Get Out – Dinner scene – Caleb Landry Jones

Why would I lie, huh? I love it! Did she tell you about her toenail collection? What? – Oh, my God! She used to bite ’em off, suck on ’em, and
save ’em in a jewelry box. No, I didn’t. I don’t know what you’re talking about. That is so disgusting. I fucking hate you. Okay, here’s a good one. Uh, let me set the scene. It was our junior year. Rose has a crush on this guy, Conner Garfield. Conner Garfield. No. Mom? No, Jeremy, stop. No, no, these are good. I want to hear them. Yeah, Rose, where are your manners? Our guest wants to hear the stories, please. Thank you. So Conner’s from my lacrosse team, right? Huge kid, like 6’3″. And he’s pretty dumb, right? So we threw this party. You threw a party. I think my parents were in Greece or something. We raided their liquor cabinet and we’re all
shit-faced. Like 15 of us. Oh, my God. Tell me this isn’t true, Rose. Yeah. I filled the liquor bottles with water… And let me finish? Uh-huh. Go ahead. I’m curious. So I’m upstairs hooking up with the hottest
girl in class, Jean Deely. Oh, God. You realize you’re coming off as, like, the
world’s biggest douchebag, right? So Conner starts banging on the bathroom door,
right? I open it and blood’s gushing from his mouth. And he’s screaming,
“Your sister bit my fucking tongue off!” You bit him? What? Okay, to be fair, it was my first kiss
and he slipped some tongue and I was not expecting it. It was a reflex. I’m sorry. A reflex that I have since gotten rid of. Yeah. – Yeah, you better be careful. Yeah, I’m very careful now. I’m gonna go get dessert. And, Dean, maybe clean it up just a little
bit? So, Chris, what’s your sport? Football? Baseball? Basketball, mostly, I guess. You an MMA fan? Dude. “Dude” what? What? Hey, Jeremy, why don’t we let someone else
have the floor for a second? You’re dating my sister, right? He’s dating my sister. You had your chance. I can’t get to know the guy? You mean like UFC? Yes. Nah, too brutal for me. You ever get into street fights as a kid? I did judo after school, first grade. – You should’ve seen me. Judo? ‘Cause with your frame and your genetic makeup,
if you really pushed your body, and I mean really train, you know? No pussyfooting around. You’d be a fucking beast. Carrot cake! Ooh! – Hi. Carrot cake. What did I miss? A whole bunch of nothing. Just talking about sports. Right? Yeah. That sounds good. So the thing about jiu-jitsu is
strength doesn’t matter, right? It’s all about this. It’s a strategic game like chess. It’s all about being two, three, four moves
ahead. Cool. Stand up. Jeremy, no karate at the dinner table. It’s not karate, Ma. Yo, I got a rule. No play-fighting with drunk dudes. I don’t play, I’m just… Jeremy. I wasn’t gonna hurt him.

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  1. He reminds of a young Brad Douriff as Billy Bibbit in One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest. Anyone else think that?

  2. The story of Connor Garfield foreshadows the movie. Rose starts out seeming sweet and innocent but ,in the end, screws over her boyfriend.

  3. Ever since I’ve heard of Rose biting a person’s tongue off because of a reflex, I currently have this fear of having my tongue bitten off if I don’t warn my S.O

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