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  1. When it was legal and you could precisely dose it – and you had no tolerance, it causes no issue. When you have tolerance you start to surf the line to falling asleep. Especially combining with stimulants.

    There's also a pro-drug that's impossible to overdose on, when taken alone. Most of the risk emerged when it was banned. Not a drug I would recommend though. The pro-drug perhaps is much safer (unless you combine with alcohol) but no one sells it on the black market.

    If feels great, but it's a quick trip to a bad time.

  2. This was big in my city of Detroit 20-25 years ago. Now it's ALL fentynyl, heroin, crack lean perks and weed. DMT is around too, and Molly that been kicked in half

  3. In Montreal, The drug has been out here strong in the EDM scene. for at least 10 years. I've seen a man passed out with his eyes open and no one seemed concerned.

  4. Mate of mine was using this stuff when going out to clubs back around 2003. He was always majorly fucked whilst on it. Stuff was effective to say the least. So one time I tried it… I certainly didnt feel fresh the next day. I had the worst hangover I've ever experienced in my life. I also had a really strong feeling of wanting to throw up whilst on it, but never actually did. The feeling came out of no where, lasted about 30 mins then disappeared as quickly as it came on. Whilst on it I felt amazing for a couple of hours or so, but after experiencing my hangover from hell, I never tried it ever again.

  5. How bizarre that a date rape drug is now being used recreationally… This was used to knock ppl out, and you're getting a high off of this? Good luck… Don't die.

  6. They actually prescribe this pure GHB for narcoleptics-Xyrem is the pharmaceutical name-We are prescribed two doses a night-it’s a lifesaver for people like us

  7. I was spiked with this drug while out on a night with some friends I can't remember anything of the night I've been told I became violent the none responsive for almost 5 hours woke up in hospital and got told that I was lucky to have woke up at all I do t suggest this or any drug to enjoy a night out

  8. Shit is mad dangerous. In the US in the early 2000’s from my experience it was extremely popular. Some of the brands I remember were Verve and Gen-X which were bottle with labels on them. In Philly when someone takes too much and they start acting weird before they pass out we referred to it as “falling out”. We’d usually mix it in bottles of Gatorade. Some idiots like me made the mistake of drinking a lot of beers and then taking it. Well, it landed me in a coma for 4 days. Mixing is with alcohol is pretty much what the rapists do to get someone knocked out. It’s a death sentence for the most part. The shit is mad fun if you take it correctly. I don’t miss it though.

  9. I'm like a lifelong hardcore drug user and addict. Like 20 plus years. Done almost everything under the sun at least once. GHB was always just one of those mystical drugs you heard of but never ran into. Just a few months ago a dude was in town and had some and I tried it. Kinda fun. Makes you talk a lot and feel kinda drunk but cleaner than booze. Tastes like seawater kinda. Take it from me it's like a 5.5. Out of 10 on the worth it scale. I'd say try it once, not necessary to habitualize something like this.

  10. Those dealers are stupid they are gonna get POPPED don’t go on the roof of your house they will for sure figure out where they are for sure.

  11. whoah, ghb is back? i haven't seen that shit in a decade in the usa. you guys wildin' up in europe.

    i mostly stick to lsd and psy festivals. all those shirtless guys punching the air like that is so different than the rave dancing i'm used to. but then i was a kandi kid back in the day, so we mostly just ate beans and loved each other lol

  12. Ghb is basically Ghl (Floor stripper) and red devil lye, not gonna go into details of how it's made but it is made from extremely harsh chemicals that is used to strip floors and lye which has the ability to strip the skin of your hands (the thing Tyler durden uses to make the lip prints in fight club, it's not that fast but is that caustic)

  13. People who take drugs are weak in their mind and souls. They cant resist, they want to go to another world just to put the reality behind close doors. My opinion

  14. The take home point is to have at a minimum one sober person to monitor a group.

    What kills people is the tongue.

    The tongue is the most common obstructed airway. If people are flaccid , the tongue falls asleep, occluding the airway. Then their breathing will become increasingly more difficult until they completely stop breathing. Death is 4-6 minutes away.

    I have seen people in ED – Trauma Centers completely comatose.
    Eyes closed , no response to painful stimuli.

    We will then put a breathing tube in their trachea and connect to a ventilator.

    I have seen people wake up , pull out their Endotracheal tube and IVs and leave. They were the lucky ones

  15. If it makes one such a horndog they have to run home to use a borrowed friends dildo, then it's too good to be true. Dude was still playing with himself with police in the room. OMG. I guess this drug is very much like crystal meth and the gay chem sex fetish scene of party and play which is one to not play around for HIV kills. One could make an asston of money supplying sex toys and fetish gear in a place like Ibiza where jack off drug scene is hardcore all the way. I guess GHB could be most super exhilarating fun, but one has to not OD which is why some were using alarms to time their drug taking.

  16. My city has a problem with these xanax pressed with GHB and fent. ppl I kno who take xans all the time take a half bar n cant move its fucked.

  17. Why need trains and camps when these degenerates sell each other suicide kits?

    Reality does have a sense of justice.

  18. 15 years ago in the Vegas nightclub scene you could always tell who was On G. They had two distinct types of walks the gorilla or the T Rex.

  19. GHB is very addictive but much better for the body than GBL, that stuff is rotten! If you have GBL just make GHB, its very easy. Used to import GHB in the early 2000's when it was legal and it was much better than the stuff around now. If your 'GHB' smells of plastic and tastes of plastic its either just GBL or its had too much GBL added when it was made. Lab grade MDMA is so much nicer than GHB or GBL of any quality. GBL withdrawal is far worse than any opiate can give you. Stay safe!

  20. I lost it when the druggies started demanding better education from the government about how much of an illegal drug they should take!

  21. Wow Call me old ( and I am ) but I find it incredible that people will just ingest a chemical that they have no idea of its origin. Glad I won’t be around when the zombie apocalypse happens.

  22. G was causing dead ravers in the 90's. I OD once on it, BEST SLEEP EVER. Though the loss of breathing was a bitch and was a trip to the ER. After it was made illegal, mixing up batches of G was rampant. It's actually a hell of a fun drug, drunk and euphoric with no hangover. Just different concentrations can fuck you up. One cap of one mix might do you good, the next dealer one cap might be 4 times as potent and make you stop breathing.

  23. Big name international hardstyle Djs refused years ago to ever come to Melbourne again because of how filthy aussies got with the ghb, slowly all the hardstyle clubs closed down too. PhD, hard kandy, bubble, infected…..list goes on. All gone after ghb hit bad

  24. They are spreading awareness but they could have educated the viewers and said what a regulated dose of G is. If you know, comment it to potentially help others.

  25. Anyone else mildly freaked out by the ghost cameraman during the interview with the doctor from 12:15? Was kinda freaking me out when they change the camera to show the other person and in the place where you would expect a cameraman there is no one. My best guess is they mirror flipped one of the footage (of the reporter or the doctor).

  26. Alcohol-Related Deaths:
    An estimated 88,0006people(approximately 62,000 men and 26,000 women6) die from alcohol-related causes annually, making alcoholthe third leading preventable cause of death in theUnited States

    The 226 deathsthat we identified included 155 men and 71 women, including 209 in the U.S. (36 states), 4 in Canada (Quebec), and 13 in the UK. Ages ranged from 15-53 years (average: 28 years). Of the 226, 207 deathswere classified as GHB-caused, in which toxic effects of GHBcaused or contributed to death.

    3 total countries. contributed… anything thats not used correctly or in moderation can kill.

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