giant size smoked chicken leg / Fantastic Dinner Eating show MUKBANG / 대왕 닭다리 치킨 / 가족 먹방

hi, everyone The food our family will eat today It is a large chicken leg. Hot spices and garlic sauce and common smoked I prepared three things like this Thank you for the meal~ try this I was wearing gloves in both hands. Do you envy me? my Chicken tastes like bacon. little spicy I am only good at mine. try this how is it try this very delicious I wanted to eat, but I put up with it. And I gave it to you. Mom, try this. very delicious See the bone I think cartilages is delicious can you eat gristle? yes My chicken has bones.too Because it’s dangerous for children, do not eat cartilage The elder says that it is good to eat spicy and not spicy These two are mine. This is less spicy? right Eat these two together like your sister All of them are so delicious. it is so spicy It is not spicy when eaten with this this chicken’s name is bombastick let’s eat together I’ll eat with you. Smoked chicken is delicious without seasoning I am not spicy at all. What I ate, now you eat, ok? What is this taste? this is spicy taste This is what I’ll eat. I’ll try the spicy taste. not spicy at all challenge! Not spicy at all. I eat a lot, it is too spicy. Do not eat more the most spicy thing Children eat too well is it the most spicy thing? right this is second spicy thing It is the most delicious. eat, less spicy thing is this most spicy thing? no no it is very hot i want to try be careful It’s not at all spicy for me. it is your’s He ate too much of the spicy food. it’s mine I’ll eat it all alone.~~ spicy My family has had a delicious meal too today. we’ll be back next time to have a more enjoyable meal.

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