I didn’t sleep
the whole night. Look at my eyes. But we’re going to
Taiwan, Taipei. Let’s just shoot in Taiwan Because I’m so tired. [music] So we’ve arrived in Taiwan And in less than 30 minutes, Vincent has already lost
his passport and his phone. But don’t tell him his
phone because I have kept it. Ridhwan kept his
passport as well. Where’s your passport? Did you lose your passport? Vince, you left it there. You left this on
this table right here. And you were like, We’ve only been here
for like half an hour. The bad things happen first,
so the good things happen later. [Music] Trying to check into the
hotel now and look at this. Why is this happening to me today? Not even kidding. He can’t find his passport
after everything just now [Music] Can I change rooms? I don’t want to sleep
with this guy already. What do you mean? He ruined the bed before anything. So we just checked into our hotel. This is W Hotel in Taipei. We’ve been really looking forward
to coming here because we’ve heard a lot of things
and it’s really nice and just as every time we travel,
we got a really good view by using the Hotels Combined app. The app compares prices from all the
top travel sites in just one search. So you don’t have to spend time
looking through multiple sites. So all you have to do is search
for a preferred hotels key in your travel dates,
and a list of prices will appear. So what are you waiting for? Go click the link in the description
and download the app now. Download it. [music] We are now going to
Shilin night market. I haven’t eaten anything. I’m really hungry. I don’t know what this
Chou (smelly) Tofu thing is. But it smells bad. [Music] I’m just gonna put my hand for
reference on how huge this is. Damn. So we have finally
arrived at Shilin market. [Music] So far, I’ve only
tasted the flour. But one of the the best flour
I’ve tasted in my life. So we’re just sitting on the floor,
in the middle of nowhere. Even the camera,
in the middle of nowhere because we’re waiting for the girls
to finish up their claw machines. Show them where we are. Yeah, that’s right. So, it’s Day 2 in
Taiwan, Taipei We are not going out today. – We’re just chilling.
– We’re going to play PUBG. No,
It’s a Sunday. That’s why. Dan, right here, he’s editing. We are editing our
Sunday video for tonight. But of course, we need to take
breaks and we’re playing PUBG mobile. Getting some of that chicken dinner. That’s right. Hey guys
So it’s day 3, And today, we are going
to the Alpaca cafe. As we can see Let’s go [music] You know why bubble
tea comes from Taiwan? Because they have a
lot of it right here. Let’s go there. [Music] So now we are at
Qíngrén Qiáo And there’s a– And it’s Lovers Bridge. So, we’re gonna go. [music] So, this is indeed
Lover’s Bridge. But it’s really hot, so I don’t think
we’re even gonna cross the bridge. Where’s the car? They say this is
the love bridge. I climb up, So maybe my luck for love
will come back again. Any moment now. Love me. [music] Ridhwan, you have to cross the bridge
if you want to find your one true love. Cross the bridge. I said, cross the bridge. Hurry up. Hurry. [music] Now that’s what you call
desperate for love. [Music] This is like the fifth time
we stopped at a claw machine place. It’s all the same
but they keep playing it. I don’t understand. How many toys do you want to win? Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to Debbie Happy Birthday to you. Dan, show her your gift. I cannot drink
but she can drink. Oh my god,
It looks so cool. It’s a bunch of flowers
and one chocolate. So my present has been
well hidden in their room. And smartest Vincent
forgot his key. So he has to go to
the reception to get the key. I can’t give my girlfriend her birthday
present on her birthday because Vincent is not here yet. Here’s your present. So nice. The real question is,
where’s your present? I will get it
soon. Don’t worry about it. Alright so I’m actually on the
way to buy Debbie’s present because you know I want
to prove everyone wrong. And Vincent is a good friend. I just bought Debbie’s present and
I’m kind of excited to see her reaction. She’s expecting me to be like, “Oh Vincent forget
about my birthday.” Oh guess
what girl? Vincent got you covered. I’m a good friend. Vincent is a good friend. That’s what’s going on. Look at Ridhwan. What flowers? Flowers? Flowers die. So it’s Day Four Burqq recommended this place. We don’t even know
why we’re here. What are we doing here? So we are at Jingtong Street What is there to do here? Take pictures. I’m bored. So we finally found
something to do here. Debbie really liked
playing with the dog. We almost left but Debbie wants to
play the dog for five more minutes. [Music] Good health. More wealth. Better loots. Most happiness. [Music] All right so we’re going
to let this go. Okay. There’s a train. This seems very dangerous. Our wishes can wait. Our lives cannot. Okay, back to business
everybody. Back to business. They had to clear everything
because the train came. Is it going to explode? Apparently, ours didn’t
fly that far. It’s right there. It’s right there. It’s right there. [Music] So today we’re going
to go to Taipei 101. What are we going to do there? We’re going to use
the lift to get to the top. And I heard they call it
the Observatory. We’re going to visit the elevator. Elevators. That’s what we’re doing here. They have very nice elevators here. Let’s check those elevators out. I’ve been here before
with my ex-girlfriend. He keeps saying he’s been
here before right, But he’s not telling us
how to go, or where to go. He’s just being very useless. [Music] Oh my gosh I’ve been here before. [Music] I’ve been here before. Lol. It’s not like I can see
people showering, right? No, right? [Music] So there’s this Shaker
Chicken cutlet in Taiwan Like seaweed shaker fries
but for Chicken cutlets. How is it? That is so cool. It tastes so good. We are now at
Ximen Station. There’s a lot of shopping here. Hopefully, we get
to buy some stuff. [Music] It’s the same thing again. So now we’re waiting for Vincent
to shop for his girlfriend. As you can see there are
no chairs, no benches. We’re just going to sit on the floor. [music] So we found this machine. It’s really fun. It’s a punching game. [music] Are you okay? Are you okay or not? Are you okay? Are you okay? Jian Hao? Are you serious? I think you broke something. You can move your toes right? Get a bottle,
a cold drink. Get a cold drink or ice. So I’m icing my leg right now,
and I think I’m going to end the vlog right here. Big shout out to Hotels Combined
for sending us to Taiwan. Don’t forget to download the link
in the description, And leave a comment to let us know
where we should go next. Hopefully I won’t
injure myself again. Because this, I think
this is gonna last for quite a while. Thank you guys for watching
and I’ll see you in the next video. Subscribe. Watch the–
Watch this. You know what to do. You know what to do. Bye Bye.

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  1. We are travelling again tomorrow! Follow me on Instagram for more updates!

  2. Hey jianhao tan and the rest do you play mobile legends if you don't download it now! They will show you how to play 😁

  3. To: Debbie
    From: Melanieplays

    Happy birthday to you
    You belong to the sea
    Theres a whale and a shark
    And the whale will eat you

  4. I'll be leaving for Taiwan in December 2019!!!
    But, it is special . My Taiwan trip is a tour around the North and Southwestern parts of Taiwan. Due to the decision of the tour guide, I don't use HotelsCombined. Probably, I will meet the Alpacas at the alpaca cafe. Of course, a whale exploded in Tainan city so, I has to pack in masks.
    Of Course, Taiwan is gonna get cold. Every summer, it gets hot. So, I packed extra undergarments for the trip. Lovers bridge may be one of the attractions. The tour guide may decide where to go. And, my trip in Taiwan is 8 days. My Taiwan Trip Day 7 is a free day like your Taipei Trip in Day 2.

    But, I have to say that if I travel to Taiwan again as an adult, I should not be like Vincent, leaving his passport in the airport and go to embassy to retrieve it.

  5. SMELLY TOFU IS ABSOLUTELY THE WORST!! One time I was in the car and my exchange student was eating it.. it was… uhhhh yeah…..

  6. Jianhao when I went to the alpaca cafe in last yr March, there was no one, only two other person, so my whole family have like almost the whole cafe and it was fun bcuz we r the only one who can play with the alpaca until we leave

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