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– [Both] Hey guys. – I’m Teagan.
– I’m Sam. – And we are – [Both] The Rybka Twins. – Welcome back to Squared! (light synthesized piano) – In today’s video, it’s going
to be a get ready with us as we prepare for a cocktail party. – So it’s our friend’s 21st
birthday and it’s in her backyard, so it’s a cute
little backyard party. – Cocktail-y backyard garden party. – Yeah, and everyone will
be dressing up which is always exciting. – So we’re gonna show you
guys some outfits that we have in mind to wear to the
cocktail party and also we’re gonna take you guys
along with us so you can see all the pretty
decorations, and the cake, and – Woo! So before we get on with the
video, be sure to subscribe. – If you haven’t already. – [Both] And give a big
thumbs up, if you like it. (energetic dance music) (piano music) – Okay, so this was my first option. I really love this color blue, and I love the style of the dress, but
I’m gonna try a few more before I actually decide officially. (calming music) – Okay, so this is my first
outfit that I’ve tried on and I actually really like this. But we’ll see if I like
anything better or. See if this suits today best. – So these are the next outfits. Twins! – They’re twinning ones. – They’re a little bit creased because – Oh, still got my tag on. – We haven’t ironed them yet. We’ve actually never worn
these ones before, so. They’re quite nice though. – Yeah, so we just got them out the bag. That why there’s some crinkles. – And creases. – But yeah, I actually don’t mind these. Definitely an option for today. – Yeah. – Look at these sleeves. Whoa, whoa, whoa. (energetic music) (guitar music) – Oh my lord! Okay, so these are our next outfits. I’m really liking that. That’s really nice. – Thank you. – I like yours too. – So we match in the colors. Got the matching color shorts too. As you. – So this is option number. – Two, three, five. – Not sure, we’ve lost count. So I think this one’s really
nice, but maybe a teeny bit casual? – Too casual. – Bit casual for cocktail hour. – Pretty sure the invitation
said “cocktail dress.” – Like, fancy, so the shorts,
are real like, quite fancy, but the top kinda makes it casual. I could put a different top on but. – Eh. – I don’t know. (loud techno music) – And this is the final outfit
that we’re trying on today. Some sparkles for you. – Sparkles. I actually love these so much. But this is — I feel like this is more of a nighttime, fancy dress thing. They’re long sleeve, and
we’re gonna be out in the sun, sweating. (casual pop music) (shutter sound) (dance music) (audience clapping) – So guys, these are the
outfits that we decided on. So these are going to be
the ones that we’re wearing. – Yes. Comment down below if you
liked one of our other outfits. Better.
– Better. – If you liked number
one, two, three, four. – Hopefully we made the right decision. – Yeah. – So guys, now you’re gonna
see some footage of the party, and the birthday girl. – And yeah. So now, we’re ready to go. – Woo! – P-A-R-T-Y – [Both] ‘Cause I can. (funky music) – Tiff has worked at over seven jobs. (laughing) Just to fund her online
shopping addiction. (laughing) ♪ Happy birthday to you, ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you, ♪ (techno music) – So guys, that brings us
to the end of the video. We hope you enjoyed it. – To see yesterday’s video
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Squared, click here, and to subscribe to Squared, click here. – And if you’d like to see
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– Below. We’ll see you guys next time on Squared. – [Both] See ya! – I’ll keep trying —

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