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Hello everyone! Dr Poppy is acting very strangely today, she’s
asked me to come over here to the spare parts store to look for some traffic cones, but
I can’t find them anywhere! Hello everyone! It’s Gecko’s birthday today, so I’m
trying to keep him away from the Garage whilst we set up his surprise Birthday party! Lots of Gecko’s friends are here to help
out, and we have a list of things to do. We need: Balloons, Ice Cream, Music, a Birthday
Cake, Games, Guests, Gifts and some Party Hats. CUT TO INT GARAGE
The Mechanicals are blowing up balloons using the air pump. They are surrounded by balloons of all colours. Well it looks as if the balloons are nearly
sorted, well done Mechanicals! Here comes Vicky the Ice Cream van – you can’t
have a party without yummy ice cream! And here’s Amber the Ambulance – The loud
speaker on her roof will be great for playing party music! I wonder how Gecko’s getting on at the Spare
Parts Store, I hope Florence is keeping him busy! Gecko is standing around with Florence the
Forklift in among the parts. This spare parts store is such a mess! I can’t find those traffic cones. Keep looking, Florence! We have balloons, ice cream and music ticked
off the list. Now we need to make a birthday cake! First we need the ingredients
Dylan is carrying the flour Sid has the sugar and cocoa powder
And here comes Trevor with butter and eggs, fresh from the farm! We need to mix all of the ingredients together. I know just the mixer – Celia! Danny and Mia can help put the ingredients
into Celia’s spinning drum Now the ingredients are mixed and poured into
that giant cake tin, we need to cook the cake. Hmmm….It’s far too big for my kitchen
oven. What are we going to do? I’ve found this controller for the truck
wash Dr Poppy, and it appears to have a party setting on it. Shall we see what it does? Great idea Robbo! Press the balloon button! The Truck wash has changed into a giant cake
baking and decorating machine!! Let’s put it in! Look at that cake rise! Now the birthday cake is getting decorated! The icing is green, just like Gecko! And finally the cake just needs a few candles! Brilliant! That’s the cake done, so we’re nearly
ready! I wonder if Gecko has found those cones yet! Oh dear! The Traffic Cones are Orange. We’ve sorted out all of the Orange things,
but still can’t find them! Keep looking, Florence, they must be here
somewhere! What do we have left on our list? Games, Guests, Gifts and Party Hats Ahhh! Here come the games
Ryan has a Piñata filled with sweets, and Sophie has a giant parcel, ready for a game
of Pass the Parcel! And here are all the guests with their gifts
for Gecko! Just the party hats left to get! FOUND THEM! PHEW! Come on Florence, let’s take all these cones
back to the Garage – I wonder what Dr Poppy wants them for? shhh everybody – Here he comes! Three, Two, One…. SURPRISE!!!!!!! Oh my goodness! What a lovely surprise! Thank you everyone! What an amazing looking cake! Just one question…what did you need the
traffic cones for? They make the perfect party hats for your
vehicle friends, of course! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GECKO! Thank you for visiting Gecko’s Garage today,
and helping us with Gecko’s surprise birthday party! Byeee!!

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  1. Gecko's the best! I got more excited than my toddler when I realised it was Gecko's birthday and started dancing and singing happy birthday around the front room haha! Toddler also enjoyed it lol. We also enjoy it when he feels like having a sing song haha! Go, go Gecko! 🙂

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  3. I found a mistake in 4.17 helen the helicopper is there in the top lelf but when geko freinds surpised hin helen disappear she is no longer there

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