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This is an ad for PopJam! [Ding ding] Ohhhh! Hey guys, Welcome back to Kids Fun TV! Today we are doing another
Twin versus Twin Challenge, but we’re adding a little twist to it! We are doing Trick Challenge! Okay, you guys get to vote on
PopJam who wins the challenge! Twin Pink! And I’m Team Blue! [Crown Cheers]
Woo hoo! Most importantly, we’re
going to be posting our behind-the-scenes on PopJam! And if you don’t know what PopJam is, it’s a free app for kids! You can download PopJam on the App Store or Google Play! It’s free, and it’s a safe app for kids! At the end of the video,
we’ll let you vote on PopJam who you think won this Trick Challenge! Team Pink or Team Blue! PopJam is not like adult social media. Our parents love it, because they always know that we’re safe! You can find your favorite YouTubers, comment, and post pictures! You can create your own
profile and create art. And share it with your friends also! You can get a lot of followers, you can get likes, you can get a heart! You can play fun games and quizzes. Try out filters, and use stickers! We’re gonna start with
the Bottle Flip Challenge! [Liquid swishing] Right here is a megaphone.
I’m gonna bottle flip it, and try to cap it in the megaphone. And then after it goes in and I cap it, I’m going to flip it in
and land it like that! I got to choose this challenge,
so I get to go first! Now let’s get to it! [Fun music] Here I go! [Buzzer] [Buzzer] Well, let’s do this! [Buzzer] [Buzzer] Here I go! [Buzzer] [Buzzer] [Buzzer] [Wah-wah-wah] [Buzzer] [Ding, ding, ding] [Jasmine] Ooooh! Wait, I have to throw in this one! [Ding, ding, Ding]
Ahhhh!! All right, it’s my turn!
Hopefully I can get it. [Ding, ding, Ding] Ahhhh!! YES! Okay, let’s see if I
can make the second one! [Ding, ding, ding] Ahhhh!! [Kids] Ahhh! Vote on PopJam, who did you think won? This is called the Balcony Flip Challenge. Let’s see who wins on
PopJam, Girls versus Boys! [Fun music] You gotta land it down on that hearth. Ready! Three, two, one. [Buzzer] Oh, darn! Three, two, one. [Buzzer] Awwww! Here I go! [Buzzer] [Buzzer] This is impossible! Two, one, and… [Buzzer] So close! Three, two, one and… [Buzzer] Darn! Three, two, one. [Buzzer] ♪ I’ll do whatever it takes! ♪ [Ding, ding, ding] No way, no way, no way, no way! Okay guys, so I flipped it right here, and then it slid all the way there, and then it landed there. No way! [Happy dance music] ♪ I’ll do whatever it ♪ [Buzzer] Three, two, one and… [Ding, ding, ding] No way! Nooo Way! Oh my gosh! What! How did she do that?! No! Holy Cow! Jack, that was so great! [Happy dance music] [Jack] Did you vote, did you vote? This is the Hula Hoop
Bowling Trick Challenge! This is what you do.
You have to hula hoop, and while you’re hula
hooping you have to do this! And then the partner is
gonna throw you the ball, and then you hit it and you try to get as many pins you have as possible! We’re doing it in our
garage, because it’s raining! [Fun music] Three, two, one and go! [Ball bouncing] [Buzzer] This is harder than I expected. Let’s try again! Try number two! Three, two, one. Three, two, one. [Ball bouncing] [Buzzer] Darn! Darn, I have to hit it
at the baseball bat! Bleh! It’s my turn! Three, two, one and… [Ball bouncing] [Buzzer] Try two! Three, two, one. [Ball bouncing] [Ding, ding, ding] Oh, I hit one! [Buzzer] [Police siren] Ahhhhh! Yeah right, you wish! We’re not doing the hula
hoop, because if you focus on the hula hoop you’re
not gonna really score! So, we’re just not doing the hula hoop. It’s harder than you think. I thought this would be way too easy, because I’m a pro at hula hoop! Three, two, one. [Ball bouncing] [Ding, ding, ding] [Kids cheering] Woohoo! Three, two, one and… [Buzzer] Oh, you didn’t make it through the hole. Three, two, one and go! [Ding, ding, ding] Ooooh! [Jack] You knocked down eight of them! [Jack] Two of them are still alive! [Happy dance music] Beat that, twin! She knocked down eight of them. So I need to get above
eight, nine, or a strike! Come on, bro! [Ding, ding, Ding]
[Crowd cheering] We tied! Next! Did you vote, did you vote? This is the Ping Pong Bounce Back! [Ball bouncing] [Fun music] [Ball bouncing] [Buzzer] [Buzzer] [Buzzer] [Ding, ding, ding] Ahhhhhh! My turn for the Ping Pong Bounce Back! [Ball bouncing] [Buzzer] Clickity-click-click-click. [Buzzer] [Ding, ding, ding] Ahhhh! I bounced it off into it! Hey PopJammers! Go to KidsFunTV to see Behind-the-scenes, PopJammers! Clickity-click-click-click! [Ball bouncing] Ahhh! Time for the next challenge! This is the Spinning Wheel
Sticky Hand Challenge! [Both] Ahhh! [Fun music] So, this is how it works.
You take your sticky hand, and then someone will spin the wheel, and then you throw it and leave it there! Oh, and then sometimes it
will fall off just like that. So when you spin the wheel,
you gotta pick a color, and if you land on that color with your sticky hand.. you win! I’m gonna pick my color. Ooh, I got green! Okay, that’s pretty good! Are you ready? Oh yes I am! Spin the wheel! I pick the color yellow! [Ding, ding, ding] Wooooo hooooo! Well, that was fast! From all the other challenges
they seemed so hard, but now you’re making it look easy! So maybe it is easy! Let’s pick my color! [Humming] Awww, it’s blue! Okay, let’s get started! Okay I pick light blue. Throw it quick! [Laughing] What is it? [Exclaims] Light blue, all right! [Happy dance music] Looks like we both won! Sticky hand rules! Aaaaagh! [Laughing] Don’t forget to vote on PopJam, who do you think won this
Twin Trick Challenge? Ow! [Laughing] Ow! [Laughing in slow motion] Make sure to like and subscribe below, and vote on PopJam who won the challenge! Twin Jazzy or Twin Jack? It’s me, it’s me, it’s totally me! [Jack] It was meeeeee! It was me! If you want to download PopJam, then click on the link in
the description down below. Jazzy and I want to see who you think won! Click below if you want to
see another Twin Challenge! Clickity-click-click-click,
it’s so amazing!

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