Ghajini (2008) *BluRay* w/ Eng Sub – Hindi Movie – Part 5

BIGPictures Good morning, sir!
– Good morning. Sit down, my child. Guess what,
our company is going to be famous. Thanks only to you…
– Why are you thanking me? I’ve done something
without asking you. Our company is throwing a
big party on New Year’s Eve. Oh, wow! Guess, who’s the chief guest? Who…? Your boyfriend. The man who owns Air Voice. Sanjay Singhania. Sir…? And come what may,
you must get him to come. I’m sure you can, so I went ahead and
printed his name in the invitations. The biggest of agencies are coming,
top ad film makers, producers, directors. On whose say-so have
you printed his name? Where’s the need to ask…? It’s the New Years Eve party.
You’re coming. He’ll accompany you.
– But I can’t invite him! Why? We’ve… had a fight! You don’t say!
All invitations have been distributed. You’ve got to make up with him
… got to get him to the party. But how…?
– Otherwise, I’ll lose face. On whose say-so did you print this? I would’ve told you,
but it slipped my mind. What you’ve done is so wrong,
hundred percent wrong! Please, or you’ll break everyone’s heart.
– Where will I get Sanjay Singhania? Everyone’s dying to see him,
not one of us has ever met him. What…? What about what? Not one of us has ever met him? How could we?
He has just returned from America. Then I just…
must get him. Consider it done Kalpana is like a magic wand!
One flourish and you’ve got your wish. Thank you very much Dialogue… dialogue! Hi, I’m Sanjay. Sanjay Singhania. Perfect. Very good. Mind it. At tonight’s party,
you’re Sanjay Singhania. One second… Listen, that’s a friend of mine.
You’ll pretend to be Sanjay Singhania. If he’s convinced,
then you pass muster. Okay? Ready? Hi… Hush! What happened? Sanjay is here. Sanjay? Sanjay Singhania, my boyfriend. Where… is he?
– Where are you looking…? Here! Sachin, meet Mr Sanjay. Hi, I’m Sanjay. Sanjay Singhania. What… who…? He is… Sanjay Singhania. Him…? Are you joking?
Sanjay Singhania, and him? Stupid amateur, duffer, idiot! What did I do…? The big fish never put out their hands first.
Why did you hold out your hand? So when do I shake hands?
– You just don’t do it! Go to hell, go do ads!
You’ve ruined it all. Idiot! What happened? Sachin, shall I tell you something? What? You’re going to be stunned… Try me. I’m not in love with Sanjay Singhania. What? Actually, everyone at my workplace thought… he’s my boyfriend. So, everyone began to respect me. I played along. I don’t even know what he looks like! So… what’s next? My boss is hosting a party tonight. Without even asking me, they sent out
invites naming Sanjay as the chief guest. So I was preparing this mule for tonight,
but you caught him out in a second! What am I going to do now? Relax… I’m right here for you. I’ll train him. Listen… what’s your name? Hi, I’m Sanjay. Sanjay Singhania.
– No… your real name? Sampat.
– Look Sampat… cut that extra swagger. Be relaxed and easy… confident. Let me show how…
Hi, I’m Sanjay… Sanjay Singhania. Stop. Don’t teach me acting.
I belong in theatre, I’ve done four plays. I was putting out a first class act,
then he walked in and things went awry. Hey… take off that coat. Take it off, get out of that coat!
– I have a shoot tomorrow. It’s my only coat. I just canceled your shoot. You’re good only
for rubber slippers, snap out of it! Who, me…?
– Wear it. Oh yes!
You are… looking smart. Put on the goggles. Oh wow! Perfect! Perfect! Sachin! Come for tonight’s party.
Be Sanjay. Please? Please say yes! Please! Please say yes…? Okay. Yes! Welcome to our chief guest,
Mr Sanjay Singhania Oh hi…
– Hello. Having a nice time?
– Yes, thank you. Kalpana Did you invite him properly?
– Yes, sir! If he turns up for real,
everyone’ll go mad. If he doesn’t turn up, then I’ll go mad. Madam… The coat is ready. Just give me the go
and I’ll give you a grand entry. I’ve rehearsed it thoroughly. I’m Sanjay Singhania…
oh hello Sanjay. Get out of my face. You fool! Hi Kalpana…
– Hi! Mr Singhania has arrived. Who told him to get a car like that?
I’m not footing this bill. Oh… thank you. How wonderful! He hasn’t begun acting and all these fools have
already taken him for Sanjay Singhania? Oh yes, yes… Will you hold this, please? Hi darling! Sorry, I’m late… my God!
You’re looking gorgeous… come. Welcome to this party.
– Thank you. Hello… hello… Hello sir! Sorry. Welcome, sir.
– Thank you. Myself, Satveer Kohli. I’m Kalpana’s director
and I run this ad film company. Hello sir, how are you?
– Thank you sir, I’m very good. I happen to be the one who insisted that
Kalpana must say yes to you. I see…? You never told him!
– Of course I told him… I told you…?
– Oh… yes… Autograph, please? I read your article in Economic Times.
I fully agree with your policy suggestions. Please leave him alone…
don’t disturb him. Please come, dinner is ready. That was too close an embrace. And that was a kiss in public. I’ve done a hundred ads. Ninety in groups. Ten, solo. You learn how to respect your seniors or,
you’re getting nowhere in life. I don’t believe this. What? I just can’t believe… Why not…? Can’t believe that I’m sitting
in such august presence… Still, he’s right amongst us. Excuse me… Some ice, please? So much cold is good enough for you. Over-acting. He’ll get caught. Please get lost. Excuse me… We’re from the Dinanath Charitable Trust. It’s an orphanage for girls. And…? If you may make a contribution,
we’ll be grateful. Who goes around with cash nowadays? Your cheque will do. Cheque? Who goes to parties with chequebooks? What are you upto? Whose chequebook is that? Even for over-acting, this is too loud! Five hundred thousand?
Have you gone mad? Thank you, sir.
– All the best. I’m finished. I could kill you. Our leading model, Sonal. How do you do?
– I’m very good. Kalpana has told us so much about you…
– We all know that… there’re others… That article of yours in Economic Times.
– Not again, sir. Please… You… for Sanjay Singhania! And they fell for you? Am I’m too clever,
or it’s a world of fools? I love you. What? I love you.
I want to marry you. What… so all of a sudden…? Not so… all of a sudden. I never thought… Give me time, to think. Shall I tell you tomorrow? If I say no, you won’t take it badly? Bye. Happy new year. Happy new year. To her, I’m just an ordinary guy. I wish to remain this unexceptional man… who wins her love. So I haven’t told her the truth about me. If she accepts me, then I’ll confess to being Sanjay Singhania. If she refuses, then I remain Sachin… and I fade out of her life. All I await now, is tomorrow. End of the diary.
December 31st. Next day, next year… 2006.

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  1. Wel how come Kalpana didn't know he is Sanjay singhaniah ?!!! It's a great shock for me… as she is working in media adds then won't she would have read the Sanjay's articles, everyone knew he is Sanjay
    which was published…,
    Everyone knew he was Sanjay how come heroin didn't know?!!!
    Wel I liked the movie in both Tamil & Hindi Asin's acting is too good👌

  2. आमिर खान की सबसे बेहतरीन ,लाजवाब और दमदार अभिनय प्रदर्शन हैं।
    इस फ़िल्म के हम दीवाने हैं।
    अशीन की लाजवाब मासूमियत सा अभिनय
    दिल छू लिया वाह ।

  3. Puri movie me fool hi bnaya ha itni add ki kya kvi news paper magazine Google Facebook Kuch v dekhi nhi thi Jo itne bade business man Sanjay Singhaniya ko nhi janti thi…

  4. Film making as same as writing a famous book…difficult to come these qualities in one person…but only few people achieve this qualities

  5. First time my ne jab gajhini flim dekhi thi one month mere mind yahi chalraha tha Kash use pata chal jata k Sachin hi real Sanjay singhania hai… Heart pain movie

  6. 11:38 per dekho

    Jab Check book per 5 lakhs aur sign kiye…toh kya Ladki Kalpana. Nahi samjh Pai ki yehi ..Real Sanjay hai….
    Real sign dekh ker..

    Ladkiyan itni bhi pagal nahi Hoti

  7. Sanjay Aaya hai Samne khada Hai Aur Aamir Poore room mein dhundh Raha Kaha hai Sanjay singhaniya 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  8. That's a lie… Pakka kalpana hadnt done like that… No one gives bhav bcz of rich bf… Ooye.. M sad then it implied I need a RICH bf😉😜… Who is gossipy JUST for you

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