Get The Party Started | The Next Step – Season 1 Episode 1

My name is Kate and I became the owner of The Next Step Dance Studio because my mom was the previous owner. I mean I grew up with the studio. It’s my one true passion. I am head choreographer here. That means that I teach the kids all their competition routines and I pretty much oversee all of the administrative work. Maybe we’ll make it to Nationals this year! Okay, hold your horses! Let’s focus on Regionals first, okay? Okay, Regionals, Regionals, Regionals… It takes blood, sweat, and tears to win Regionals and I know we have the ability and I know our kids are talented enough and I know they wanna win as well You ready ? Let’s do it! Alright, let’s do it! The Next Step dance studio is a highly competitive the dance studio. So a lot of the elite dancers come here and we’re pretty well known for how amazing we are. Get focused, okay? This is serious stuff! A-Troupe auditions. There’s J-Troupe which is like junior troupe. And we have the B-Troupe which is more the recreational kids. And basically, the highest level in The Next Step is A-Troupe. I wanna dance in A-Troupe because it’s the only team that gets to compete at Regionals, who gets in the most exposure and I don’t wanna dance with B-Troupe. At those big competitions, there are scouts from all over the world. So being in A-Troupe means that you’re gonna be seen and if you’re gonna seen, you’re gonna get in a career in dance. As I’m getting ready to audition and I’m warming up, I’m really nervous. I worked really hard in B-Troupe last year and I know that A-Troupe is where I belong. So if I don’t make it, I’ll be crushed. A lot of people from B-Troupe comes audition to get into A-Troupe but also all the people that were in A-Troupe last year have to audition again, almost fighting for their spot like myself. Kate makes us re-audition every year… “No spot is guaranteed.” But this will be my third year in it and my second year dance captain, hopefully. So, it’s no secret : I’m gonna be on A-Troupe again! Dolphin tail! That, dancers, was the first dolphin tail of the year. Congratulations! The dolphin tail is a cool thing that I do. All you have to do is you take your right hand, sneaks up just like that. And then you have everyone’s attention. So, let’s begin the auditions for A-Troupe! There’s only 10 spots open in A-Troupe just because in most competitions you need 10 dancers. I’m super nervous because you just never know! One year you can be in A-Troupe and the next you can be demoted! The E-Girls are an elite group that I started when I got into A-Troupe two years ago. I love being part of the E-Girls, it is one of the perks of being in A-Troupe. You’re part of a family! Everyone wants to be us… and it’s a great feeling! – I’m so nervous! – It’s fine! – I’m so excited! – It’s fine! The E-Girls got their name simply because all of our names ends in an “e”. Like Emily, Stephanie, Riley, Tiffany and then Giselle. Giselle doesn’t really match everyone else… That’s why she calls me Ellie! Everyone thinks that it’s named the E-Girls because our names all end in “e” sounds… But actually, it’s called the E-Girls cause my name starts with an “e”! So they’re the Emily Girls! Alright, dancers, let’s do this! Group one, I have Daniel, West, Emily and Stephanie. Good luck! Okay, Daniel you’re first! He’s totally gonna make it! I started dancing when I was seven years old. That was kind of hard for me because everyone had started dancing at The Next Step three or four years before me. But it’s giving me a really strong work ethic because I have had to work so hard to catch up to them. Go Daniel! If I don’t make it into A-Troupe I think that would end my dance career. Because what chances is there of me becoming a professional dancer if I can’t even make it into A-Troupe? Yas Steph! I dance because I love it and it’s just become such a huge part of my life that I really can’t picture myself doing anything else. He’s really good! My dance background is when I was part of a street dance crew and then last year I audition for B-Troupe, so now this year I’m auditioning for A. And I wanna take my dancing to the ultimate level! Go Emily! I’ve been here since I was two. I did baby ballet here, I’ve done J-Troupe, B-Troupe and A-Troupe. Her flexibility is insane! My best friend Stephanie goes here, my sister goes here… It’s my life ! Let’s go on! Group 2 we have Beth, Riley, Charlie and Chloe. – Good job! – Good luck! Riley, can I fix you? What? No, stop! Do you want it to fall off in the middle of your dance ? Riley is my baby sister, so I am pretty protective of Riley. You know I got into dance because of her, she was my inspiration. You know sometimes she can be a little overprotective but at the end of the day, I love her to death and, you know, she always has my back. Beautiful ! She’s my sister ! I just love her ! Beth, you’re up first ! When Beth messes up in the audition, i’m thinking : she’s not A-Troup material ! – Thats gonna cost her ! – Yeah… This is a very competitive group, we go to Regionals and we go up against amazing studios who have not one dancers messing up. So… like you can’t have that. Hey ! Hi… My relationship with Emily is pretty simple. I really like her, she really doesn’t like me. So… uuh. I was wondering, like, do you wanna go to like… No. Eldon has a crush on me for probably over five years. I mean… I get it ! but come on ! Now can you leave me alone please ? Certainly… I come into the studio : Hey, Emily wanna go out ? That kid just has to stop asking Emily out ! I leave the studio : Hey Emily, wanna go out ? I know there’s something magical between me and emily. It’s just gonna take some time for her to realize it… And that’s okay ! That’s what love is all about ! I started dancing at The next Step when I was six and I’ve been there ever since. I’ve always wanted to be part of the E-Girls. You know Emily, Steffanie, Riley, Tiffany and Ellie kind of took me under their wings. She is killing it ! But I can’t be officially part of the E-Girls until I make it into A-Troup. He’s good ! Woah ! Tiffany ! I dance because it’s my way of just being me ! You know I like to be that diva, sassy girl ! This is my chance to be beyonce on stage, pretty much ! Unlike last year, we depend on winning Regionals this year. So we’re gonna make sure that we have a super super strong group of A-Troup dancers. Very good guys ! Okay, final group ! We have James, Eldon and Giselle ! Uhmmm… The auditions are in here, right ? Normally, at the studio we only allowed A and B-troups students to audition for A-Troup. Who is that ? It’s an honored position, you have to earned it. That’s why we don’t let randoms walk in from the street and audition. Huh… Everyone take five ! Hi ! Hi, I’m Michelle. Kate. Nice to meet you ! Does anyone know who that is ? I’ve never seen her before… I hope she’s not thinking that she’s gonna audition and she doesn’t look like she’s a good dancer anyway… So… Might as well leave! Let’s have a discussion in the office ! Awesome ! Okay. I don’t know who this new girl think she is but I have my A-Troup planned out and she’s not gonna come here and ruin it for me. So you just moved here ? Yes. I actually just moved here from Madison, Wisconsin. My dad got transfered. I’ve been dancing my whole life, since I was three. I dance because I love it ! Dance is everything I wanna do. It’s what I dream about, it’s what I think about day and night. Being on stage and performing for people is just such a great feeling! It’s like you get to share a gift with them and it’s just truly wonderful Do you want me to go check it out? I’m Emily’s best friend and if there’s anyone in the studio that threatens Emily, it’s my job to protect her. I got this one. I feel it’s important to check out the new girl because I like to know what’s going on. All the time. Hey! Oh hey Emily, how are ya? I’m well, how are you? Good. Hi, I’m Emily. I’m the dance captain. Nice to meet you, I’m Michelle. I was actually dance captain at my old studio. Oh really? She was a dance captain?! How nice for her. That’s wonderful. She is auditioning for A-Troupe today. Yeah Oh A-Troupe? That’s fun.. She seems like such a sweet girl and I’m really excited to be on the same team with her. So you better get changed and then we’ll get started. Awesome. And I’ll see you back there. (??) Yep, bye! Bye.
-Bye. Good luck, Michelle. Thank you. I’m not happy that Michelle is auditioning for A-Troupe because that’s just not how the studio works. You have to earn your way into A-Troupe. What’s going on? So I don’t see why the rules are changing for this random girl. Dance captain? Wow, I’m really looking forward to what she can do. Let her audition, she’s probably just gonna make a fool out of herself. Yeah, and honestly I need a good laugh. Will Michelle fit in at ‘The Next Step Studio’? Yeah! If she was in B-Troupe. So we’re gonna go back to group 4. This time with Michelle. So again, that’s James, Eldon, Giselle and Michelle. Who is from Wisconsin and she is auditioning for A-Troupe. I’m so nervous. I mean, I don’t know anyone in this room and I don’t know what’s gonna happen. James, you’re up. Making it into A-Troupe is a big deal just because I’m fighting for my spot. If I got kicked down to ‘B’, might be pretty upset with myself. But that’s not gonna happen. *Cute laugh* I dance just because I love it, I’ve always loved to move. And it gives me a little bit of an advantage with the ladies. Riley’s blushing! No, I’m not blushing… He’s always trying to show off to the girls, to try and get their attention. And I’m not falling for it. Riley would never like a guy like that. Ever. Right? No. Eldon! I dance because.. The better dancer I become, the more respect Emily will have for me. And I’m gonna be a really really good dancer. Alright Eldon! Giselle! Come on! I started dancing from the age of 5. I went to my first dance class, and I instantly fell in love with it. All the other kids couldn’t stop moving, and I was like: “We’re the same!!” And I just felt at home. A-Troupe literally means the world to me. I don’t even know what I would do, if I didn’t get in. This new girl is gonna be so embarrassed. And Michelle! Come on, Michelle! Ayyy! I don’t know who this Michelle girl is… But she’s amazing. I pretty much have to take back all the words I said when she walked in. Unbelievable! Guys. Everyone! Yeah! Amazing! Yeah, she’s good but she doesn’t compare to Emily. Look at her dance. It’s all:
Me, me, look at me, look at my hair, look at my legs, look at my hair, hair, hair, hair, hair! Get over it! Michelle… Wow! Amazing job guys! That was just.. unbelievable. I’m really nervous and anxious, there was so many great dancers at the audition and I don’t know if I’m gonna be good enough to make it into A-Troupe. So Chris and I are gonna go, talk about your auditions and we’ll back with the decision in a few minutes. Alright guys. In my books, there’ll be no way Michelle would get in with that audition. But honestly, you never know with Kate and Chris. We’ll have to wait and see. Hi, I’m Daniel.
Daniel. Michelle? Yeah. I’m James. James? Your solo was unreal!
You’re so good Thank you, your flip off the wall made me go crazy. I swear I’ve seen her face before. But I can’t place it. Guys. Guys.
Shh. I have some news. I googled Michelle… She’s Miss National Soloist. Shhh, she’s right there. That could mean a lot for us and that could bring us to the next level that we need to get to win Regionals and Nationals. I feel like I’ve seen her on a poster for a competition. Did you win something at one? Uhhhm… Yeah maybe. I don’t really want anyone knowing that I’m Miss National Soloist because like, I don’t want them to treat me differently. This means nothing to us, except that she’s a diva. What? Are you craz-? Do we want a diva on our team? No. Guess not. Didn’t think so. I have mixed feelings on Emily now. I mean, at first she seemed like such a sweet girl But she just gave me a really nasty look, and I’m not really sure what’s going on. Everyone did amazing. The juice bar is our regular hangout. It’s convenient because it’s close to the dance studio. It’s actually in the same building. Just below. Maybe a new E-Girl on the horizon? The best part about Squeezed is just the social aspect. I mean, you go there to hangout with friends and to get in on all the good gossip. Guys. Kate and Chris are about to put the list for who made it into A-Troupe. Come on. I am so nervous. Yet so excited. I just can’t wait to see who’s made it into A-Troupe. I, more or less, just want to make sure all of my E-girls are on it and then get started. And then we win Regionals and then go onto Nationals. Alright dancers. Excuse me. You guys were phenomonal. You were amazing, I can tell you put so much energy, effort and discipline into that. Remember, if you don’t make it this year, there’s always next year. Ready? Congratulations once again. It’s a little sad cause, you know, I had some dancers that I wanted to make into A-Troupe but I think this is the selection, that is gonna take us to Regionals. It was a really tough decision. We had to cut some great dancers that we’ve really enjoyed working with in the past. The one thing I do know, is Emily is gonna be very upset with the decision. Coming up on The Next Step: We actually have a shot at Regionals this year. I’m taking you down, you better be ready! Elite Dance Academy is our main competetion. I’m interested in joining your studio. Nice costumes guys. Is your grandma missing her curtains? Chuck Anderson alongside Stacy Tucky. Stacy, this is like the granddaddy of all dance competetions. It’s not always about you, Em. I was doing it for the team! Now Emily and me lost a friend. And so did you, you lost two. I love to dance. Dancing is what I want to do. It’s always been what I wanted to do. It is gonna tear our studio apart. Emily has taken this way too far. I’m just not gonna take it anymore You know what? If you wanna come up against us, we’re gonna show you what A-Troupe is all about. It all comes down to this one moment.

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