind And… Look like every time want to… follow me everything. When we have something need to choose. Yeah. He always follow me. And 3 things I hate The first, #1. He always… do the sound when he sleeps. Make the sound? When I sleep!? Like that! And the second, #2 He’s really clean. make me tired. I didn’t do anything! Clean too much, make me tired. And the third is… the third is maybe… #3 When he feels hot when he sleeps, he will not hug me. But in winter, he will hug me like that! But in summer, when I hug him… He will… When I sleep, I don’t remember anything. No. Don’t explain anything! Yeah. Those’re 3 things I like and 3 things I hate about him Let me talk about your 3 bad things first Okay #1. He’s lazy. Second. Second? #2. He doesn’t like sunshine. Can’t go out in the morning, really! Yeah. I hate sunshine! Can’t go out anywhere. Can go out in night. The third. #3. Hit easy. Hit me or hit the dog. I don’t know why. Every time. When I love somebody, I will hit like that. Not like that! What about 3 things you like? I don’t want to say! Maybe the first is beautiful Second is beautiful And third is beautiful. OK. Finish this question, next question. “What do you think is important in a relationship?” What is the most important thing in a relationship, you think? Maybe the love. Love? In one relationship, If can love enough, we will be can go long together. Like that! But if don’t love each other, can’t stay together, can’t go out together. Can not fit with each other. So need the love. Have love, you can do anything. Yeah. Look like energy. Look like, when we start to love. His school is here, and my school is here. Too far away. And I need to sit on the subway over 40 minutes, come to one bus stop. And from that bus stop, take the bus and go to his school, maybe 20 minutes. Yeah. But everyday we go like that, just meet each other. So I think the love is important. Make you can do everything! I like that! Okay, you need to answer. “For example, if your love is stopped by family members, what will you do? I just asked that but I really like the two of you and hope you will release many new videos and always be happy. Loveee I love you too OK. You answer! Hurry! Somebody stopped about… our love by family, right? What will you do? Need to make… need to make…ahh.. explain to my family members that people, and to explain like… talking each other why they thinking like that… you know. And? And if they still say no! I need to make they say like yes! EU: Oh..Okay! Just like that.
HS: Can not to… they’re my family. You’re still my love. So…can not change anything! Can not cut someone… just need to change I like to talking… talking like that. EU: OK
HS: They will change. OK. “Both of you want to live in Vietnam… or Korea? Have you come out yet? Do you think about have baby or puppy, kitty? That’s all, love you. Ya, love you too. Ah you want to live in Vietnam or Korea? Both countries are okay…but… HS: Korea is more comfortable.
EU: Yeah, I think so…yeah I… I think I love… I want to live in… EU: Korea more.
HS: Now you think like that, really? And… he and me are already come out, right? And…we… don’t think about have baby yet. But… EU: we already have puppy.
HS: A baby there. Puppy~ Suya~ Okay, I’ll bring Suya. Hello~ EU: Yeah, here’s our puppy
HS: Our baby~ Our baby ~ Her name is Suya. Suya, say hello
Hello~ I’m Suya~ Nice to meet you guys~ She doesn’t wanna film Oh~ Suya doesn’t want Aigoo~ Just stay in here. “I’m wonder if Eugene wants to cosplay like a girl or not. Does Hyunsu like that or just wants to keep your look? Actually I love your look… at present. Anyways I… always love you guys no matter what happen.” Okay, thank you. Now… answer Why? HS: If you want to cosplay…
EU: No, I don’t want to cosplay! No, like dress like girl No. No. No. No. I just be myself. Don’t cosplay anybody
HS: Just like tales If I…If I cosplay wear dress and… something wear the fake hair long like that…wear the high heels… *** HS: If you like…
EU: Do you still love me?
HS: I don’t know. HS: If you like, just do
EU: But you’re still love me? I need to see it’s fit or not. No, you need to answer… EU: you still love me or not?
HS: I still love you, when you doing like that. EU: OK. It’s enough. Thank you
HS: I think. EU: ” How many time do you have sex?”
HS:Already… HS: That question…
EU: “And when will you visit… Ho Chi Minh city?” Yeah, I’ve already visited HCM city many times and… really want to go back. But Hyunsu maybe. HS: I never go…
EU: Yeah, never go before. So, we will try to come to HCM city soon I will take him go HS: Yeah~
I wanna go
EU: Beautiful city HS: ***
EU: Have “bánh tráng trộn” Thank you for sending questions like these, all this thing. Just…wanna… wanna know something just send… sending questions, I’ll comment on youtube what you guys… HS: Or Instagram
EU: Yeah, or Instagram, we can answer. And… Okay! Finish ep 3 of Q&A. And see you soon~ in ep number 4.
OK. Good bye~ Bye bye~

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  1. My friends in Canada just want you guys, maybe if you have time, come to Canada and meet them. Yêu hai anh nhiều!!

  2. Cưới hay ko nó ko quan trọng vì giấy tờ nó chẳng là gì khi con ng thay đổi cả … mong 2 anh mãi hạnh phúc ….

  3. I love you both so much. You both are perfect together and so cute. I hope you will stay together forever and don't let anything get in the way of your love❤️💖🙏

  4. Yeah so long time since ep2 haha. But I always want to watch your vlogs about you two guys. Really admire your love and want one love story for my own like this. Love you guys, Eugene and Hyunsu. Have a nice day haha

  5. Why did people have questions so weird??? But we are cute and graceful, send short message to "Anh re quoc dan" :" I think he is kindly, adult and intelligent. Wish we will always happy, your moment is valuable must be respected these time when we together "

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    Love you pặc pặc

  7. all the question so funny and weird😂😂 and when u guys read that question.u both face make me laugh.i can't😂

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    Trải qua 1 quãng thời gian bên nhau.có khi nào 2 a nghĩ mình sẽ xa nhau ..
    Dù thế nào cũng cố gắng và giữ tình yêu thật đẹp nhá..
    I love you so much ♥️♥️

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    Love u guys💕💕

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