Girls Just Wanna Have Girls: A Weekend At The Biggest Lesbian Party in the World

my name is na -Cool. And I’m prepping to go to the biggest lesbian party in the world. -Are those the assless chaps? -Yes. -Do you think it’s too hot in the desert? The Dinah Shore weekend in Palm Springs. I’ve asked my friend Anne to come over and talk me through what I can expect to see at the Dinah. Because she knows this kind of stuff. – This is just horrifying. -What kind of lesbians are gonna be at Dinah Shore? -Style categories. -Yeah, um… -The Toronto lesbian, sports enthusiasts, softball lesbian for sure. -What’s a softball lesbian? -Girls that play softball. -Okay. -LA lesbian. Probably a couple of doulas. -What kind of queer person am I? -You’re not giving me super gay. -Okay. When I first heard about Dinah Shore, it was through the lens of my favorite lesbian drama series, The L Word. It looked like a glamorous desert gathering for women who love women. From my friends in real life, I heard other things. -It looks like a giant ravey thing that like, might take place in a Las Vegas pool. Like, every lesbian I know is like, “Oh yeah, Dinah Shore? No, I’m not going.” And that’s why none of them wanted to come with me. I wanted to find out for myself because in a time when lesbian bars are becoming extinct, there’s got to be something radical about a gathering of 15,000 queer women. I’m finally here and I’m not the first to arrive. We’re at the Dinah Palm Springs at the Hilton Hotel. -Hi! -Hey, how are you? -Good, how are you? Today is the first day of Dinah and girls are showing up. -So wait, what is a lesbro? -You’ve never heard of lesbros? -I’ve heard it but I didn’t—I was too afraid to ask what it was. -Aw. Are you not lesbian? -I am…into girls. -Thank you. I learned what a lesbro was. -Like a lesbian best friend. -A lot of bikinis and boardshorts. Just like Anne predicted. I’m already seeing a lot of crazy styles and now I have suitcase anxiety. I did not come prepared. -Oh my god. This one girl actually has three colors in her hair. With a design shaved into the side of her head! From New Jersey to New Zealand, the lesbians are coming in droves. And they travel in packs. Houston girls, YouTube stars, LA lesbians, people from Denver, celesbians, and girls who have taken playing for the same team to the next level. It’s time to go down there. -It’s like lesbian Disneyland. -Straight people have spring break, you know, they have Vegas. -Gay men have all kinds of events. -Uh huh! Yeah, we’re engaged. -I’m a virgin. This is my first year. -Mine too (laughs). -Well I have been coming to Dinah for five years. -This is my eighth time here. Dinah Shore is actually really popular in Los Angeles. -This is my first time coming out here specifically to let loose before we have a baby! – Sex, drugs, titties… -And twerking! – So we just figured you know, get into a weekend of debauchery, before we can’t anymore! -You know lesbians get together, they go home, they nest. They like to cuddle, like Netflix and chill. Here, there is a lesbian migration. Right here. The Dinah Shore pool is the epicenter of all things Dinah. It’s the stage. -It’s not like a huge fashion show, but…I planned like three months in advance for what I was gonna wear (laughs). It’s the dance floor. -About a month before Dinah, you’re gonna hear everyone saying, “Are you going to Dinah? Oh my god, Dinah! Dinah’s coming up, we have to lose weight…” -Dinah diet! -“Oh my god, Dinah diet…” And I’m already regretting not doing the Dinah diet. -The first time I came, it was very intimidating. When you come into a pool with so many girls, it’s just so overwhelming. Though it seems like the easiest place to pick up women, for me, it’s still complicated. -Yeah, the look is essential. -The look is…it’s all about like, it comes out of eye contact. At spaces like this, there’s so many women, the hormones are raging, Nipples are out! -They’re literally horny! -Yes! They will hump your leg and feel nothing afterwards. It’s just like, you know what? I just needed to get mine. -I feel like I exude that I am gay. So, if it’s not obvious that you are, like, you kinda have to put in some work, cuz I’m not gonna come up to you and, you know what I’m sayin’? And disrespect you by thinking that you might date women if you don’t. -And I’ll focus on you? -I’ll focus on you too. We’re right here. -I’ll be like… -Ah, nah! She doesn’t do that! (laughs) -It’s just the one glance and if they glance back, I be like “You still lookin’? Oh, okay!” (both laughing) -I come to Dinah because of the women! Diversity! Culture! The experience of-oh, it’s just SEX! -You just have to have trust in each other. Like, I get turned on by girls hitting on her. And I, you know, it’s just, it’s like…It’s like she’s hot! -That was really good. -Oh my god! I just got pregnant so quickly. -You wanna know what the combination is? It’s the look and laugh. “Oh hey how are you?” And then you kinda, like, throw a joke and she starts laughing, and she kinda gives you that laugh and a little touch. That’s when you know… -You’re in! -You’re a lesbian! I asked model, musician, and all-around celesbian heartthrob Madison Paige to tell me how to give great eye contact. Even with sunglasses on. Keenan: You know, girls and girls. I wanted to ask you…if you could help me…flirt with girls a little bit better. -Yeah! I-I think I can. -Okay, so once I’ve identified a target. -Yup. -Is this too aggressive language? Or is it a target, would you say? -No, I’d say it’s a target. -Okay. -A simple look would be the first thing I would do. -What if you’re just crazy and they’re like, looking at something behind you? -You just gotta go for it. You’ll know by step 2. Step 1: You look. -Okay, so then step two. -Hey. – Hey. -I try to walk up as confidently as possible. And the second that I look up, I crumble, and I’m like, You’re really cute. I’m… this is awkward. But then it’s a sure win every time, they’re like “Aw, that was so cute!” “You’re like a puppy!” -Ohhhh. -And then you pull the puppy. -So you have to pull the puppy. -I think a lot of lesbians, like, fashion has to do with sex appeal. There’s stemme, and there’s butch, and there’s femme, and there’s stud. A stemme, I was told, it’s a femme stud. -And maybe there’s a corny version of it, like, I sometimes feel like I’m being a a corny like Bowie, or Bon Jovi. -Did I get that pussy? Did I get it? Did I win? -But for me, it’s just like, emulating a complete confidence and being like, fuck your standards. Like, this is what I’m gonna be. -Like, I feel like it’s kinda like, not give a fuck type of attitude. -Girlfriends like to match sometimes. -We represent both the femme and the butch. You don’t really fit into any kind of box. I wanna know more about the Dinah from someone who’s been around the block. -So right now, I’m at Stonewall Gardens Assisted Living. It’s a community for old gay people. -Hi. -Cannon? -Keenan! -Keenan. That’s a boy’s name. -I know… -Okay, Keenan. -So, I think a lot of the women who attend the party now don’t even know how Dinah Shore weekend started. -No. And they don’t even know who Dinah Shore is. She was an entertainer, a singer, and married to George Montgomery. But she was a wonderful girl and did a lot for women’s golf. She was a knockout. -Actually, Dinah Shore is a homophobe, so it’s kinda funny that they created a gay golf tournament. -Did you ever attend Dinah Shore parties? -Yes, and I was a golfer. WAS a golfer. -Okay. I don’t know anything about golf. -And you’re gonna golf tomorrow? -Yeah. -What course? -Taheetz. Do you know that course? Taheetz? -Tahquitz? -Tahquitz. -And have you golfed there before? -I have. -Do you think it’s a good beginner’s course? -No. -Okay. -You’ve never golfed before? -No. -Are you an athlete? -Yeah! I’m athletic…ish, yeah. -Athletic-ish? -Keenan! -Hi! -What’s up! -Hello! -You survived the night! -I did, barely. -Can you explain to me what golf has to do… -With courts? -With courts? No, with this weekend. -Oh, Dinah Shore was a golf player! She like, organized the first all-women’s golf tournament. And then it was sort of like, if you build it they will come in terms of like, lesbians were like, “Did someone say golf?” -Okay, so golf is a little gay. -A LITTLE gay? -I’m Sabrina Jalees, I’m a stand-up comic and a writer and most of all, a biiiig lesbian. -That’s when my parents knew that I had… -Tendencies? -Feelings, when I was playing rugby in high school. -Yeah, rugby’s the most gay. I’ve even seen women, like, gyrate after a tackle. I know not everyone that’s watching this is gay and you might look at some of the shots of the sea of lesbians and be like, AHH!! Why are they dressed like that? Why is their hair like that? Why are their armpit hairs out like that? -Aw, yeah! -What you have to understand about lesbians is that our people are a persecuted people. I think there’s something really nice about being with your people. You know? I feel like, aw shit. We’re all disappointing our parents together. -We’re the winners! -The sun was about to set on the last day of the Dinah. And I had to get back to my people. -Um, could I get you to just scooch back? -Mhm. -Perfect. I learned a lot. Not how to play golf, but about other things. -My last question is what’s your type? -(all laugh and yell) Parties like this are often ridiculed, and even I had those thoughts before coming to Dinah. But here, the brazen sexuality of the people I met, made me realize how important it is to still have spaces where we can be free to get freaky.

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  1. Wtf..pull a puppy?..🤣..Madison has botox lips…just yourself. Theres someone for someone..just got to go for it..

  2. I feel this instinctive need to tell all my lesbian/bi girl friends about this…. I just want them to be their best gay and surrounded by loving gays <3

  3. Can you even imagine how much drama there was in that hotel???? lesbian relationships are nothing but drama. i bet this party was one big drunken soap opera

  4. I know this is an older video but…. Why do I feel like bi or pan girls/women wouldn't be as welcome? U can see how the host of the show is reacted to & most of the time it seems as long as u like girls, you're good. But, kinda sad they looked at her weird at 1st it seems.. Now a pan party wknd wld be so great! Am i right?!? 😋✊ 💖💛💙

  5. How discriminatory of the party/ video/ comment section to be non-inclusive of all people. SJW's not hawking on it? Maybe because they're all feminist lesbians & it's ok with them if you discriminate against anybody that isn't a lesbian. As long as you don't start discriminating against them, you're fine in the SJW bible

  6. 0:28 I'm so confused by the "Toronto Lesbian" statement. I live in Toronto and am a queer girl, but I can't put my finger on what aesthetic or "look" she might be referring to

  7. wonder if i could go there undercover and totally fuck. that would be so rad. im a dude, but i could rock fake boobs in a bikini top and boardshorts

    ive also got tickets to the houston snuff film festival which is in berlin this year

  8. I find it disturbing and disgusting that LGBTQ is permanent and how they are merging this with A.I. humanoids and with computer quantum. I'm not a bigot rather i am devoted to GOD alone and not to this thing, GOD is quite angered by this whole thing.

  9. As SOON as I saw the girl at 0:02 i knew she was from the saddle club ! this is the last thing I expected to see her in I'm shook…

  10. Something like this sounds amazing. I love to flirt with girls but usually when I’m out I worry about accidentally hitting on a straight girl and making her uncomfortable and I have to constantly be on my guard to avoid aggressive men. A party full of flirty women who like women????? Sign me up please.

  11. you have to go on the dinah diet? i thought the pressure to be thin was the result of "patriarchy" and "misoginy" and that heterosexual men are the only ones responsible for the pressure on women to be thin or look a certain way.

  12. YAASSS I'll drink to disappointing our parents together LMFAO I'm going on a gay cruise next year so all this year is nothing but working out and dermatologist because sadly gays are vain as shit but I can't lie so am I sometimes

  13. Asexual pool party: everyone just gathering at the food bars and eating the whole time, barely talking to one another

  14. Now I’m bitter!! My first time going to Palm Spring we stayed at that hotel. Unfortunately, the weekend we booked was also the same time asLittle League baseball championship! Pre-teens running around everywhere! We couldn’t get out of there fast enough! I maxed out my card booking a hotel as far away from all those kids as possible! If this was happening we’d definitely would have stayed! I’ve been to 7 prides all over the country so it would take a lot to shock me! Looks like a lot of fun to me. 🌈

  15. Still not sure why Butch Lesbians go "way over the top" trying to be manly? Same as fem guys go overboard feminine…..why. Not meant to be controversial, just a thought.

  16. My Lesbian auntie, (my mommy), is the best women in my dear Family (at least for me since I'm gay and just adore her).

  17. is this the same diahna shore 423 Hermosa hotel that the xantherian military generals are holding their annual convention at? it would be very odd if it was. and ironic.

  18. Went to see the entire thing over on Vice's website. Got through about half.

    "I go to Dinah because of hot women and I love SEX" <– oh come onnnnnnnnnn. Lesbians are nothing like that. This entire segment is created for teenage boys who sit in the rooms fantasizing about lesbian porn. If you believe this has anything to do with "women loving women", then you have never attended an actual lesbian group before. They don't even flirt or hold hands, much less anything else.

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  20. Elle a pas changé Carole des trois actrice de the saddle club c'est celle qui a le mieux vieilli
    Les autre ont fait beaucoup de chirurgie

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