Gifts Tiana Got For Her 9th Birthday 2018. Opening Presents Birthday Morning.

is that your birthday dance yeah one of
them and how old are you nice as you can see the yeah a big 9 there enough
birthday cake yeah that’s candles over there be there
Kendall huh those are candles up top oh yeah it is three layers one two three
yeah so excited for your birthday how does it feel to be nine
it feels older older and wiser what’s your stash thing your stash Oh birthday
girl yeah that’s you me you excited to yeah
Hey look at that badges matches your tan hearts also this one yeah sorry hearts for my cheer yeah it’s your workout gear
I guess what that’s cute ooh I really love this bag
like math I think you’re excited about the bag on the inside of it we love macaron yummy yummy ooh what is
it it’s raspberry own they’re scented mm-hmm are what the pizza sounds like
sushi mushi well it even comes with a I felt like lavender on a peach because
that’s how it’s called why would there be secret shirts oh that’s cute what
does it flip to is or does it change a picture yeah it says I’ve change let’s
equip it I love these flip only changes to pick an inch a just two colors a
brave ball not colors yellow pink purple and blue oh that’s cute why not wait
watch we know that’s straight it’s a stripe picture you’re not gonna pry your
climb skills trying to open right here what does mean I like his heart oh he’s
so cute Romeo the special day I give you my
heart treat it well it will never part
my birthday is Jude I like this hard he’s so cute
this have like heart spots on it yeah pictures
see that’s the end of its tail unicorn socks unicorn sack so look feel this
it’s squishy I think is there like two slipper socks we can swim in tissue paper whoo
you’ve always wanted to make slime yeah and it’s unicorn and that jet has
gemstones that’s pretty and it’s like pink and purple oh we can’t wait to do
that and wait and we’re gonna and you get to mix it together and then I’ll be
purple and hey my two favorite colors yeah as you can see behind you got
purple and pink oh no it’s it’s fumble out of the
wrapping paper hats are those like little um genie bottle yeah that’s
purple purple I guess they would you liked it and I not to pull off persecute
I’ve never seen that one is it a mermaid oh the yummy world i won yeah me world
oh my god she knows though where the cheetos stuffed toys those studies these
are studies no those are probably they’re like blonde bags I
think yeah I got I got the hamburger once when I open this mm-hmm Crossy Road
I have the app yeah you love that game yeah world’s ease world you travel out
around the world we travel around the world yeah that’s perfect oh this looks
Brina this one’s pink I love how they’re like genie bottles are cute – so cool first they lose – miss the car
yeah that’s an awesome show yeah I watched that mm-hmm blue rocket paper
match my nails yes I want to eat a doughnut yes but don’t let the chocolate like this look it has a heart heart heart so many
hearts handy dandy scissors yeah wonder where they got that that’s cute it’s a
litte scented mmm there there you’ll have to thank
them where you got it mmm it was miles well how pretty that is guys I’ve never
seen I like a squishy shell like that yeah it’s so cute hello sorry i cannot
hear you above my shelf oh here let me call on you about actual phone hey you
know what matches your mermaid bean room oh yeah yes why he got it for you that’s
why so pretty it’s all squishy are you stressed out now the nails covered yeah that’s cute I like it
it says dream big put the bow on it yeah you’re gonna wear it to your cheer class
yeah it’s flexible and it’s colorful I love
pop so much pop Bob’s my favorite kind of head beds are pop pops like this or
cat ears yeah you can add to your pom-pom collection pop up its head
pomegranate kind of matches your uh stuffy there I mean that’s why he put it
there oh it’s a name of the your beanie butter off us my mouth gets really
sticky so I can’t sing a tune like you and Gill burger open presents with me
yeah Oh what are they are those magnetics you
can like bend and shape them and create octopus crowd rainbow rocket ship or
tarantula haha look at your hands Allah is cute he’s cute boy huh I thought
those are spots oh ha ha yeah that’s ok
I think it’s bye-bye bow that stubborn bow that keeps on falling lighter oh that is it’s emojis its emojis it’s hard
emojis Tianna heart it’s perfect with if he’d have a bow now wouldn’t you it has
a bow oh that’s so cute any a cozy cuddle on the couch
yes you both use that yeah I think mom will be able to use another mystic our
love love and because it’s pink and purple I love her outfit because it’s
pink purple awesome and her shield and her sword is pink I think that’s your
favorite character isn’t it yes it is because she’s an angel
that’s cute oh look at her jabs that’s not a cupcake
Hey that’d be funny I have a Caesar oh I
like turbos though oh you can actually use the Bulls yeah on your hat yeah but
it’s a quarter both what if the chips fell out let’s Bobby inside the package
yeah pearl is a fellow oh and this one’s music music oh and it’s like a keychain
Oh cute look what has its G actually yeah it’s just G she’s a dance a person
oh yeah ooh now the tackle the big stuff why do
you think some other presents down so you’re not getting packaged very well but it’s this Smosh a mushi is a whole
that is so cute looks like a little jug or something I love this one it’s like
hard candy mmm that’s so cute attack Adada red it has a grass block I
love it I love my craft presents just get up and grab some of your presents I
think I’ll just take this because it was dress up now yay born arrow no no it’s
that oh it’s like the mask and like the yeah
a pile of wrapping paper oh that is cute oh and look you can turn into a purse I’m gonna carry my purse around okay as
long as you got the present right yeah look colorful yeah you have your own
camera huh it’s like polka dots it’s not just a
regular white one yeah some more Phil yeah that polka dots to mommy forget I
think stripes like this edit polka dots oh that’s pretty it it’s like
glass or yeah that’s cute oh so it’s two packs in one yeah mommy forgot and another one another one so you have
like a lifetime supply of flowered Flint I films I have dirty boy I’d films
time-twister just bring me down so I don’t have to go back you shall gets a
whole bunch of other ones just anything to add your collection so it has like
our hair like your head bad yeah and it’s an accessory kit mommy saw that
and then like oh I’ll be perfect for to go with you for your sec I have the I
have the big set I don’t know what this is I think it’s like photos yeah it’s a
photo of all the Anna that she took remember she’s a photographer oh yeah a wild cat oh it’s perfect perfect for
her and she also has her passport can write down things it says destiny oh
there’s just leave Leah Clark oh that’s woody and then sea
turtles all about sea turtles and their bracelets all for you and the NIA cool I think it for her so for you or for her
I think it’s for her cuz that does not fit yeah
oh this is our camera cool it’s our camera so she has to be know the area
both have a camera yes perfect their cameras cool it’s like oh well matches
my nails everything matches yeah playing the ball thank you I always needed the
accessory Rick heads okay there’s there’s Belle Beauty and the Beast
someone and Jack Sparrow I don’t know Edward Scissorhands it’s it’s based on a
movie oh you haven’t seen Beauty in the piece then she even comes with a rose
that’s cute huh you’re just gonna take yeah take a couple just you’re not
always going back and forth yeah I’m gonna take these pills that’s cute it’s like a tie-dye with
pink yellow and green oh that’s perfect for you since it’s so cold here yes
freeze we love chunky clothes yes we like a panda panda little one
oh I see oh okay hard hard oh hello kitty squish it’s
more round hello kitty I want Hello Kitty doughnuts yes so much
squishy stay out to your collection so much yes it is it’s Amelia up with you
yeah you love a melee video yes I am I have five of them one two three four
five oh my god that’s you’re touching it this is eight yeah I’ve always wanted I’ve always wanted
this one oh the heli school prom one at high
school ha ha pedido potties oh yeah happy little prom – that
that’d be funny if it came like music like it’s an you will see it’s big
apparently mommy can fit into it too this one before no I don’t think you
have really got the normal season one and yeah I got the one from the big one
yeah look how big that is surprises wonderful get the golden ball
there’s a golden ball oh I think it’s baby where the cute ones all right yes
yeah no I love minecraft now she can though I don’t know either
good luck Alex put your stuff in there yes so pretty it
is and it has a cheer microphone and present and wrapping paper you got it
careful yes okay belly back there yeah it’s so soft you can use it over with a
pillow fact yeah and this is the last sport the beat this read the Latin the
biggest that could be smallest one – okay mommy might help need your help you
that one do you need help on that alright you known the technique I know
the technique I just cut through the box oh there I got it you got it there you
go you know it now yes I know it ouch stop pointing that on your head haha the
last one present okay that’s why it was covered that’s pretty and they even come
with a bow and a unicorn in a big bow yes right on camera look inside first
there’s anything in there yeah can’t get it yeah Oh back move forward you know I like it
strict pose perfect thank you you’re welcome
so glittery yeah squish mallow squish your oh wait that’s what I should call
them squish them lol hello Kyra Julia why I got my big bow thank you to my
family and friends who got me these presents for me I love them and I had a
great birthday thank you so much

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