GIANT BALLOON Inflated WITH DRY ICE! Fun DIY Science Experiment

– We’re gonna take
little chunks of dry ice, put it inside balloons, and see if the dry ice will blow up the– – Sublimate. – Balloons! Now! – More, more, more.
(cheering) More water, more water!
(screaming) – Okay!
(cheering) (screaming) (popping) (screaming) – Welcome back to the
Carl and Jinger channel. Today we have so many balloons. We went to the store, we found these huge
balloons just randomly, and dry ice. So we got it and we’re gonna
do something really awesome. Did you guys know, that
when dry ice is left out, it turns into a gas? That’s called sublimation. – Sublimation. – Something solid turns into a gas. So, our idea is, we’re gonna
take little chunks of dry ice, put it inside balloons, and see if the dry ice will blow up the– – Sublimate. – balloons during sublimation. – Oh yeah! For the first experiment,
I think what we should do is the smaller balloon we have. Is it a boy or a girl? It’s like a gender reveal. – We’re not gender revealing our balloon. All right, let’s go! – But we might package it
this way in the thumbnail. Gender reveal, no, we won’t do that. – Oh, am I pregnant? No.
– No. – All right, let’s go. (laughs) – Okay, gotta get a little
piece off of it first. – Okay, Carl’s gettin’ handy. Yeah! – (grunting) So handy! – That’s the perfect size right there. – I’m gonna try and get
both chunks and the powder. – [Jinger] Okay here we go. – [Carl] Catch it there, there’s one. How are you gonna tie it? – [Jinger] I don’t know. – There it’s in, it’s in, it’s in! Don’t burn your fingers! – Here we go. – You just hold it shut? Come on, sublimate! – We need some water. Here, let’s get some
water, hold on, hold on. Here we go, let’s try this,
just a little bit, okay. – Well, it seems like
its doin’ something now. – Sublimate!
– I can feel it, it’s bubbling, it’s getting bigger! Whoa, come over here and tie it off. Let’s get the pink balloon,
we’ll do a larger chunk and then we’ll fill it full of water and tie it off really quick. – It’s definitely growing still, you can feel it down there. – Yeah.
– That’s really cool! It feels sort of like carbonated water through the balloon, doesn’t it? – Yeah, you can feel it
in your hand. (yells) Bam! – Jeez. – (laughing) I gotcha! All right, let’s do a bigger chunk. – See if we can get some
more sublimation goin’ on! – That’s the word of the day,
you guys are learning things! Ready? – Yes. (hammering) (gasping) Okie dokie. – Maybe I’ll like, break
this in half a little bit. (hammering) What happens when I just
set this on the counter? Watch this, ready? Look at that!
– Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! – It’s like, it’s floating
around, check this out. Hover board dry ice. – [Jinger] Wow, that’s so cool! (whooshing) And the counter’s completely dry. That is so cool. – That’s awesome! Okay, let’s do the balloon! Okay, sorry, I got a little
side tracked, here we go. – Don’t touch my fingers with it. – [Carl] I won’t. (yelling) – Get your thumb out! (laughs) – It’s in, it’s in, tie it off! (laughs) – Team effort! – Here we go.
– Got it! – It’s totally boiling
and bubbling in there! – It’s totally going. So
this is the first one. – The second one’s already much bigger. We had water in there
and it’s goin’ for it! But this balloon, you know,
if you filled it up with air, it could get pretty big. I wonder if we go for a
giant one on the next one if we should just put
a whole chunk in there, and then after that, if that doesn’t work, we’ll put everything that we have in. – In one, yeah, yeah yeah, okay. – Yeah, in one giant
balloon. Okay, here we go! – That one’s already
bigger than the first one. – Okay we’re gonna set this here, we’ll keep an eye on these. For Halloween we’ll do a giant orange one. – Oh yeah, an orange one. – That’d be awesome, let’s do it! That one is right there? – We gotta be able to
get the dry ice that big. – That’s gonna be a challenge. This balloon, by the way,
is already up to this size. So we’re gonna set these over here. So if they pop, I will protect you. – (sighs) I was worried about that! Okay let’s go!
– All right, I’m gonna try and split this long ways like this, so we can get, like a spear of dry ice. – One spear of dry ice, good sir! – Comin’ right up! (laughing)
– I don’t think that’s gonna– – Look at that, it’s even got a point so it can just go
(whooshes) right in there! Look it’s like a dry ice
boat race. (whistles) – [Jinger] Mine’s the one that’s winning! – Always. – Obviously.
– Okay, here we go, ready? You should put your gloves
on, it’s freaking me out. – This is freaking me out. – Is this freakin’ you guys out? – (gasping) It’s so cool. All right, how am I supposed to do this with gloves on, though? – Same way, just with gloves on. – I just feel like I’m gonna hurt myself. – (laughs) Okay, lean over
the countertop right here! – Okay, here we go! (banging) – Okay, we’re gonna chunk it up. (hammering) – Whoa, you’re freakin’ me out. (hammering) – Chill out, I’m just (hammering) swingin’ a hammer. Big chunk number one. – Boom, and boom, in. – Big chunk number two. – This is so, we’re, we’re a team, Carl. – Number three. I’m even countin’ ’em out loud. Number four! – Everyone’s learning their numbers today! Okay here we go. – [Carl] It’s crazy, it’s actually- – Are we gonna add water to this? – Yeah. – We should. – You think that’s enough right now? – Maybe we should just
put all of that in here. – Ready? – Yeah. Okay. (rustling) Okay, I think that’s good! (water running) – Go! Go, go, go, go! (yelling) More, more, more, more water! (screaming) More water! – How much more, I can’t see anything! (laughing) – I don’t know, okay go. – Okay, here we go! – I’m gonna hold this end! Oh my gosh! – Oh it’s so tight! – I’m so curious what would
happen if I, like popped it. – Okay. – Don’t you wanna see what would happen if we just popped it? – Don’t pop it! – Look at the size of this thing! – It’s already bigger than the second one! – Oh my gosh, this is so cool! – And the little tiny one. – It’s not filling up
as much as I thought. But I kinda wanna see what would happen if we just, like popped one really quick and see what happens. Wait, wait, wait, wait! Everybody be really, really, really quiet. Listen really careful. (bubbling) – Whoa, that’s awesome. – Whoa, it sounds like you can totally hear
it bubbling in there! And you can see it freezing. The bottom of the balloon
is totally frozen like that. – Oh yeah, that’s all icy. (gasps) – Look at that! Get some
scissors out of the drawer. (laughing) Okay ready, go right in on the top! – Just like, right there, on the edge? – Yeah, sure, let’s see
what happens, ready? (snapping) Oh get it, get it, get
it, oh, the suspense. Oh my gosh! (yells) – (laughing) They won’t! – Give me the, give me the scissors! – They’re so dull! (screams) Oh, the suspense! – We have a problem with this. (popping) (screaming) (slo-mo popping) – That was awesome! – We gotta do that with
all the rest of the dry ice in a giant yellow balloon. – That was so cool. – Oh, we should do a see-through one. Should we do that? – Yes. – Let’s do a see-through one next, and then we’ll do everything that we have in a giant balloon outside. I’m having a great time, are you? (laughs) – This is really fun, actually. (laughs) Okay, hold on.
– Okay, so what I’m gonna do is the see-through balloon this time. And instead of going over the sink, I think I’m gonna think ahead right now, I’m gonna get a glass of
water, and we’ll just do that. We’ll just– – Oh yeah, yeah. – take a measuring cup
and fill it up right now. – We’re learning as we go. (laughs) – Okay, this is gonna be awesome. – Okay, now, the fun part, getting the dry ice in the balloon! – Here we go. (squeaking) – [Jinger] We don’t wanna be wasteful. – [Carl] It sounds like
it’s chirping like a bird. (squeaking) It’s really weird. It’s like whistling, right? – Yeah, totally. – Okay. – Okay, here we go. – The problem is this
is kind of already wet. But I think it’ll still go,
because it’s steaming a lot. – It’s steaming right now. – It still has a lot of sublimation left! Okay, should we try to get
this big chunk in there? Or like, a bigger chunk of it? – Yeah we should. Yes, the answer is always yes! (hammering) Here we go. – [Carl] There it is, okay. Now we’ve got the water, you ready? – Hold on, I gotta rest my
arms, just for a second. I’ve been like (laughs). – Here, I’ll trade ya! (grunts) (yelling) Get it in there, get in there! – [Jinger] Okay! (cheering) – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! You gotta tie it! You can see the reaction! Look at the bottom of the
balloon, look at that! It’s totally bubbling and everything, and filling up with smoke. Look at that, that is so cool lookin’. I think it’s okay, I’m just
gonna hang on to it, honey. Oh, you got it, you got it, okay. Check it out! You can see everything
going on on the inside. Look, you can see the
dry ice frozen on there. – [Jinger] Whoa! – On the bottom of the balloon. – Should we knock it off? – I’m gonna turn it over. (knocking)
(rustling) That is so cool! It’s all foggy and everything in there. Should we pop this one too? – Yes. – Let’s go outside and do this one. This thing is getting pretty big. – It is tight. – It’s tight, and you can
see the dry ice right there, is really full up on the bottom. I think we have a couple of
little, teeny tiny holes, it’s hard to tell. I think we should pop this
one and see what happens. – Are you ready to pop this thing? – Watch all the steam
that comes off of this. Are you guys ready? – Here we go! – Okay, in three, two, one, go.
– Three, two, one, go. (popping) (slo-mo popping) (yelling) – That is so cool. – That was so awesome. – It’s like a total blast of
refreshing cold air suddenly! – [Jinger] Poof! – Okay, it’s time to get the last of the dry ice that we have, put it all in one giant
balloon, and see what happens. We just came back in the house, it looks like this one is basically done. There’s a tiny little bit of dry ice in the bottom of this balloon. But it did actually sublimate all the way. And that was a tiny little chunk. Isn’t that awesome? – Yeah, it was, like literally that big, it was not that big. – That is full, ready? (yelling) Bang! I gotcha again! (laughs) – All right, Carl. We’re gonna get as much dry ice in this yellow balloon as we can. – What if we put the dry
ice in really quick in here, under controlled conditions, and we ran outside and just
filled it up with the hose? – (gasps) Oh! – Like, we really could
get it full and tie it off, and see what happened with
all the dry ice in there. – That would be awesome. – Okay, let’s try for that, you ready? What color are we doin’?
– Okay, we’re gonna do yellow. – Here we go. I gotta break this all up. (hammering) Anybody want a sno-cone? And it feels really good when
all the snow sprays up on you! It’s like ooh! (whooshing) That’s really cool! Makes me excited for Witch’s
Brew at Halloween-time. – Oh yeah. – Okay are we ready? – Okay, here we go! (yelling) – Okay, there’s one! Number two. I don’t know if we’re gonna
be able to get it all in. – I have faith in you, Carl. – We’ll try. Should we try for a bigger piece here? – Yeah. I think that’s gonna do it. That’s pretty full. – Are you sure? – I don’t know. – No more space? – I think it’s making
the balloon really cold. – Okay, should we take it out to the hose? – Yeah, let’s do it! – Let’s go!
– Let’s go! – All right, here’s the plan. We’re actually gonna use the swimming pool in order to keep it from
popping, like, on the pavement. We’re gonna fill it up with the hose. – Okay, here we go! – Ready, set, go.
– Ready, set, go. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Oh my
gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, how long is it gonna do it? – [Jinger] That is filling up really fast! – [Carl] How long do I do it? – [Jinger] Keep going. – [Carl] Keep going? – [Jinger] ‘Kay, ‘kay,
‘kay, ‘kay, ‘kay, go! (grunting)
(yelling) – [Carl] I’m gonna shut the water off! – You can totally hear it! – You got it, you got it, you got it. (cheering) Let it go, let’s see where it goes! – Okay, here we go. I have no idea how big it’s gonna get, but you can totally hear it bubbling! – [Carl] You can! Listen to that, it’s just
like, floating and bubbling. Listen. (bubbling) – We’re just gonna let
it free-float out here on the swimming pool for a little bit. We’ll see how giant-sized this gets before it finally stops, right? That’s crazy! – Okay, it’s a two-foot balloon, and that’s definitely
reaching it’s max amount– – [Carl] I would say so, too.
– of space. – [Carl] Totally. (bubbling) – That’s so cool. We’ve thrown dry ice and everything in the swimming pool before. In fact, one of the reasons
we wanted to re-do this again, is that we’ve done this video idea before, back with Carter Sharer and our friends, Lizzy Sharer and those guys. We came right here to our house and did a giant balloon
in the swimming pool. We did a seven-foot balloon. If you haven’t seen
that one, check it out, I’ll put a link up in the i-card. And make sure and give us some ideas down in the comments below,
what you’d like us to do next. But we’re gonna wait and
see how big this thing gets. – I’m always tempted to just pop it. – [Carl] I know! – ‘Cause that’s the fun part, right? – [Carl] That is the fun part. But let’s just see how big it gets. It’s still bubbling. We’ll wait ’til it gets quiet. Jinger, I wanna show you something really, really,
really freaking cool that I just noticed. Don’t look at the balloon, but look down at the shadow of
the balloon under the water, and you can see the pulsations. – [Jinger] (gasps) Oh
my gosh, you’re right! – [Carl] You can see the vibration down in the swimming pool. Look at that. – [Jinger] That is so cool! – [Carl] It looks really awesome. It’s like it’s alive! (laughing) – It just keeps growing and growing! So I don’t know how big
it’s gonna get, but. – [Carl] We’re just trying to keep it away from the edge of the pool. I’m using my Area 51 socks today. It floats crazy across the
top of the water, right? – It totally does. It like, propels itself with the vibration from whatever’s happening inside. The chemical reaction! – [Carl] (yelling) That was close! – Safe! – [Carl] It’s still getting bigger. We haven’t done anything to it, it’s just going with
the dry ice right now. Jinger’s got a pokey thing
in her hand right there, I can see it! – Just in case, Carl! – [Carl] Whatever, Jinger’s
feelin’ the temptations. But so far, it has survived. And this thing is getting
bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Well if you’re gonna do it, do it over by the cool cameras and stuff! – I’m just kiddin’. – [Carl] Jinger gets impatient. – I’m the most patient
person anyone has ever met. – [Carl] Whatever,
holdin’ the pokey thing. Jinger! – What Carl? – [Carl] Don’t do it! – What’s that? (screaming) What’s that? – [Carl] You’re gonna do
it, I can tell! (popping) – [Carl] Oh my gosh! (slo-mo popping) – That was so loud, that was so loud. Somebody might call the cops. That sounded like a huge explosion! Look at the water, oh my gosh. – [Jinger] (gasps) Look at the water. Carl, that was a huge. – My ears are ringing! I can hear (whistles) a whistle! (laughs) – Wasn’t me! – You guys, that’s it for this video! If you liked this one,
you’re gonna love the ones that you see on screen. And check out the other one
I told you in the i-cards, you’re gonna love that, as well, the one with Carter Sharer. And also don’t forget to subscribe. Turn on notifications
if you haven’t already. And we’ll see you guys in the next one. – Bye!

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