#GimmeFive for Let’s Move’s 5th Anniversary

Mrs. Obama:
Hey, everybody. I’m so excited to
talk to you about the fifth anniversary
of Let’s Move. It’s a big one. And our theme this
year is “Celebrate! Challenge! Champion!” We’re going to celebrate
all the tremendous progress we’ve made
as a people like — The President: Honey! Have you seen my blue tie? What’s going on here? Mrs. Obama: Well, we are
celebrating a big anniversary. The President: Oh — what
exactly are we celebrating? Mrs. Obama: It has
been five years since we launched Let’s Move. The President: Let’s Move! Mrs. Obama: Yeah. The President: That’s
exactly what I was going to say we were
celebrating. So, what’s on tap
for this year? Mrs. Obama: Well, for
starters, I’m going to ask folks across the country
to give me five. I want kids, parents, maybe
even a few celebrities to give me five ways
to be healthy. For example, they can eat
five new veggies or do five jumping jacks or push-ups
or find a way to work five new healthy habits into
their daily routine. The President: Well, even
I’ve got time for that. Mrs. Obama:
That’s the point. So, everybody,
give me five. Tweet it, vine
it, Instagram it, Facebook it, with
the #GimmeFive. And then pass on the
challenge to someone else. The President: Wait,
we’re still filming? Mrs. Obama: Yeah. And by the way, your tie is
right there on the ground. The President: Well, that’s
halfway to a push-up.

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