GIFT IDEAS for MEN! What Men Want for Father’s Day – Birthday – Christmas – Anniversary – Holiday

Are you looking for that perfect gift to
give your husband your boyfriend or your dad or your brother or just that special
guy in your life? Well ladies do I have the perfect gift giving guide for you
and the reason I know that that special guy in your life would love any of these
gifts that I’m about to share with you today is because my husband is actually
the one who put this together with me so about two weeks ago my honey and I we
sat down and we got on Amazon now I don’t know if any of you guys are
obsessed with Amazon the way I am but I shop on Amazon constantly it’s so easy I
can get things within sometimes one day but usually a couple days and I don’t
have to leave the house to drive anywhere you know get in the car or walk
through the mall and go from store to store to store to find different things
I love Amazon you guys are big time Amazon shoppers as well then I bet
you’re gonna love a lot of these gifts now you can also get many of them at
different retail stores as well so if you don’t want to keep guessing all the
time what type of gift that special guy and your life would like well I’ve got
the inside scoop from my husband of what men really want so if you want to know
with that special guy in your life would like as a gift then just keep watching
the first item that is great for your husband or whomever or it’s also great
for the whole family it’s the ring Wi-Fi enabled video
doorbell and this also will work with your alexa but what is so nice about
this is it’s just a doorbell but it’s got a camera inside so it allows you to
see who is at your front door it allows you to speak to them and it’ll put up
their picture on your computer or your phone or wherever you have it connected
to and it doesn’t matter where you are in the whole world you can actually
still view who is at your door bell it’s got live video you can also set up a
feature to where if your home is breached that an alarm will go off it
has easy installation that you can do it yourself and again you don’t have to
have existing doorbell wires already installed I think this one runs off of
battery or you can hardwire it as well and here’s just a comparison of some
other that you may be interested in the one
I’m showing you is just the most inexpensive one and it’s 720p HD and
it’s only 99 and 99 and they do have other ones that are a little bit pricier
but of course they come with a lot you know more bells and whistles if that’s
something that you’re interested in but I believe I read that this also has a
lifetime warranty against theft if anyone steals it off of your door so
this next item is not even something I would have thought to buy my husband or
that man in my life well wait a minute I only have one man in my life I guess but
I mean like my father or my brother or something like that but since my husband
was the one telling me what he would like since he’s a guy and telling me
what you know women should start buying for men this is something this is
actually the first item that he suggested and this is a triple a it’s a
premium roadside it’s 42 piece it’s an emergency car kit it has jumper cables
flashlight first aid kit comes in this nice little carrying case and it’s got
some nice reviews but the nice thing is it’s only 25 bucks this next item is an
LED headlamp flashlight now I actually have already purchased this for my
husband before but when we were going through great gift ideas for men this is
something that he said he would love another one because it’s just really
come in handy and it’s such a great gift idea for him this also comes with three
Triple A Duracell batteries so you don’t have to you know go out and buy the
batteries after you get it but its water and shock resistant and it’s perfect and
it says here if you want to go camping hiking dog walking or for the kids my
husband uses it for little things like if he’s messing around with our air
conditioner or something under the sink it’s really dark in that area and I
cannot stand standing there and holding the flashlight I used to have to do that
for my dad when I was a kid and he would make me hold the flashlight he’s like no
at this angle no turn it this way and you’re like in the craziest yoga
position trying to reach where they want you to reach to help them and hold a
flashlight so whomever came up with this idea to wear a headband with a
flashlight on it I mean that’s just the most amazing thing ever for me because I
don’t have to stand here and hold a flashlight and I’ve even worn this
for it is super lightweight and it’s got high beam and low beam light on it I use
it for things like what I’m doing at home pedicures and I know it says that
it’s 1297 on here but when I looked it up today I think it might be like a
one-day deal on Amazon I’m not really sure but it’s only nine dollars and 56
cents and free shipping of course if you’re Prime this next item okay maybe
my husband wasn’t the one that was like oh yeah this is something I would love
as a man but I had to throw this in because you know maybe you could get him
this as a gift but it kind of works for you and your whole family also I want
one of these things it’s like the Roomba this is the robotic robotic it’s a
robotic vacuum cleaner and it’s great for pet hair and it says it has great
suction my brother has one of these I don’t have one yet but my brother has
one and he said it is absolutely amazing and look at the reviews on it has over a
thousand almost all five-star reviews this is a 159 and 99 on prime and this
thing is so amazing because you can either press a button and then it’ll go
and do its own thing and clean your floor’s or you can use a remote and then
program it that way and you can also be at work or at the grocery store or on
vacation and have this thing program so that it will vacuum your floor’s as many
days you would like it’s so nice too because it fits under a bed or under
your sofa easily you know unlike a vacuum
sometimes the vacuum will go under it but it doesn’t go all the way under like
this will because your vacuum handle oftentimes gets stuck so I just love
this thing and it has a little docking station that it goes back on the docking
station when it’s done vacuuming and then it just recharges this next gift
these are wireless headphones for when you’re watching TV or if you know video
games but if any of you are like me I actually don’t watch much TV and so I
don’t like to hear the TV blasting throughout the house now we actually
don’t live in a big house we live in a really small condo but it you know it is
on the beach so that’s nice but my husband loves love’s loves to watch
television you know when he’s off work after working these long hard days so
this is something that he’s actually interested in getting because now he can
listen to us TV as loud as he wants and not have to
worry if it’s distracting to me you know in this little small space these are
super easy to use all you do is you just turn on the little transmitter and then
you turn on the bluetooth headphones and they connect automatically this next
item is super nice because this is a pedometer like one of the fitbit’s but
you know my husband he doesn’t want to wear you know a special watch on his arm
just to count his steps but this is perfect if you’re out walking you can
count your calories this has over 2,000 five-star reviews it’s only 20 to 99 and
it’s easy setup it’s got a removable clip and it also has the lanyard so if
you want you can just wear it around your neck it also comes with a screw
driver which is nice to replace the battery it’s super simple
there’s no bluetooth required no downloads no smartphone connections it’s
got a nice large easy to read display on it so if that man in your life or your
husband or whomever can’t read those super small numbers on like the fitbit’s
this might be something they’d really really like this next item is something
that this was the second item that my husband actually said would be an
amazing gift idea for him hint hint but this is a heated back neck and foot
massager and what’s really neat is it also has an adapter that you can plug it
up into your car as well now they do have some that I think are
battery-operated but they are a little bit more expensive but this one’s
perfect because it’s got a nice long cord with it and it’s portable and it’s
nice because it has heat in it as well this was the next gift that my husband
said he would love to have as a present this is a heated shiatsu foot massager
so it’s got those little shiatsu balls the ones that kind of rotate around and
give you a nice massage deep kneading massage simple it has a nice long power
cord you just plug it in and push the on and off button and it’s got almost all
five-star reviews I also forgot to pop up the price but it’s only $59.99 yep
this next one is a heating pad and you’re probably wondering what why would
I give a heating pad as a gift to the man in my life this is something my
husband picked out and I even said why would you want a heating pad as a prize
just go buy it at the store but he said no this is a great gift he works really
hard he’s a firefighter and he’s always doing all kinds of hard tough jobs on
his body and he said even he and all the other guys at the fire station they use
ice of course for the swelling but they put heat on and so he said this is a
great gift especially you can see how huge this thing is you can use it moist
or dry you just slide like a little damp cloth inside and then you can use it for
moist heat which will help penetrate better so it’s only 26 dollars I forgot
to pop up the price and on here it looks like there’s just about 2,000 reviews
but I’m looking at it on my other computer and there’s over 12,000 reviews
on this I have one that’s not as large as this and I absolutely love it
okay ladies are you kind of seeing a pattern here that most of these gifts
that really are for your guy could be gifts for you just a few more gift ideas
that I want to share with you and then in the very end I’m going to share with
you a few little gifts the type of gifts that I like to give these next gifts I’m
gonna pop up are pretty much gifts that I would think that the man in my life or
my husband would like as a gift now when I showed these to him here on Amazon
he’s like yeah okay I would use it but he didn’t really seem that thrill but if
you have a man in your life or someone that you know that is interested in
skincare this is a nice little gift it comes in a little tin it’s by Burt’s
Bees and it’s just a gift set of five natural skin care products it has shave
cream after shave a body wash a hand solve and the lip balm it has almost all
five-star reviews and I think it’s normally $25 but looking at it today
it’s limited time deal for $20 and of course free shipping with Prime so now
that they have their new skincare kit with body wash they need something to
wash their body with so these shower gloves are perfect for them to ex Fowley
now I get these for myself and I usually get like pink and purple and colors like
that but you know my husband’s not really wanting to use pink shower gloves
he actually has these already the black ones and some of them have like charcoal
infused in them and he loves these and he actually said
I don’t really want that skin care kit but yeah I will take another pair of
those shower gloves so this is a great gift idea there’s all different ones but
if you want to just put together like a big gift basket of skincare or something
like that this would be a nice option okay you guys clearly my husband is not
choosing this as a gift but now I want to talk about just a few things that I
like to give as gifts when I gives gifts when I give gifts sometimes I’m not all
that serious with my gift giving I like humorous funny gag gifts so this is
something that I just thought was hysterical when I saw it’s a fanny pack
but it’s a dad bag fake belly waste fanny pack so when you put it on it just
looks like it’s your stomach so hey if you get on that pedometer so that they
can walk and count their steps and count their calories they might need to wear a
fanny pack when they’re out and about walking around and this is
water-resistant so this might be a funny little gift to give someone and it’s
really inexpensive it’s got almost all five-star reviews and it’s a little over
ten bucks if they’re out walking and you lift somewhere where it’s cold why not
get them a hat a beanie hat with a fake beard this will keep them super warm and
I think it’s hilarious I actually would wear one of these if I look somewhere
where it’s cold but these are just some of the different funny ones that they
sell and I just I thought they were hilarious so you know if you want to
give some gag gifts I thought I would throw these in for some ideas okay this
next gift could be a gag gift but this is actually something that we have in
our bathroom here I have had this for years I love this stuff it’s poo pourri
instead of potpourri it spelled pee oh oh you’ve probably seen this all over
it’s been around for years but it you basically spray it before you go to the
bathroom so obviously this is like one of the best gifts ever and what is the
best is reading the reviews on Amazon you guys I’m prior medical I was a medic
in the military so nothing really fazes me but I laughed so hard when I read the
reviews how people describe this product and what
but in their bathroom so don’t read them if you get grossed out you have all
different sense they have different sizes and they range in price I think
from like six bucks and and even up but this one that I’m showing you is just
under $15 look how cute these socks are they have all different sayings on them
if you can read this and bring me coffee and ones that say bring me why and bring
me tacos bring me beer all kinds of silly things I think these are great for
men or women but I thought these were perfect so if your man likes to wear
socks especially in the wintertime it would be a fun inexpensive gift it’s
just under $11 and it would make a nice stocking stuffer for Christmas and if
you’re like us every year we like to wear an ugly Christmas sweater that is
not my husband by the way but these are just some funny Christmas sweaters that
I saw on Amazon we often just get ours at like Walmart for like 20 bucks
because we like to buy a new one every year but I just thought these were
really cute so if that’s a tradition that you like to do to dress up an ugly
sweater for Christmas these are some really cute ones that you can get on
Amazon this one is a little naughty but I still thought it was cute and if you
want to be really extra well why not dress up your whole family in a
Christmas costume the dog and the cat – I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video
and I hope you found some gifts that you might really want to give to your guy
especially since these gift ideas most of them came from my husband leave me a
comment down below and let me know what you guys are gonna get for that special
guy in your life or some other gift ideas that you think might be helpful to
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don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up thank you so much you guys I really
appreciate you watching I hope you have a lot of fun shopping I hope you have a
happy happy Thanksgiving happy holidays and
a Merry Merry Christmas you

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