GDPR Explained Simply – All you need to know in 5 minutes [FUN]

hey everybody so it’s just me today yeah so
this is actually quite hard for me to say but Andrew he’s he’s in jail
he sent a few emails carelessly and the GDPR police came and wanted to
make an example of him he’s got he’s got 20 to life Pete, Pete, I escaped okay so gdpr is coming and small
business email marketers are losing their **** but do not fear guys the email
marketing apocalypse is not upon us you just have to be a little bit smarter and
put a few things in place like a great Prison Break strategy mm-hmm and a great
hair cut. Rockin this look Here’s a short explanation of what you need to
know so you don’t end up like Andrew Do I look like I’m from the 80s I don’t remember the 80’s I wasn’t born in the 80’s what is GDPR? general data protection regulations are the new EU laws that
will affect anybody trading in the EU or anybody trading with countries in the EU
– these laws were passed pre brexit and are currently in place in the UK
although the GDP our regulations are actually in place right now they’re not
actually enforceable until the 25th of May 2018 they tighten up the rules
regarding how we collect and how we store data including email addresses so
there are higher considerations to be had for our email marketing including
stricter regulations for getting consent whoa my hair just changed constantly
throughout this whole video we now need to be super specific when getting
opt-ins what we are actually doing with that data so if you’re offering some
form of download or lead magnet you need to be super clear by you’re also going
to be following up with people and get them consenting to that too – if you’re
collecting emails through the purchasing process for example on a ecommerce
checkout page you must have an unticked checkbox that gives you permission to
follow up no more of this you must not untick this tick box to opt into our
opt-out process for marketing communications basically we can no
longer be vague permission has to be explicit new requirements for
record-keeping we also need to keep records of how people actually opted
into our lists – this information should be available within your email service
provider we personally use convertkit and we can get access to that
information on their dashboard but double-check with yours to find out
exactly where this information is it’s also a good idea to keep screenshots of
web pages where you’ve had opt-in forms in the past as the burden of proof lies
with us the business owners what about current data? This is the scariest part
because because GDPR laws say that all previous data collected has to have
been collected using the new rules Oh so expect some re-engagement campaigns
from people trying to get the opt-ins reconfirmed how much proof you need of
that original opt-in is kind of questionable so it kind of depends on
how much you want to risk doing this or not doing this but if you do have a huge
list then this is going to be really important because fines are hefty is this actually enforceable? fines of up to four percent of annual turnover is the
risk you run for not being compliant but authorities will be reliant on
customers reporting non-compliance so it is more likely that there is going to be
a bigger focus on the more serious violations. We’re not really that worried
because we know that we’ve grown our list organically and we’ve never got in
trouble for spamming mmm we’re such good boys, other than when we go to jail. But
have bought or data scraped any emails unethically then that is now going to
come back to bite you and in that case we would definitely be getting re-optins
sharpish. Is this the end of email marketing? no it is not if anything we
welcome the sight of cleaner inboxes and a more engaged list we think what this
has done is got people and us thinking more about the data that we are
collecting and how permission is granted which is only good for better
relationships with our list and better relationships with our customers. final thoughts we just wanted to give you an outline there as we approach the May
25th 2018 deadline but by no means are we experts in EU law I mean do we look
like experts I don’t think so I know with this hair so we would recommend
consulting some legal help if you are a little bit worried whether you are
compliant or not but as we approach the deadline and beyond I think things are
going to become a lot more clearer the key here really is to just get some good
habits ASAP and that way you’ll be fine and not fined. or arresed okay
guys so this was a little bit of a different tone to our videos than usual
but it’s an important message that we really
to get across because we’ve seen a lot of scaremongering going on when it comes
to gdpr and email marketing so we just wanted to put your mind at rest
you’re not gonna be arrested email marketing is here to stay
we just need to change a few little things here and there so we are still
compliant that’s right email marketing is certainly not dead, in fact we think
it is da-bomb it should be your number one driver of sales and if it
isn’t then you need to check out E-NAILED our email marketing course over on
atomic, it’s gonna show you how you can absolutely nail your email marketing in
a non douchey kind of way okay none of this aggressive salesy slimy sleazy
stuff going on we want to show you how to grow your list and get sales a nice
polite British way yes we’ll put that link in the description so you can go
check out ENAILED I have been Andrew I have been Pete we will see you next week unless
the authorities catch up with me in that case you just gonna have to do it by yourself Prison food is good though lasagna….amazing my forehead isn’t use to being this warm with hair on it

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  1. Thanks guys, there is a lot of scaremongering going on out there, BUT GDPR does go deeeeeeeep and carries a big stick. If you are old enough to remember the Y2K debacle (aka the sky is falling) many people spent a lot of money preparing for the Armegeddon that never arrived. The Disabilty Discrimination Act (The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (c 50) (informally, and hereafter, the DDA) is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom which has now been repealed and replaced by the Equality Act 2010, except in Northern Ireland where the Act still applies.) never took any real action against offenders online, apart from a case against the OZ Olympics on a ticketing issue. The Cookie Law did get some traction initially, but even the European Commission admits the currrent regulations are a failure, "The failings of the existing "cookie law" were noted even by the European Commission, which said that the consent rules for cookies had "failed to reach its objectives" since "end-users face requests to accept tracking cookies without understanding their meaning and, in some cases, are even exposed to cookies being set without their consent". It also admitted that meeting the consent requirements "can be costly for businesses". Hmm.
    Following on from the GDPR is the new ePrivacy Regulation, so this time we do have to take notice and do some data cleaning and maintenance or face heavy fines. Still, nobody seems clear about what the scope of the new rules are and there will be some scrambling around in the months ahead to get some clarity and direction for businesses. Brexit is no protection against these new regulations either, they come into focre on May 2018, long before the proposed Brexit date, and anyway the UK Government is going to adopt GDPR into UK Law. But thanks A&P for a refreshingly unboring look at GDPR and email marketing.

  2. Great video and I always love A&P always having fun with things. GDPR Should not be taken lightly though as the ICO have made it clear that they will be making examples of abusers early on this in an effort to get the word out. Absolutely agree there is much scaremongering out there but we can't afford to ignore the risk either. Looks like GDPR claims might become the new PPI claims in 2018!

  3. What about the fact that you're going to need expilcit consent for tracking people on your website with the Facebook pixel or the google analytics cookie??

  4. It will be interesting to know more about this especially its implication to companies who outsource such activities to other countries (and companies who are accepting these type of projects.)

  5. Hello. How would this apply to an organization that is HITRUST CSF certifed but does not contain data of non-U.S. citizens? In other words. The member data processed by our organization is U.S. citizens only. Please advise. Thank you.

  6. I don't see how this applies to anyone's actual life. I'm sure it does but it appears everyone is tippy toeing around the abuses our our data….that this is supposed to protect us from.

  7. VGood posted a like so you now know everything about our organisation so expect to now be bombarded with lost of emails……only joking

  8. Wow, no one is talking about this in the US, but it seems that if our list is international, then we had better cover our tush.

  9. I'm your 100th LIKE and I ate lasagne 5 mins before watching this. Creative video chaps. Well done and thank you.

  10. Just to let you know that I found your video very interesting and fun, and have linked to it from my YouTube channel at because I think my subscribers would like to see it. My video is a bit more boring, but may appeal to corporates! HERE IT IS

    It's in the 'Interesting' section of my channel.

  11. 20 million euro thats laughable , the eu shouldnt be dictating to us i dont trust these 1 world government lovers , there probably creating a money making scheme that will be worth billions , also say you sell an item your get there email and you email promotional email for the future so thaTS deemed illegal if so that will effect small business on a massive scale and favor the corporations , some people have to email for business as google search engine you have no chance for small business to be found on first 3 pages , these lunatics are at it again and we should oppose , dressing it up with were protecting you there clearly protecting big business knowing that small business will struggle to gain customers , ITS GOING TO BE ILLEGAL TO EMAIL SOMEBODY , YET A SALESMAN CAN KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR !!!!


  13. What about the youtube videos which contains identifiable faces (whose consent was not taken) ?
    Should vlogger delete their videos or should they ask for written constents of the people in the video or should they wait for someone to complain and then act ?

  14. Sounds like a giant scam for the EU to take money away from companies, including small business owners, by hard-core pursuing companies based on dodgy complaints. In essence, another tax.

  15. Question, if say you own hardware like Nintendo switch for example or an Apple iPhone. I love the product and when I use that product from the day that i purchase I am in compliance with their TOS police. Ok fair enough.

    But then comes a new firmware update, the firmware provides you with a new TOS on how the company is going about. You don't like it so you decide to cancel the firmware update. But then you realize that you cannot connect to the App Store, eshop, or do anything online only because you can't due to you don't agree with that firmware update and that you are forced to agree with it just to enjoy the full online experience and to utilize the product that you have paid for to work correctly. And that is the part that bothers me. So what I wanted to know with this new GDPR, I am well aware that now tech companies have to make sure that they get my consent on how my data is to be used and that I am fully well aware of it. But what if say that I find something in their tos that I don't like and don't want to give them consent for that information, are they going to psychology limit me from using my hardware or software that I paid for by placing limitation on me and not using it to its full potential until I give into their consent for their new TOS?

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