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Hey everyone, and welcome back to our
channel! Or, welcome to our channel if you haven’t been here before.
Once again, I’m Dannie from Vape Club and today I’m filming the second part of our Getting To Know You series.
You are not going to believe where I am right now. Spoiler alert – she’s at Dinner lady! Okay, do you want to show me around then? Come on, let’s go. Well, I think number one, the branding
itself, because remember before Dinner Lady came out, the brands that were in the
vape industry at that time were very kind of Gothic, very dark, you know, lots
I equate it kind of almost like heavy metal. So it was kind of counter-culture,
spray paint, black, skull crossbones kind of thing. And then, Dinner Lady came onto the market, it was bright colours, it wasn’t offensive in any way, and it gave
you that feel-good feeling, that feel-good kind of factor as well. I think
that’s what really helped Dinner Lady kind of push itself forward in the industry,
and now of course you see a lot of businesses follow suit from
Dinner Lady’s example and it has become a lot more… pop. It’s like pop music
compared to heavy metal. The concept of the Dinner Lady itself? So the whole idea, especially from the first range that we released, the concept came through of nostalgia, and nostalgia was very, very important, because it always makes you
feel good, thinking back to times when you were younger, and with the first
range of flavors as they came out, as they were being produced. So, we had the
Lemon Tart, we had the Strawberry Custard – these were all things that we had a
school when we were younger and of course one of the most iconic people at
school was – the dinner lady – and the dinner ladies were always
non-threatening, they were always kind of a motherly figure or grandmotherly
figure and so that kind of helped bring the brand together. Wow! It’s hard to say, in all honesty,
because the amount of achievements Dinner Lady has had as a company, you can’t
put your finger on any single one. You know, there’s the awards that we’ve won and they’re incredible, and the awards especially the ones that come from the
vaping public – they’re amazing. The ranges and the response to the ranges that
we’ve had it is incredible. The growth of the business through 80 plus countries.
It’s everything. Everything together kind of creates moments for us but they’re
all moments that carry on a journey because we’ve not stopped yet. I think in any business there’s hurdles. In any business you have things
that you learn from, things that you can always do better and I think that’s what’s great about Dinner Lady as a company is we never rest on our laurels,
we never sit back and go, “Okay we’re doing really, really good let’s just
carry on doing that,”
We’re always looking at improving every single facet of the
business to make sure that we are the absolute best vaping company out there The good thing with us is we have a very
strong team here, we have a very strong compliance team, we’re always constantly looking towards the future. So when TPD hit, Dinner Lady was one of
the first brands that was fully compliant and fully ready for the TPD
when it happened. So for us it was actually, in some ways, it was a slight
benefit for us at that period of time because we were ready I think it’s a combination of everything.
I mean, with any eliquid it comes down to flavour. The branding can be
exceptional, but it’s gonna come down to the flavour, and the thing about Lemon
Tart as apposed a lot of flavours out there on the market is every single flavour that is in that bottle comes through in the vape.
It’s not a mixed flavour, it’s not a muddled flavour. There’s the lemon, there’s the
meringue, there’s the base, the biscuit base, and you taste every single part of
that flavour and the balance of each of them is absolutely spot-on. So what’s coming up for Dinner Lady…
All I’m gonna tell you about what’s coming up for Dinner Lady is as we always do Dinner Lady is gonna lead the way. We’re gonna set the standard, and we’re gonna make waves. In a good way. I’m not gonna give
any specifics, I am not that silly, but you have to keep your eyes open cos Dinner
Lady’s gonna make magic happen again. Some time soon?
I’m not even gonna tell you when! It’s just gonna happen and when it happens you’ll know. So we took to Twitter this morning to see if there’s any questions that anyone wanted to ask you guys, and the first one we got was “Are you guys going to be bringing out any 100ml shortfills?” Because people REALLY want them! Its a good question. I mean, Dinner Lady itself… For me, personally, I don’t see these larger sizes being great in the market. The problem being is if you know you
like a flavour, and it’s great you will then be able to buy 100ml, but
for a lot of people I think 30ml is kind of the top-end limit, for a lot of
people. The 30mls that you can do with the shortfills, I think you’re kind
of reaching a ceiling then, because you vape a bottle of that, a lot of times
if you’ve vaped a full bottle you might try a different flavour, you might go on to
something else. I think 100ml you just getting a little bit too much. And I
understand the value side of things but I think 60ml just it just seems to work
for everybody. The future of vaping’s interesting because
I think it’s gonna be cyclical, kind of like mobile phones. Because, if you remember, back in the beginning it was all very small pen style devices and then the
devices got bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and now we’re
seeing them contract again with pod style devices, you know things like the Mi-Pod, and things of that nature and they’re getting smaller and smaller. So I think
what people want is performance and the form of them to be right. So I
see subohm and mouth to lung vapers splitting off in a very large way and I
see the subohm vaping crowd becoming almost a subculture. The guys still
using the big, heavy 220 volt devices and blowing massive clouds – I see them kind of splitting off, and the bigger market being these pod style devices and the
mouths to lung vapers. Well, the idea for the Tuck Shop actually comes from the rest of the Dinner Lady range, so it follows on – everything we do is based on
nostalgia, it’s based on the idea of making somebody smile and taking you
back, as we say in it in our branding – “Take you back to a time when things just
didn’t matter,” and the best time of that is when you’re a child. And of course we
all remember going to the tuck shop, we all remember having, you know, 50p in our
pocket and going and getting some sweets and it follows on from that. Wow! So the range itself took a year. Tuck Shop in itself as a whole complete range was a
year in the making and it was actually probably slightly longer than that
coming up with all the flavours, coming up with the design concepts. Every other
part of the brand itself. So it did take a full year to get this range ready for market. There was quite a high demand for it before it had even launched, so you guys had to delay your launch date Yeah How has the response been since? Well, I mean just for the reason of having to delay it slightly it shows you exactly how the demand was built for the Tuck Shop range itself. All the little
vignettes that we did and all the stuff that we put out on social media, the
demand was that high that we already- the orders were so huge that we wanted to
make sure that everybody that wanted Tuck Shop got it on the release date and that’s the reason why we just delayed it slightly. Just to make sure that
everybody that wanted to have Tuck Shop in their store could have it. And
the response from the consumer has been absolutely incredible. So what we wanted to do was with Tuck
Shop itself because it been so long in the making, we wanted to make sure that
this range stood out and was exceptional in every facet of it. The marketing
behind it was already incredible because the team that of guys that we have
working on the marketing already put out some exceptional work, and we wanted the range to reflect that the flavours that were there. The flavors were absolutely stunning and we wanted the bottles to reflect the
flavors inside, so working with Chubby Gorilla, coming up with these bespoke
colored bottles and bespoke lids as well was also another way for us to combat counterfeiting as well. I remember back in the day roast chicken,
bacon- What?! Oh yeah, yeah, back in the day and we’re talking about … maybe 2010 around that kind of time there was a big surge in bacon and chicken and roast dinner and things of
that kind. It was very savoury flavours. That’s like the dream! … Or was it not good? Ohh no. They were not the dream. No no no no no. They were not the dream. They were NOT good. But yeah there was some bizarre flavours out around that
kind of time. Maybe something for you guys to- A roast chicken?! Yeah, roast Dinner. Mmm. Sausage roll. Sausage roll! Bacon sarnie Yeah, now shhh – you’re giving ideas out Dont give them ideas.
These are ours. Chip Butty! Trademark VDL. I think the great thing, I mean, for me, the great thing about the e-liquid industry is that there is nothing that’s out of its scope. You can
create absolutely everything and I think a lot of people seem to believe that
every flavor that can be done has been done or that’s every idea has been
explored, I don’t think that’s true at all. I think there’s thousands of flavours
out there and thousands of ranges that we could look at. I’ve been vaping since 2000- end of 2008 – so I was I was kind of I suppose not in the industry but I was a part the
community from the very, very beginning and happened to find a company that was
just starting out in vaping retail and I worked for them in area management of
their retail stores; did training and things like that for them, but then I
wanted to do something else wanted to be heavily involved in vaping. I wanted to
help shape it as well so I found Dinner Lady. We’re always prepping, so because
of the amount of expo’s that Dinner Lady does we’re always planning ahead, so way in advance. You’re probably talking four to five months in advance of an
expo taking place plans are already being put in place because when we do a
show, when we do an expo, we want to do it- we want to steal the show. We want
everybody that leaves that expo to be talking about the experience they had at
the Dinner Lady stand and how incredible the stand looks, and I think, I’d like to
think, that we always deliver on that I wanna say, that this interview has changed my world I’m so glad… and it was all the more special for being here with you. This has been incredible. I dont wanna end it. Thank you SO much. Come’ere!

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  2. Cool video, great to see some insight on dinner lady! They do a great job at it. My favorite is blackberry crumble😍😍

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