Gift Ideas For Mom – Birthday Gift Ideas Write Best Mom Fancy Letters

welcome to overnight artist iron GTL and today’s video I want to share with you this easy fancy handwriting to write best mom you’ll need a calligraphy pad and the fine point of black pen and a thicker black pin all the links to these supplies are under this video so first draw a big letter B and as you draw it at a wide tail at both ends as if it’s ribbon now widen all the vertical lines with a curved parallel line the letter e widen the vertical lines with a smooth curve the letter S again gets too wide tails at the end as if it’s ribbon now widen the parallel lines continue writing all the letters in the same way you can write this on a mother’s gift card on a banner you could paint it and hang it on the wall you can draw this for her birthday for Mother’s Day or other any day you want to surprise her now that we’re done with the basic letters add cute hearts in the background to make this look more elegant and fancy color the letters with your black marker again you’ll see links to all supplies I mentioned under this video now add another curved parallel line to all the vertical lines you widened this will make it really pretty after you’re done drawing this drawing you can go to my overnight artists channel on YouTube you’ll see hundreds of other cool easy step-by-step drawings hope this in video inspired you so you can make your mom happy it’s just another way to show you how much you love her if you like this video please thumbs up favorite and share with your friends go ahead and choose another video to continue watching many many easy step-by-step cool drawings paintings crafts ideas hearts flowers holiday stuff fancy letters calligraphy writings and more don’t forget to subscribe so you’ll get a notice on every video I upload thanks for watching see you at my next video bye bye

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  1. this is amazing!! 😀 I give this to my mom and she LOVE it!! thank u soooo much for this!!! I really love your work and others one that I made don't come as greatly but this came out good for me!!!

  2. she goes to fast at drawing so start drawing a littel slower but ur good go to fast so I request u go a littel more slow please and thank u

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