Generations React To SURPRISE Disney Marriage PROPOSAL (Best Wedding Proposals Of 2019)

– Oh, I’m gonna start crying.
– I can’t watch this. – So, are you gonna propose to me?
(giggles) ♪ (rock intro) ♪ – Ah! I already know
what this is. – Oh, I– yeah,
I’ve seen this one. – I’ve seen this! Have you seen it?
– No. – Oh! Is this Disney?
– Disney. – (chuckles) Yeah, that’s Disney.
That’s Cinderella? No, not Cinderella.
– Snow White. – (both) Snow White.
– Who did that animation? That’s sick! – Is it a propo– aww.
– (gasps) – Oh, wait.
– (chuckles) – I thought it was– oh my god!
I was staring at the girl the whole time!
– Oh my god! Oh, it’s them. – (screams)
– That’s slick. That’s nice. – (claps) That was so well done, dude. – I don’t need to be–
I’m too hormonal for this right now. – Aww, that’s cute!
That’s wholesome. – Aww. I can’t watch this. – Oh, I’m gonna start crying. – You love a man
that respects the title. – Say yes!
– Oh my god! Her– that’s so cute. – In sickness and in health.
And if they are sick, she’s a doctor. – Oh, he is Prince Charming.
– It’s a very interesting way of doing it instead of just
kneeling down and proposing. – I’d normally cry, but…
gotta keep the mascara on! – I’m a little private, you know,
about these things. Today, everything is so public.
– (FBE) So, we have more we’re gonna show you in just a second,
but that was obviously a marriage proposal
that recently went crazy viral, where this guy reanimated
a classic scene from Sleeping Beauty. – I know. I was like,
“Wait, is that Sleeping Beauty?” I was like, “Did the prince
get a haircut or something?” – (FBE) So today, we’re gonna
show you some more people who went above and beyond
in the name of love. – Hmmm.
– Setting the bar high. – (laughs)
– So, are you gonna propose to me? (giggles)
– We’ve been dating less than a year. – Ay. (chuckles)
– (FBE) We even brought in some couples today
to make this more fun. – Yes! This is my couple. (laughs)
– We met in school. – Yes.
– In high school. – In high school.
– But we weren’t together then. It was– you know, we were friends.
– I did something like this when I asked her out.
We were like in the ride, and I was like,
“Will you be my girlfriend?” And she was like, “Oh my god!” – That’s NOT what happened.
– That’s exactly what happened. ♪ (soft piano music) ♪ – “Jennifer, I love you
more than anything in the world.” – Who the [bleep] is Jennifer?! – (chuckles)
– Sorry. (laughs) – “I know that you’re the person
I wanna spend the rest of my life with…”
– “But I want the timing to be…” – “Perfect and make
this moment special.” – “For the next year,
I’ll show you how much I love you…” – “And that you’re in
my thoughts every day.” – “I want to marry you.”
(choked up) Oh my god. – Oh, I’ve seen this one.
(playful crying) – I’ve seen this!
– Yeah. – He knew for a year?
– Oh, he’s got signs. – Oh, I see what he’s doing.
– Oh. (sniffles) Oh my god. – Again, would really suck
if this backfired. – I’m excited. ♪ (soft piano music) ♪ – I almost turned around.
I was like [bleep]! – (chuckles) I didn’t know
if that was from y’all or from– I didn’t know if the man
of MY dreams was gonna be back here. – Oh my god. (laughs)
I swear to god, I might start crying. – Oh, he put flowers down!
– I like the setting. – Yeah?
– Look where that is. Hawaii?
– I don’t know if it’s Hawaii. It’s somewhere on the water.
– Beautiful. – Aww, Jennifer! Say yes!
– Come on, Jen! – Got ’em.
– (sniffles) I’m crying, and he’s like, “Got ’em.”
– It’s nice to know romance is still around.
– To do that for a whole year consistently
and not forgetting a day and taking her to the beach,
that is so cute. I loved it. – (anchor) A British man
couldn’t figure out how to propose to his girlfriend,
so he decided to carry the ring around him for a month.
– This is so cute. – Oh, god.
He could’ve lost it. – See, how do you do that?
– Without getting caught. – Oh my gosh.
– (anchor) And he took the ring along for trips to the beach.
– (laughs) – Oh my god. Oh my god!
That ballsy [bleep]. – (anchor) And he even
placed the ring in Cally’s hand while she was sleeping.
– Me, I would just… in my sleep, flailing and [bleep].
– (laughs) I’d be mad at that photo. Don’t be having me on the CBS
with my mouth open. (laughs) – (anchor) She said yes,
but for now, he’s saving that story for another time.
– That’s so cool, dude. – It’s pretty risky, I guess, to do
that instead of a normal proposal, but you gotta wait sometimes I guess.
– I feel like it’s hard for a guy too, though, because it’s a lot
of pressure just because of all these big crazy ones.
(laughs) ♪ (upbeat music) ♪
– Oh no, ma’am. – Oh, god.
– Okay, first of all, I have a fear of heights,
so if somebody jumped out with me, I’d be like, “Uh-uh,
you’re getting a divorce. We’re not married yet,
but you’re getting a divorce.” – (screams) No, no, no!
Put it back. Put it back. – Ring fly out!
Ring fly out! Ring fly out! – Aww, it’s so cute!
– What if it fell? – Okay.
– Whoa, wait! Hold on! (laughs) How are you just
gonna propose to her and then just drop her [bleep]?
– If he made her do that, I wouldn’t marry him.
– Ha! – (man) I wanna spend
the rest of my life with you. – Awww. Say yes.
If you don’t say yes, I’m gonna die.
– (man) Will you marry me? – (woman) Of course.
– Awww! I love that. I love that, “You idiot.”
– Dude, imagine– oh my god. Imagine, though,
she like failed her parachute, and she just [bleep] died.
– No! – (laughs)
– That was wild. So much could’ve gone wrong.
– I don’t know if they skydive a lot, but if someone was proposed to
while skydiving, I feel like they wouldn’t
have enough time to process that. – It would already take a lot
for me to jump out of a plane. You’re talking about
you wanna marry me, I might not make it.
– (Ellen) A proposal at the Eiffel Tower.
– Ellen! I love Ellen. – Oh yeah, I heard about this.
– I heard about this. – (Ellen) “…parents
aren’t going to attend my wedding, because they don’t like that I’m gay.”
– Awww. – (Ellen) I need someone
to walk me down the aisle and someone else
for a father/daughter dance. – Ohh.
– (Ellen) My fiancee and I would cry. Well, their names are Kate and Sarah,
and they don’t know this, but they’re my next guests.
Come on down. – Wow, that’s cool.
– (Ellen) And I told you I have a wedding gift for you,
and it’s behind the doors. Let’s open it up. All right.
– Awww. It’s gonna be her parents. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪
– Oh, their family, I would guess. – Maybe, yeah.
– I would think. – That’s her family.
– Ah, no! Makeup! – (Ellen) So, Sarah,
do you wanna say– tell her why everybody’s here? – (Sarah) Yeah. So, I mean,
I know you already proposed to me, but of course, you know…
– Oh my gosh. She looks so happy, though.
– (Sarah) And there’s no better way to do it than in front
of our chosen family and of course, our biggest role model.
– (Kate) Oh my god! – Look at her! [Bleep]!
I’m gonna start crying. – (Sarah) The way that you feel today
is the way you make me feel every day, and I…
– Awww, that’s so cute! – (Kate) I love you so much.
– (Sarah) Will you be my wife? – (audience cheers)
– (claps) – Congratulations, you guys!
– (choked up) I’m not crying. You are! (laughs) Ahhh! – Awww. It’s so cute!
I love watching people get proposed to!
– Good for them. And they’re on Ellen.
What more could you ask for? – See? It doesn’t matter.
It’s just love. Love is love.
– With me, I think it’s just a little bit too narcissistic
and “Look at me.” Although, when it comes to gay,
lesbian, whatever, you know, same sex couples,
people need to see more of that and be more aware of it.
– Yeah. Should be out in the– – So, that part,
I go along with. (rattling)
– (man) It’s got its ups and downs. It’s got twists and turns.
– See, here we go with this again. – Oh, god. (chuckles)
– (man) And it throws you for a loop sometimes.
– I’m just imagining he’s like, “I love you!”
And then they just drop. (chuckles) – (man) But it’s a lot more fun to go with another person.
– (PA) Once again, please put your cellphone away.
– (man) So, I wanted to ask you… – Can you imagine? They have
this whole entire proposal set up and the people in the front
of the roller coaster are like, “Huh? What’s happening back there?”
– (man) …to ask you if you wanna be
my roller coaster buddy? – (gasps) “If you wanna
be my roller coaster buddy?” That’s so cute.
– (man) Hallie, will you marry me? – What in the Cedar Point
is going on?! (chuckles) That old wooden roller coaster
is distracting me, the clanking. – He’s gonna drop the ring!
Drop the ring! Drop the ring! – Oh my god!
– And then she’s gotta experience the whole ride.
– Oh my god. How cute! I like how guys get
really clever with these. – Some guys do.
– Some guys do. – Well, being married
is a roller coaster. – Now, everybody can film stuff.
All this stuff that happened when I was young,
it had to be all set up. – Okay, that’s cute.
That’s something I– I’d be like, “Heck no.
Let me first be stable.” – Oh, that’s cute. – (man yelling) – (people cheering)
– Uh-oh. Is this one not gonna end well? – Oh my god. Hold on.
Side note, but those shorts are SO cute on him. – Oh, he has another ring too!
– That’s how you know you’re meant for each other.
– Well, it takes two rings. – Oh my gosh. Oh, yay! – That was crazy.
Imagine proposing to someone, and then they bring out a ring too.
– I loved– I think that was my favorite.
– That was really, really sweet. That was a cute one.
– If that’s not meant to be, dude… – Yeah, that’s how you know.
– (FBE) So, many of the videos that you saw today,
along with similar videos across the internet,
have millions and millions of views. – Really?
– (FBE) And it seems like these types of videos have only gotten bigger
and bigger over the years. – Oh. Yeah, everybody’s trying
to outdo the last one. – (FBE) Exactly.
– Yeah, I could see that. Yeah. – (FBE) So, why do you think
that making these videos has become so popular?
Do you think that it’s truly because they just want to
give their significant other a memorable experience?
Or do you think that the hope of going viral on the internet
has anything to do with it? – I think that has more
to do with it than the giving something to their significant other.
– Obviously, they love their significant other
and they wanna do everything for them, but while they’re at it,
they could be like, “Oh, I could also get views.”
– I think it’s a bit of both. But I do think that the viral moment
is what’s fueled. Everybody wants to go on CBS.
Everybody wants to be on Ellen. – If you just set aside
the whole thinking of, “Oh, it’s gonna go viral,”
thinking of it as a more personal experience,
once you put it out on the internet, it’s gonna stay there.
So, you’re gonna have a memory that’s going to be out
in the internet for the rest of your life that
you can look back on. – (FBE) All right. So finally,
we wanna know, if you were to get proposed to now,
back then, and there were no limits or boundaries on budget,
size, anything, how would you do it? – In Paris, on the Eiffel Tower. – I don’t know. Cats?
Just a bunch of cats? – I’d probably do the skydiving one
if I’m not scared. – How would you propose to me?
– (chuckles) The way that it would surprise me
the most is if it was at a show. – Surprisingly, I would want it
to be in a private setting, because I feel like
your reaction too depends on if
somebody’s recording or not. – If my future husband is out there,
here are some ideas! Don’t just be like,
“Will you marry me?” I’m looking for the whole deal, okay? – Thanks for watching this episode
of Generations React. – Shoutout to Alex.
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– Let us know in the comments. – Goodbye!
– Hey, guys. It’s Sierra, producer here at FBE.
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