Gingrich says the Democratic Party has ‘lost its mind’

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  1. Charades. Money transferred from one server to a more hidden one.Dems did not bring this up it was a Republican Department of National Intelligence that determined that this Whistle Blower is Credible.and a Urgent Matter and concern. You guys need to stop this Trump defending at all cost. So What Clinton was Guilty we are talking about Small Hands trump now. Eric and FREDO are playing the same game. Smh

  2. We been treated like puppets. We been robbed day in day out. becausepeople haven’t got a clue on how to do their jobs anymore..

  3. I don't understand why Pelosi is still in office. The Biden's would be welcomed in another country. I am so sick of the coruption by the democrats. They have embarrassed our country, especially Nadler. Let's drain the swamp.

  4. The reason "Hunter" was named "Hunter" in the first place is because he was delivered BRAINLESS and he was HUNTING FOR A BRAIN FROM DAY ONE!

  5. The Demorhoids have gone from the party of Resistance to the party of total mental psychosis

  6. Democrats and the Lame Fake Media take stupidity and dumbness to a whole new level.
    Quid pro-Joe Biden admitted the whole story. He threatened to fire the Ukrainian prosecutor until his son was given cash.
    Trump didn't create the hate in the left. He exposed it.

  7. Republicans and Democrats are all crooks. We have a bunch of idiots playing soap opera. All they do is manipulate us against each other. Let's take our government back. All I hear is comparisons between polititions. The news makes money of us. This video is just plain stupid, talking about the past administrations, let's move forward.

  8. I WOULD LOVE to have all of congresses ILLEGAL CAMPAIGN violations going on LIKE waters and AOC. ALSO 145 MILLION FROM RUSSIA to HRC for our URANIUM

  9. The purpose of the impeachment is to advance Elizabeth Warren, a second female candidate. Biden is being hurt. HE is the target, not Trump.

  10. Until the AG Bill Barr, will bring all those democrats, crooked cops to justice, the crooked congress is not going to stop harassing our President. Let us pray for our freedom to continue, let us pray for our president. May God help us all.

  11. Just read transcript with Ukraine President

    No mention of aid of money

    If Trump is impeach


    The politicians are stealing the wealth of Americans

  12. Biden bribed Ukraine with US tax payer dollars to get his boy off the hook . He abused his oath of office during his Vice Presidency Isn't that a crime ?

  13. THEY'VE LOST MORE THAN THAT,THE OLD DEMS OF YESTERYEAR,WON'T EVER VOTE DEM AGAIN,THIS MAY BE THE NAIL IN THE COFFIN FOR ASPIRING DEMOCRATS who can't wait to spend our tax money,getting voted in won't mean squat,people who will be voted in from here on will walk of egg shells,the media isn't going to report on anything that throws them in a different lite,well the alternative media to the rescue,congress makes 1100 a day,how much do you make?bastards

  14. So true the demoRATS Spent 3 years investigating Hillary for Ben Gazi. And Came up empty.    Also the DemoRAT's Impeached Bill Clinton. Let us not forget the how the dems used a whistleblower To catch Linda Tripp and Bill Clinton.

  15. I mean an idiot can make money if they were handed a billion dollars all you have to do is put it in Diversified mutual funds and you would make a hundred million dollars a year on average and how much percentage of that does Hunter Biden get I mean Joe Biden get even 5% of a hundred million is 5 million you do that for 4 or 5 years that's a nice little payoff to go soft on China

  16. If these Republicans vote with these scumbags Democrats to impeach Donald Trump I say we March on Washington we march on the Congress millions of us

  17. The only quid pro quo involved is Biden's.. Not only is it permissible for the President to speak to other, foreign world leaders, but it is literally part of his job description. 😄 This is a much smaller "controversy" than the Mueller probe and a much smaller "controversy" than what the Obama/Clinton administration did, filing for fraudulent FISA warrants and spying on the Trumps and their transition team.. Democrats have simply wanted him gone from the very beginning… they admit as much! (What childish sore-losers)! Trump is 100% correct when he says that this wouldn't even be a news story at all if the circumstances were reversed… They're reading things that simply are not there… 😄 They were for impeachment before even knowing the facts or even having the transcript(s)!

  18. After Trump wins again , there is going to be Hell to pay for putting the American people thru this by the Elitest , criminal , democrats , they suck ! Repubs take all them down one by one and prosecute , DRAIN THE SWAMP TRUMP , GO GET EM !

  19. He is not telling the truth again, there was an investigation by several entities and found no wrong doing by them. Besides who cares this is about what the orange man did not the Bidens! Do you get that…

  20. I hope that Biden runs against President Trump..The real truth will come out about Biden and his son… The True American Patriots will vote Republican hands down.

  21. So Very Very True Mr. Gingrich!!

  22. What's good for America is bad for Democrats..Democrats are the "Enemy Within" and have become obsolete as a "political party" …Democrats are now an adversary of the United States..Rush Limbaugh was spot on when he said, "The United States is now in a state of Cold Civil War"…

  23. watch any movie or read any book, the dems seem to be watching and reading as to how to commit a coup because they are using the same tactics

  24. Pelosi and the Dems probably did this impeachment nonsense to expose Biden. They took a risk. They know impeachment is out of the question, and they know Biden unelectable. They want Warren.

  25. The GOP has been an organized crime organization that is deeply entrenched in the government since the 1980s and they have engaged in totally inconceivable and totally unparalleled corruption for the last 40 years!

  26. I think this is a Left wing ploy to get our eye off the ball of the upcoming Barr report about Russia and how this crap ALL started. The Senate will never approve impeachment with the crap democrats have.

  27. PP Pelosi is disgusting. everything hateful, and nothing productive or useful. The cabal of females that ascended into government have indicted women for generations to come as hateful vindictive ill informed fakes.

  28. Too funny!! i love Judge Janjne! i wish you would be appointed to whatever position you would like to have! i am fairlysure or President would hook you up. However, you have been invaluable in your current job. You have done him greatgood! This Chaplainslady from Florida prays fof you and all of you on the rightside.

  29. Gingrich is right. It should be Joe Biden and his son in trouble but they are Democrats and that gives them a pass. The democrats dont miss a beat. They are all over everything. Then you have the ever forgiving kind hearted Republicans who let everything slide. In the name of fairness. Smh.
    This Biden crap should have been an issue when it happened. The Republicans were asleep at the wheel. (I am a Trump supporter but this is how I see it) ie. Fox news fought for the CNN reporter to get his white house press pass back. Then CNN agreed that Fox News should be excluded from the election debates. Nice pay back.
    Things have to change. We are rabits and they are snakes.

  30. We're so sick and tired of all B.S. If it doesn't stop it's going to get ugly . I wouldn't be shocked if they storm Congress and start hanging some people .

  31. Bocott the mainstream media and all of their affiliates and sponsors until they start reporting the truth. These reporters and their editors need to be held accountable for the subversion of a duly elected President and if found guilty should be exiled from the United States. They're not Americans they're traitors of their country and so are the Democrats that hold office in Washington. The Democrats that are in power are so full of hate that they can't see what they are doing to this country. How is anyone going to trust in our government when you have an entire party making up lies about the President and getting absolutely nothing done about healthcare or any of the real things that need to be done in Washington. Taxpayer money is paying them to do nothing? If they are going to do nothing they need to resign and get democrats into office that are not blind to the corruption within their own party. There has to be a hundred honest Democrats out there somewhere.

  32. If they get close to Biden, he will threaten to take them all down. Then they will make the telephone call to the Arkansas Suicide Team…. Reservation for one at Jeffrey Epstein's cell….

  33. If they are going to use a few words from Trump's telephone call with the Ukraine President as evidence for impeachment. Trump should hire Bill Clinton as his lawyer. He is the master of twisting "What i's' really 'is"……

  34. MEANWHILE this country is on the verge of negotiating peace with North Korea and Iran, has negotiated a trade agreement that pays Mexican workers a living wage, and settles trade in North America for awhile, at least. Also possibly turning the corner on the hundreds of billions of dollars we lose to trade with China EVERY year.
    But the most important issue “we” face today is the lack of total power the Democratic Party is facing.
    Not to mention if Trump did exactly what they are charging, it’s EXACTLY what Obama and Biden “legally” did …..

  35. totaly agree.. Democratic party has lost they're ever lovin minds and it totally made or makes us the american people look unstable and cut throat people who sets in higher power do this kinda of thing. and to think other countries see all this happen and unfold in front of them shows a wrong message to them like we have unstable country, shows weakness and it would not supersize me that they will feed on this and make some kinda attack… i agree on Rep.Jim Jordon that instead of keep trying to find way to impeach our president with false and fake news. instead find out and investigate who or hat started all this mess in first place. .. you know what nah.. they wouldn't do that why? well lets see.. corruption and development and lies would be exposed on the democratic party. who might add be the ones who started all this or aloud it. hell yes i say investigate and bring those to justice and bring charges on them. this is crazy our taxes pays for all this crap to people who we elect to run or handle our countries affairs.. so i say HELL YES. DONALD TRUMP FOR 2020 SECOND TERM !!

  36. It’s over!!! We see your patterns. It’s time to stop. The Democratic Party has done nothing in the 3 years President Trump has been in office. You are not going to succeed. He has done nothing wrong! The American Public knows this! Only a fraction of American citizens agree with impeachment. Those that are, blindly follow your rhetoric. Lazy Useless Eaters, that cannot even waist their time with simply looking up facts. You dangle free healthcare- which will ruin the many wonderful surgeons we have in America. Dangle free college, I will not pay for anyone to go to college but my child! You keep trying to give away and buy votes, we see this pattern and we are sick of it! It’s over! Stop attacking POTUS or soon we will be after your jobs! Impeach the brat back! Impeach Pelosi! Impeach Nader! Do your jobs or step down!

  37. I live in California and I want to give a shout out to the people here for their strength and compassion, and their capability to share a smile.The muck and mire being perpetrated by the Democrats has become Obsessive, Compulsive, and Demented. They are easy to identify. They Snarl and try to attack us on an hour to hour basis. We can still Buck up without the lies and demeaning behavior they have used on a regular basis. STAND TALL

  38. ThatCritique

    1 second ago

    Do nothing DemRats…. Shifty Shift needs to go in front of a military tribunal and tried for treason and then hung and that would be to nice for Pelosi.

  39. Ammendment: but in REALITY every four years circumstances are that we're made to be convinced that our vote will make a difference when the difference is simply too minute. The course of the ship isn't ACTUALLY changing – we're hitting the iceberg because the rudder is too small and the command is too late: the Fed, IRS, Wall St, Congress, Silicon Valley are all complicit with the Deep State.
    And there aren't enough lifeboats.

  40. Now you know why they send so much of our money overseas they have found a way to get it in to they're pockets.

  41. Without President Trump got elected in 3 years from now,  I guaranteed this country already belongs to China Communist!! Democrats sold their soul they selling everything belong to America to China such like all our technology…etc…These traitors corrupted Democrats betray America!!  Must flush Democrats Politicians down to the toilets, they smells like sewers!! Never forgive any traitors sell our country United States to China!! God Bless America & God Bless President Trump & his family!! 👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸

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