Getting Help From Others! Classic VS BfA – WoW Machinima

[Music] this quest is impossible how am I supposed to kill these squirrel wars every time I pull on several more patrol clothes and agronomy and when I do manage to separate one he starts running to come back home and I go out of fucking man and I can just sit there and watch because if I chase after him then I grow anyway [Music] holy crap you got them all are you God hahaha no worries my friend I am glad to help oh you sure did thank you so much I’ll be going now take care friend how many of you bloody be started please don’t kill me I’ll never skim you’re kidding you huh you’re the warrior that help me I’ll find them they returned the favor Dean ah the priest from the Barons I thought I was a goner thank you friend oh here we are this quest wants me to kill an elite Oh it’ll take me at least 30 seconds I can’t possibly waste time on this trivial matter thank God for group I know no way I might pay $15 a month to do everything myself this should be enough [Music] thanks for making this group guys I was kind of struggling with this mob actually anyone want to group up by any chance to quest Paulina Lee could you guys have been any slower God oh okay maybe somebody else would like to join me hello oh okay here friend you want to group up with me do you wanna buy a mythic Queen Azshara kill carried by professional a plus Blair’s fast strong no prices 448 m level guarantee my champion you’re finally back I was gone for like 30 minutes I’ve missed you

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  1. God I hate quillboars…. And yet I cant wait to get devoured by them in a couple of weeks

    Pls remememember to subscrable and Share this video with everyone, including your middle school teacher.

  2. This is why a Play Classic. Also for the people that are delusional and think Retail is harder, keep in Mind Mythic Modes are Challenge Modes, and by design are meant to be extra hard, and are not part of the original difficulty, because if you do that then I will be forced to say Good luck doing a 40 Man Raid with 10 people while under geared, That is challenge mode in Classic. By the way great video 🙂

  3. Wow community: “getting 40 together for raids is too much this sucks”
    Blizzard: okay here’s 25 man raids
    Wow community: “25 fucking people? Blizzard how can we raid when we need 25 people!?”
    Blizzard: fuck it here’s solo content
    Wow community:” what the fuck we want 40 man raids back”

  4. Wow it's actually surprising how many 30+ year old neckbeards foam at the mouth when you say you don't want to play classic. It's really ironic they complain so much about communication issues yet the minute you disagree with them they whine and won't stop.

  5. Who are these people you refer to? I've been smacked down plenty of times in classic so far and no one has offered to group or help me. What do you mean?

  6. hawkeye himself couldn't be more accurate like you know those to or gonna be grinding until the level cap and then starting a guild and etc

  7. My experience as a returning player was basically "lol you idiot you never done this dungeon before? first time mythic?" let's laugh at you for 10 mins and say we have to "boost" you even though you're equal in game strat and ilvl and not holding the group back. I just felt that I did not have the right to play with others unless I know BFA content like the back of my hand, so solo it is.

  8. I play a priest and you know how many times while playing classic again that I’ve tried to help assholes that are about to die by healing them and then my heals pull aggressively and they just run away and leave me with all the mobs on me for me to get killed instead? Now if I see someone about to die I just put a renew on them and keep running while I pray that they survive.

  9. I've been playing Wrath on private servers for years, a friend of mine wanted to play with me on BFA and since I didn't know what it was like I joined. No one talks, no one wants to group, the only social contact I had in the game was this enemy of mine who helped me kill an elite mob, we communicated trough emotes. It felt like a singleplayer game with very limited and optional multiplayer. I quit the game before my subscription ended.

  10. Classic isnt all that friendly. If you really think its this friendly all the time you're willfully being naive.
    People are cosntantly mob stealing, pulling mobs to others to do the work for them, watching others die so they can take nodes or chests, etc.
    Is the leveling experience more fun, sure, but it isnt this amazing social utopia.

  11. Grim this video shows that there's so much promise in you making a serious machinma, with cool visuals and fight scenes, please try it.

  12. The tragic thing is that this absurd video is actually true. Playing Vanilla now got me talking to random people more that in Retail since launch..

  13. Yeaaaah no. I feel like both sides have the same assholes. Just as many people watching me die just to take the chest alone or the mob instead of helping in vanilla.

  14. The original Everquest was in terms of difficulty and gear rewards about 10 x as grindy and hard as Classic WoW. If you came from there and do old school pulling in open world dying is extremely difficult in WoW. I am 30th with my warrior and have yet to bite the dust on my own, grouping is another matter … 95% of people are simply stupid and don´t understand their limits.

  15. Just yesterday I was in westfall and I was doing a quest to collect gnoll paws. I found a camp with a pack of them. And I pulled the group and I was going to kite far enough to where just one would follow but this priest saw me and tried to save me and by doing so he pulled the group on him. So I was like omg I gotta save this guy! So we were frantically pulling mobs off each other and healing each other and when we barely survived with nearly no mana we both said. " I was trying to save you lol" hahah missed stuff like this. Classic is great.

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