Genius Party Beyond – Toujin Kit (陶人キット) [Full Movie] [Eng Sub]

Toujin Kit Toujin Kit Black Dog
Express We’ll be performing an investigation on
behalf of the Administration Bureau. It seems like you know why we’re here. Miss, you shouldn’t play with toys so much. They’ll take you away if you’re too careless. They’re not from this world. Your neighbors reported you. They wanted us to stop you since it’s dangerous. Yes, this is the place. There’s no mistaking it. She’s been raising
them inside dolls and smuggling them. She took a big one and ran off. There’s a good chance that it’ll manifest itself. Make arrangements for a search. Roger. The satellite team reports that she’s heading south. The investigation team is
heading to the scene. Over. This is bad, Shimada. It’s too big. Come.

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  1. Jest to animacja bez dobrego zakończenia… przykre, ale pokazuje rzeczywistość. Cała kreatywność i wyobraźnia jest zabijana, to może pokazywać świat dziecka, które nie ma szczęśliwego dzieciństwa.

  2. From Wikipedia:
    "In a steam punk world, a young woman illegally creates alien life forms inside stuffed animals, but the authorities eventually catch up with her."

  3. Am I only one who worried future of this girl? Where do they take her in the end? I have bad feeling that her brain would be taken at put into those robots we've seen before…

  4. Мультипликация сродни Тайне третьей планеты. Даже скорее последующих приключений Алисы. Может автор под впечатлением был?

  5. Очень интересно) глянула бы такое анимцо с привеликим удовольствием.

  6. こういう異形のものが描かれているアニメーションは見てて面白い、次回があるならまた見たい

  7. Не ищи русских комментариев, их нет. И да, я тоже нихуя не понял!

  8. Some people see a metaphor and some see it as a girl who breeds slime. Only I Stan see…its a cartoon drawn and computerized. Nothing is real. There,I said.

  9. I Kinda felt this one might have touched on the problem of escapism that young people tend to choose over reality. The real world being monotonous in it's routines and imposing with it's rules is far less enticing than that created within human imaginations. The fantastic adventures in TV shows, simple and idealized characters we give to our toys, easily achieved great deeds in games and fake success of social media, all make the real life we live seem dull, hard and full of automatons. The problem is if we escape completely the world we live in, dodging all responsibilities, hardships and challenges, we loose not only our interest but also the very ability to efficiently grow as people. Thus we abandon what matters and gives steady happiness- be it our friends, families and loved ones, our future and power to influence our reality in exchange for short bursts of dopamine. This leaves us husks that mindlessly keep diving into the easy world of fantasies, knowing deep inside that we are not really moving forward in anything, but it's too late, because the toys have taken us away.

  10. This is interesting but I need context. Why are these things so bad that she can’t breed them? Who are these government people?

  11. After the 2 minutes i thought:
    A few more years and then the next Generation of depressed Kids
    will look exactly like this… No perspective, stupid channels,
    nwo and what else will kill us…
    So the future can come…cant wait…

  12. I'ma just say it its just a metaphor how a dull society can punish the creative adults or adults with still a bit of child in them to just crush them

  13. Be grateful towards that train killed that weird…squishy….giant blob.
    The ending is quite particular. Should it be that girl is trying to use that weird disgusting-looking stuff to revive it?

  14. Don't know why but such background, pale colors were always there in my subconscious. This animation dragged me to my so called childhood imaginary world. Btw loved it😘

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  16. Phim người lớn của nhật không cần nói gì người ta cũng hiểu nội dung
    Phim hoạt hình nhật thì xem xong chẳng hiểu con mẹ gì

  17. I don't understand the comments because I don't know English …. I'm using the translator to comment on this ;-;

  18. Нельзя пренебрегать своими обязанностями и не показывать флажок перед поездом.

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