(yelling) – Are you serious?! – [Tyler] Go, go, go! Kayla, it’s moms turn! – Nothing is gonna Nothing is touching that one (upbeat electric guitar music) – Hey everyone, we are the Davises. – What’s up everybody! – Hello! – Today we’re gonna do Giant Kerplunk. – Yay, I’m so excited. – Super giant kerplunky – I have literally been
waiting this forever. – Oh my gosh, I’m so excited. – Finally get to do it. We’re gonna do it with food this time instead of the balls that you
would normally find in this game and everybody’s kind
of picked out some items and then we have a mystery bag – Ooh. – That we’re going to add. – Full of mystery goodies
that may be not be goodies but maybe are. – If you guys haven’t seen
the giant kerplunk before, you can’t even see the top from this angle so I’ll show you here. – It’s so tall. – There’s the top. It’s really, really big. – Like the same height as me. – It’s as tall as Kayla. – [Connie] So maybe it’s not that big. (laughing) – It’s a tiny kerplunk now. – Just kidding! Who wants to show their item? – [Tyler and Kayla] Me! – I’ve got some animal cookies. I’ve got some beef jerky. I got a box of Oreos. Hershey’s Cookie Layer Crunch. – [Shawn] Ooh.
– [Connie] Alright. – Cheetos.
– [Connie] Ooh. – Hot Cheetos.
– [Connie] Yum. – [Tyler] Hot Cheetos.
– Flaming hot. – [Shawn] You got the awesome bag, dude! – Oh, we’ve got a Hostess cake. – [Shawn] Oh, aah! – [Connie] That’s a snowball. – Oh, same thing, it’s still a cake. Boof, I got Yowie Boof. – [Shawn] Yowie Boof, who’s that? – [Connie] That’s a little chocolate candy with some sort of prize in it. – [Tyler] Yowie Boof.
– [Shawn] Ooh. – And, that’s all I got. – [Connie] So that’s her contribution. What’s your contribution? – I’ve got Hershey’s chocolate bar. – Sweet.
– [Connie] Nice. – You know.
– Like, literally sweet. – I got a banana – Nice and healthy, good job. – I’ve got Salsaghetti. – [Kayla] From the foreign candy video. – Looks like licorice or something. – [Connie] That’s a Mexican candy. – I gots Cheetos – Oh, you’ve got the normal
Cheetos, I got the flaming hot! – I got a giant Twix bar. – [Connie] Yum, Twix.
– Ooh. – I gots– – Aw, you copied me. – Zie beautiful cookies–
– You copy! I got the Milky Way bar.
– [Parents] Oh, Milky Way. – Wait it’s a certain kind.
Simply caramel. Real milk chocolate
surrounding nothing but rich, delicious caramel. – What did I get? – [Connie] What you got? – I don’t know, but I’m
willing to trade everything for that simple caramel Mars bar thingy. (laughing) – I have regular M&M’s, – [Tyler] Skittles! Skittles! – I love Skittles, Skittles, Skittles! – [Tyler] Skittles, Skittles… – [Connie] I think we’re hungry. – Oh, I have – [Connie] An apple. – Apple, what? – [Tyler] Get that apple outta here. – [Connie] That’s awesome! – Actually yeah, yummy. – [Connie] Very good. (Kayla gasps) – [Tyler] Nutella! – My ear’s like, huh, what was that? Uh-huh, Nutella. And I got Yowie Crag.
– [Connie] Oh. – I got Boof, you got Craig? – I got Crag. – Crag, I got Boof. – [Tyler] Crag.
– Whoppers. – [Connie] Oh. – For those of you like – [Kayla] You are all copycats! – [Tyler] No, you copied me! – You’re all copycats! – [Tyler] You copied me. – [Connie] Somebody is
gonna get those cookies. – That’s my contribution. – So, I’ve got Funyuns. – [Shawn] Funyuns! – Cinnamon Toast Crunch – [Tyler] Ooh! – Cereal. Kit Kat. (Tyler gasps)
– [Kayla] Oh my gosh! – [Shawn] Oh my goodness. – [Connie] Chocolate covered Twinkie. – I don’t like Twinkies. – Daddy’s excited. (laughing) – I’ve got raisins so there’s
my healthier contribution. – Yogurt covered raisins. – Almonds! – [Shawn] Yay! – And then, the mystery
bag is just a mystery, so let’s put all the stuff in the tower. (upbeat music) (all sing Space Odyssey theme song) – Yay. That’s our sound effects to start with. Thank you, guys. – Okay! First round, let’s go. – Alright. – [Connie] Let’s start
with Tyler and go around. – Okay.
– [Connie] Clockwise. – Ooh, I saw something move.
– Uh-oh. – I saw it move.
– My turn, my turn, my turn. – [Kayla] Oh, sorry. – [Tyler] Dad, it’s a
good thing if it falls. – [Kayla] Yeah, ’cause
a lot of them are good. – I know, I saw goodies on
it and I was very excited. Ah, man! – [Tyler] Ha ha! – I’m gonna be bummed now. – I made a vow to pick only yellow sticks until they’re all out. – Oh, I got a good one, next time. – [Kayla] Oh, I got a good one. – [Tyler] It went down, it
went down, it went down. – [Shawn] Are you ready? – I’m definitely…
go! – [Shawn] Are you ready? – Just go! – [Shawn] Are you ready? Aw, nothing happened! – No, my turn. Ready? Oh gosh, this one’s tense. – [Shawn] I’ll hold it, I’ll hold it. Oh, it moved! – [Connie] Okay, let’s see. – [Tyler] It’s all
gonna fall on one round. – [Connie] I’m not gonna make it move. Ooh, that was a easy one. – [Kayla] What are you waiting for? (Shawn sighs) – We made it.
– [Connie] Nothing! – My heart stopped for a second there. – [Connie] I wonder if this whole thing is just gonna fall through. – [Tyler] Yeah, all of it’s gonna fall. – [Kayla] It’s so close! – [Tyler] Mom, it’s all gonna– – [Connie] This one looks like
it’s bowing, should I try it? – [Kayla and Shawn] Yeah, go for it. – [Connie] Oh! – Oh. – [Connie] Nothing, look
at it, it’s not falling! – [Kayla] At all. – [Tyler] Dad, if you get that
one, everything will fall. – You think so?
– [Tyler] Yeah. – I don’t think so.
– [Tyler] I think so. – [Kayla] I don’t think so. – I think it’s gonna be
either this one or this one. Green wire or the red wire?! – [Kayla] Green means good! – Green, okay. – [Kayla] Never mind. – Nothing! – [Tyler] I told you it was that one! – [Connie] Oh my gosh,
there’s only a couple left! The whole thing’s gonna crash. (Shawn and Kayla scream) – Oh, you got the – I got the caramel Milky Way! – [Shawn] I want it. – Ha ha ha. – [Connie] This is the Milky Way? – This is the caramel Milky Way. – [Shawn] I wanted it, I wanted it. – [Connie] Is it good? Let me see the inside. – It’s really good. – [Connie] It’s really caramely. – It’s only caramel. – [Connie] Wow. – Hang on, you try the other one. – [In Unison] Mmm. (laughing) – [Connie] I’m gonna go for this one. I’m shining it up in there. Let’s see what it does, keep an eye on it. Are you guys watching? – [Tyler] Yes. Are you watching? – [Kayla] Just pull it! – [Tyler] Mom! (Connie gasps) – [Shawn] Oh, nothing happened! – [Connie] Oh, wait, wait, wait! – [Tyler] It’s my turn. (Shawn and Connie scream) – [Kayla] She got Boof and almonds. – [Connie] I’m gonna open up Boof. Oh, thank you. Tyler’s gonna try one those nuts. – [Tyler] It tastes like chips. – It looks like he’s kinda
open already a little bit. I wonder what’s inside that. Ah, what’s in the toy? Another toy! This says Ditty on it,
so there’s Little Ditty. – [Shawn] Here’s a little
diddy, about Jack and Diane. – [Connie] Can you see
him or is he blurry? – [Shawn] Yep, now you got a
good look at him right there. – There’s Ditty. And chocolate is delish, they’re good! Okay, so we got two sticks
left, that’s up to you and Dad. – [Shawn] Ooh! – [Kayla] Ooh, that was heavy. Oh, Tyler’s gonna eat that! – [Shawn] What is that, capers? – [Tyler] Non pareil capers? – [Connie] Just try one,
I’ve never had a caper. Is that good? – [Kayla] I don’t know what
that is, I’ve never had one. – You know what, I’ve always
had ’em with like, cream cheese and like, salmon on a bagel. Never had one by itself, so I don’t know. Is it good, what does it taste like? – Tastes like a caper. (laughing) – [Connie] Sour, is it sweet? – Bitter.
– [Connie] Bitter. – Drum roll, please. – Oh my gosh, I’m helping you
push it so I can’t drum roll. (drumming on table) – Okay, ready?
Oh, whoa, yay! (yelling in excitment) – [Connie] Only Daddy gets to pick one and then we gotta do another round. This ain’t over yet! – I know you really wanted
to try the chocolate Twinkies so you want like, half and I’ll have half? – [Connie] Sure. – Yeah, are you down with that? – [Kayla] Aw! – [Connie] Okay, I have
to admit something. I already ate some before
we started the game. – What? – [Connie] I don’t know if
I can eat any more of that. – What, you wanna share with me, okay. – [Connie] Okay, Tyler and Daddy. – Okay, there you go. – [Kayla] I thought you hated Twinkies. – Not chocolate covered. – [Connie] Time to rebuild! Kayla’s going first this time? – [Shawn] Round two! – Yeah, because Dad finished that round – [Connie] Okay. – [Kayla] So I get to start this one. – [Tyler] It’s like everything falls. – On the first one. – [Kayla] Don’t – [Connie] Jamming right along. – Yeah, it’s a little slow, I don’t know if you’ve figured
this out yet or not, alright. – [Connie] Speed racing. (Kayla sings the Space Odyssey theme) (laughing) – [Connie] Okay, now it’s gonna
start getting sketchy, wait. The part where it gets sketchier, ooh! – Ahh!
(yelling in excitement) – [Kayla] Are you serious, gimme! – [Tyler] Mom, Kayla, Kayla,
Kayla, Kayla, it’s mom’s turn! (yelling in excitement) – Nothing’s touching that one. – [Connie] Stick left! Okay, watch, you guys. This is probably not gonna fall. Ahh! – Gimme my Skittles! – [Connie] We’re not
even gonna take it out. We’re gonna start putting
sticks back in, that’s it. – [Kayla] And then we’ll
shake it so that it moves. (upbeat music) – I’m picking the Funyuns since
the tower fell on my round and I might share. – I might.
(laughing) – I want a Funyun. – I’ll sit.
– Mmm. – Ooh, that’s so nice of
you to share, thank you. – Thank you! – Now it’s time–
– [Connie] Round three! – To make stuff drop. – Hmm, this one looks good. That’s not holding on to anything and it’s just in mid-air. – [Connie] It’s stuck again? – [Kayla] There we go!
– Ah, something fell! – I got raisins! – [Connie] Whose turn was that? – That was mine.
– [Shawn] That was Tyler’s. – [Tyler] I got yogurt raisin. – [Shawn] That looks it’d be pretty good. – [Connie] You think you’ll like ’em? – No.
(laughing) – I’ll try one. – [Connie] You look like
you’re totally grossed out. – [Tyler] Hey, want this
one that fell on the floor? – [Kayla] Yes. (laughing) – Oh thank, you. Who’s next?
– It’s my turn. Okay, ready? Oh, nada. – I like this one. – Nothing. – Ooh, my turn.
Ooh, oh, oh! – [Shawn] Yay! – [Kayla] You! – [Tyler] You! (laughing)
– I got Crag. – [Shawn] Aw, poor Crag. (laughing) – Yummy, I got Crag! – [Connie] Crag, nice! – My Crag. – [Connie] How’s the chocolate? – Good.
– Your turn. – It’s not coming out. – [Shawn] I got it. (yelling in excitement) Oh, Tyler! – So what do I want? Hmm, maybe the Oreos! – Ooh, Tyler’s getting Oreos. – [Connie] Ooh, thank you! Okay, who was the last one to pull? – [Kayla] Tyler. – Oh, it’s Tyler, so
you know what this is? It’s the final ro-hound. – [Tyler and Shawn] Dih dih doo doo. Meow meow meow meow meow meow… – One, two, three, go! (yelling in excitement) – Whoppers! – Oh really?! – Boo-yah, boo-yah, boo-yah! – Okay, one second here. – [Tyler] So what are you gonna pick? I’m just kidding.
(laughing) – There’s only three. I don’t have to enough
to share with everybody. – [Kayla] I don’t want one.
I don’t want one. – [Connie] I’m good.
Whoppers are good. – Mmm, Whopper. Alright. – My turn, I think the thing
I’m going for is stuck. – [Connie] I think the
thing I see that might fall is gonna be nasty. – It’s my turn? Oh gosh. – [Connie] Nothing! (Kayla breathes in and out quickly) – Oh my gosh, the Skittles! – [Shawn] The Skittles
are so close to falling. – [Connie] Oh, I’m gonna try. – [Kayla] No, I want the Skittles! – [Connie] Well, there’s
something that’s gonna fall before the Skittles so
maybe I’ll go over here. – [Kayla] Okay, okay, okay. Don’t go for the Skittles! (screaming in excitement) – I call Skittles! (laughing) Oh my goodness! – If it was organic spam, yeah. (laughing)
– Organic Skittles! Yeah, mm, those are good.
– [Connie] That’s organic. – [Kayla] Mom, you want a Skittle? – [Connie] Oh, I’m good, thank you! – I think you’re lying,
you want a Skittle. – [Connie] Okay, fine. (laughing) – [Connie] I love Skittles. My turn! I’m gonna pick, ooh! I see like, a happy hippo right there. – Oh, it’s falling,
he’s about to fall, bro. – But what if I pull? (yelling in excitement) – You have Twix! – [Tyler] Find the happy hippo! – [Connie] I’m getting the Twix. See I could’ve picked the animal crackers or the happy hippo, – [Kayla] This one is the best. – [Connie] Which is what
I originally said, but – [Kayla] And it’s right Twix,
right Twix is way better. – These are the best. Alright, Tyler’s got one, you want one? – I wanted to win the Twix
and I wasn’t gonna share. – [Connie] Wish I’d
given you a bitten one? – Nuh-uh! (laughing) – I don’t want one, I want my Skittles. – [Connie] Okay. (yelling in excitement) – [Kayla] Oh, he got an apple! – Ha ha, yeah, baby! After all that sugar it’s
time to eat an apple, mm. – [Connie] Good stuff? – You know what, I haven’t
had an apple in like forever. – [Connie] Those are good, huh? – Mm-hmm. – [Connie] What’s our favorite apple? – Honey crisp. – I like, yeah honey crisp. – [Connie] Honey crisp, mm, yum. – Those are the best.
– [Tyler] I like apples. – It’s my turn, and I’m
gonna go for something risky because I think, I’m hoping
that the good one will fall but there’s like two
bad ones that definitely are going to fall. Oh no! – [Tyler] Oh no, you get– – [Kayla] Yes! (yelling in excitement) Cause1 I didn’t pull it out all the way. No I didn’t pull it out all the way so once I pulled it out all
the way the animals fell. That’s what I was hoping for. – [Shawn] What are fried anchovies? – [Connie] I don’t know,
I think she had anchovies. – I don’t! (laughing) – [Connie] This one fell first. – They both fell on my round. – [Connie] Okay. – [Shawn] Everything
falls first, something, you didn’t say you had to
pick which fell first, right? – [Connie] Well–
– Or did you? – [Connie] No, I’m just messing with her. – Oh. – [Connie] Okay, well
guess what I’m gonna do? – [Kayla] You’re gonna eat them? – [Connie] I’m gonna make this tower fall. (laughing) – [Connie] I’m gonna try, watch. Maybe I won’t. Duh nuh duh nuh… I don’t know if you can, oh! (laughing) – My turn! – [Connie] Nothing fell, oh my gosh! – It’s all riding on (yelling in excitement) – [Kayla] Not all of them
fell! You get to pick. Oh, I was hoping you’d pick BeanBoozled. – [Connie] Oh, M&M’s. – [Shawn] That’s my favorite. – I’m going for the M&M’s! – [Connie] That’s like the
number one candy in America. (yelling in excitement) – [Kayla] Hershey bar! (laughing) – I’m picking Hershey’s. – You get the Hershey bar? – [Kayla] The extra large Hershey bar. – Out of all that yumminess
you picked a Hershey bar? – Are you judging me? – [Shawn] I am. I’m judging your judgment. – [Connie] Alright, so
now it’s Shawn’s turn. What’s he gonna do? – I’ll give you a good left punch. – Okay, ready?
One, two, don’t look. Achoo! – [Connie] Ah! (laughing) – [Kayla] That toppled on me! – It fell over. – [Connie] It fell over! – What happened, man? I want the jerky. (laughing) – [Kayla] I get the Cheetos
because they fell on my head. (laughing) – [Connie] It’s a free-for-all! – [Shawn] Yay! (cheering) – [Kayla] Nutella! – [Connie] ’cause in the end, this is all just for fun anyways, right? – You want some jerky
with the anchovy sauce? – [Connie] Oh, thank you, thank you, oh. That’s what I really wanted. – [Shawn] Jerk and anchovy sauce. – [Connie] Just kidding! – [Shawn] I bet you that’s really good. – [Connie] Jerky, mm. – Ooh, we got caviar. – Caviar and BeanBoozled,
mm, what a combo, mm. – Mm, have you guys tried caviar? Yeah, I don’t know, we’ll see. – It’s actually really gross. – Is caviar the snails or the fish eggs? – Fish eggs. I don’t have a special caviar spoon, so I’m going to use a baby spoon. – She’s like I’m having second
thoughts about this now. – Let’s see, I don’t
have to eat a lot, right? So, little, teeny fish eggs. Ooh, okay, this is just to see. It’s really salty. – It’s like eating a cube of salt, right? – Ooh, fishy, salty. – Like anchovies. I think caviar’s for like, rich people, and even they don’t like it. They just do it because
they think they can. – Oh my gosh, yeah – They always say like,
“Ooh champagne and caviar! Smashing, huh huh huh.” (laughing)
– Yeah! – Are we done? – I think so, I think we’re done. – It’s time for picnic, yay! – Comment below what you thought
would be your favorite item out of this whole thing that you saw. (laughing) Yeah, snowball. – Jerky, you got Cheetos, you got little pink animal crackers. – Put hashtag caviar
in the comments below. – So, we hope you guys enjoyed this video. Comment down below the
question that mom asked, and until next time – [All] Bye! (upbeat music)

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