Gifts for cat lovers: the cat ring (birthday gifts for her)

Hi everyone, this is Barbara from Canessi
with a special video about cat rings to spice up your jewelry box! We
will present a compilation of 8 beautiful cat rings in the next few minutes,
so sit back, relax, and enjoy this video! Many cat owners are crazy about cute design
items that have something to do with cats. Well, you’re lucky that
one of the things we love doing most is browsing the web for beautiful
cat-related things! So, let’s go to it! First up in this compilation is the CAT EARS
RING by AUTUMN EQUINOX. It is handmade from 14 karat gold fill. The two cat ears are hand forged and were
fixed atop a beautiful gold fill ring. The ring has been hammered lightly
for sparkle and to enhance its durability. This kitty CAT EARS RING is available in all
sizes. Nice to know: this ring is packed in a lovely
jewelry box! In other words, if you want to give this ring to someone
as a present, you don’t have to worry about wrapping it! For every cat ring, we included a clickable
link on your screen AND in the description below this video.
These links take you to the shop’s web page for more information so you don’t miss out on these unique opportunities with low shipping costs! Next up is the NEKO CAT RING by SILVERHOLIC,
which is one of our personal favorites. The ring forms a cute
kitty snout with ears. It is made of silver or gold plated brass. Despite the fact that brass is very solid,
the cat ring is resizable to fit your finger, but you have to push hard. You can choose between a silver or a gold
plated variant and the NEKO CAT RING is available in different sizes. This lovely kitty cat ring will be sent to
you in a charming gift box! Check the shop’s page for more information
such as the exact width of the ring and the current pricing and availability. The third entry in our compilation is the
CAT FACE RING by MINIMAL 2 BOHO. This is a young brand which designs super
elegant and minimalist jewelry and accessories. Their Cat face ring
actually is the least minimalist jewel of the entire collection,
but that doesn’t make it less adorable! The ring is available in silver or 18 karat
plated gold. It is also lead, nickel, and cadmium free,
which is great news for the allergic cat lovers among you! Click the link on your screen for more detailed
information about this beautiful and unique cat ring! The next piece of jewelry that made it into
our compilation is the KITTY CAT RING by ILUXO. The ring flatters various finger types. That
is the cool thing about minimalist jewelry: you can’t go wrong with
it. Small fingers, short fingers or long fingers: a simple jewel with
few frills always works! The rings are handmade in San Francisco and
made of acrylic plastic. They’re available in black, ivory, and red
and they come in all sizes. Visit the webpage and be amazed by this offer,
great value for money! The beautiful CAT MONOGRAM RING by HANNAH
RUN looks much more sophisticated than the other cat rings in
this overview. What makes this ring so special is that when
you purchase it, you have to indicate the 3 ‘monogram initials’
you’d like your ring to be made of. The ring will then display these
three letters of your choice. For example C-A-T! 😉 The ring is made of sterling silver and available
in silver, gold, and rose gold, and is available in all sizes. It will also be sent to you in a nice gift
box! You can also find some examples on the shop’s
page if you need some inspiration! If cat ears or cat snouts aren’t sufficient
for you, then why not purchase a ring with an entire cat body? The
CAT RING of Ukrainian jewelry designer LENA YASTREB is such a piece
of jewelry. It is made of sterling silver and has an opening. This means you can always slightly resize
the ring to ensure it properly fits your finger. A LENA YASTREB CAT RING is available in different
sizes. Interesting fact: 10% of LENA YASTREB’s
revenue goes to the Sirius Animal Shelter project in Kiev, Ukraine. Visit their page for more information about
the ring and the charity they’re supporting. The problem of abandoned
animals is one they really care about! The CAT’s MEOW RING by FOX & THE FAWN from
Nevada is a very simple ring with a subtle small cat head on top (the
so-called kitty). The kitties are lost-wax casted in sterling
silver, which are then soldered to a dainty hammered sterling silver
band. The ring is available in all sizes and also
looks great when stacked with other rings. 10% of the revenue of these kitty cat rings
also goes to a good cause: the local Las Vegas animal shelter. Check out FOX & THE FAWN’s shop page for more
information and a huge list of superb reviews by other satisfied
customers! Last but not least: the beautiful, simple
CAT RING by LUCKEELUV STUDIO. According to the shop owner, this
cat ring is their most popular item and we understand why! The cat rings are available in silver, gold,
or rose gold and available in different sizes. Not only do the rings look fantastic, the
designer also offers a top service: Ms. Takuma usually adjusts the size of the cat in proportion to the size of the ring.
However, if you prefer the cat head to be larger or smaller, just message her and she’ll make it for you!
This kind of service makes her stand out from the crowd! Each ring will be delivered to you in a gift
box and custom made linen pouch. Visit the shop for more info and to check
the availability of this unique design item! So, there you go! Have you enjoyed the video
or have you purchased one of these beautiful cat rings? Then, don’t
hesitate to let us know! We’d love to hear from you! You can find more cat-related information
and promotions on the Canessi website, just click on the logo on
your screen NOW! And HEY! Don’t forget to subscribe to our
newsletter if you like what you see on our website! 😉
Thank you for watching and see you!

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