Girls always like surprises about unexpected marriage proposals|ep46-2

Hi boss You go first I have something to do I have something to deal with What’s your business Did you get used to the 66th floor? Fortunately, if there is any problem I can ask her You can ask me directly OK, then I will go to work first Ok I will explain the work Where you were standing So coquettish Are you coquettish? Are you drooling at dingxiaodai? How can i have Don’t frame me Which girl are you drooling about I really want to ask you today Let you tell me what changed I tell you I have something to look for you Boss what do you mean I am definitely not doing research this time Do you remember the formula you asked before? you know What does this mean I know This is not a mathematical formula Does it have any other meaning Yes Hard to count I am too stupid It took me a long time to know what it meant I love you Xiao Dai in fact I am coming back this time Not just because of them Also because you are here I find Just stay with you I am very happy very happy So I told myself, I must seize this happiness I can’t let it run away Will you marry me it is good

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  1. Guan Ti what are you doing now, she already knows that you love too. But nor your filowers nor nothing, she may be waiting for you to kiss her once. Or what do you think Guan Ti, FOOD, FLOWERS BUAQUET, WATCHING MOVIES are not so necessary . So can give anothing as she wish from you CE O Guan Ti. Think of it now please. Thank of it soon.

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