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hey there thanks for visiting my LauriePOP channel ideas that pop today we are popping into a girls night out idea or a girls night in idea you are going to host an eye shadow party I’m going to show you inexpensive ways to make your friends or your girls feel a little special a little fancy without spending a whole lot of money if you have the money you’re going to spend about five dollars or seven dollars on each person in making a place setting for each person now this is not mean you have to spend a whole lot of money on decorations I’m giving you an invitation this is a free printable that you can make as your PDF and send it to your friends you’re going to make them feel special and you’re going to help look forward to this evening okay there are five – seven items for each person’s area that you can spend money on but seriously as a mom just being together with your friends and not having to make supper not having a to-do list or anything like that just help you have a great evening just first off you need to invite no more than five people okay I thought that six other ladies were going to be at our girls night and only two of them showed up and I am so glad I was overwhelmed with just two people so just so you know you might think oh it will be more fun with the more people but it’s actually a little harder because you’re going to each person and saying hmm let’s let’s try another color right there let’s let’s pick off that makeup and let’s use another color now if you are not hosting it at your house you’re going to find a friend who wants to host it because they have good lighting or kitchen table that’s really long or a kitchen table that’s under some good light or you can have a good bathroom that they can run to and look at what the face what the makeup looks like from a distance okay alright and in this invitation what it’s going to say is that everybody should bring all of their makeup brushes okay any brushes that they have for any brushes they have for shadow bring them all because they don’t know if you’re going to tell them to do something in particular so bring them all and bring all of their eyeshadow colors that they have because you are going to experiment tonight you’re going to have fun with different colors that they might not have tried yet now to relieve their jitters women always have insecurities so you’re going to set them up for a relaxed evening one idea that I say is to wear yoga pants everybody just wear yoga pants that just means that it sets the stage for us all being on the same playing field we do have insecurities but we are just getting together to have fun and to experiment red and yellow black and white we are precious in His sight we are just having fun tonight and women you know we put on masks like oh yes everything’s fine yes I’m not nervous I’m not scared I’m going to make a mistake and look awful and she’s going to look better than me with her makeup so this is your job as the host or the consultant to ease everyone’s jitters to make everybody come just as they are and they will be accepted it’s okay if we make mistakes we might tell somebody that color doesn’t go at all gently tell somebody, “that color doesn’t go at all.” let’s try another color so you’ve got some eye makeup remover and cotton balls at each person’s place and we’re going to take off that eyeshadow and just start over but it’s okay so you tell everybody that when they get there that we’re coming as we are and we’re all accepted and we’re all just experimenting and having fun and each person’s place setting you’re going to have a free little notepad and this is this is a thing that you can spend money on or not because they’re going to enjoy your company and each other’s company doesn’t mean you have half cups these are my ideas a little notepad and a cute little pin that matches and a hairband to pull back their hair if they need to they might want to take notes of color combinations that you suggest or where to start with a brush and all that kind of stuff if you watch my other video I will explain where to start with the makeup brush and where on the brush to put your weight depending on where you’re putting your eyeshadow color and where you want the most eyeshadows color to be deposited so watch that video if you want to in preparation is you’re the consultant you have you have a little bit of knowledge and you have a lot of mistakes and you can help them experiment through their mistakes then at each place setting I did not take a picture but I bought makeup bags that are long enough for brushes to fit in okay and then I bought each person two of the most important brushes I think you need you need a blending brush and a blending brush doesn’t deposit eyeshadow on your eyes it blends and we’re going to use about five colors to make a natural look you’re going to use five colors so you’re going to be blending at every stage its softens and it blends magically I don’t know how in the powder does not come off of the blending brush okay so blending brush and you can see that these two are two different kinds of blending brush with a little different look but they’re both blending brushes and this is my blending brush that I have it’s also by elf and it is a skinny blending brush but I just use it it works for me now I also have successive blending brush I have bought them an eye shadow brush now an eye shadow brush is going to deposit lots of color all over the eye it’s basically for their their base color all right and then you can be more concentrated if you can only buy or only afford two brushes you can make it pointed to put some color in at the crease or this is a brush from wet and wild this is a brush from wet and wild and it it’s an eye shadow brush that means it’s going to cover the whole eye I really really if you can do a couple more dollars I suggest an eye crease brush as their third brush however one thing that I did and I’ll list them below I bought a bunch of cheapy cheap brushes and gave each person in their little makeup bag with the long brushes I gave them three of these cheap e cheap brushes because if you have a color and say they don’t have the color copper or they don’t have the color light pink and they want to borrow they want to use some of her light pink they can use a totally clean brush to dip into their pink eyeshadow that they brought and they can use it for their color just an idea so you’ve got that and then you have cotton balls in each baggie love this idea everybody feels a little special now if you have the money you can buy one of these things for each person and their makeup brushes are going to fit in them I have seen this gal everywhere in almost every fashion beauty magazine blog they are the cutest thing you can put little cactuses in them succulent a lot of people have used but they’re about ten to thirty dollars okay and I’ll link them below if you just want that you can give one as a giveaway and do a little raffle with the ladies that come to your house or at the house where you’re going or you can make your own inside noted durable white styrofoam Sharpie markers there you go free half of a cent for each one and brushes still fitting them ok now it is time for eyeshadow application if you haven’t watched my video watch that video it tells you step up step what to say however I’m going to give you just the lowdown dirty if you know nothing about a shadow you can tell them this so if you have hooded eyes if you’re out of a hood over your crease and you can’t really see all up in here you’re going to do a base color and all the four other colors are going to go in a straight line across from the middle of your eyelid straight across and it lifts your eye as you’re applying that eyeshadow if you have deep set eyes you’re going to use your base color and then the four different colors are going to go from here all the way down you’re just covering up the entire base of your eyelid okay and then if you have regular shaped eyes and you can see all of your eyelid at all times you’re going to do your base color and then all of your color your other four colors are going to go in an arch okay and I say from the outer crease down here but you don’t want to go all the way down here you’re just going from the outer our corner not outer crease outer corner all the way almost to the inner corner along the crease line okay I also have some creative color combos that your friends may want to try you just have a list of these and they can try those colors with the colors that are on their palettes or in their booties that they have in front of them number one you have the base color that is blondish yellow and all the other colors are light brown copper a pinky red and then burgundy in the outer corner number two the base color is a light pink matte the other colors would be light brown deep blue and a little bit of dark brown number three the base is taupe like a greyish Brown you can’t tell if it’s gray or if it’s a brown but it’s a light taupe color then the other four colors would be pink dark brown blue and black in the very outer corner number four you use a taupe base color and the other colors are grey purple pinky red and black in the outer corner thank you for visiting the Lauriepop channel ideas that pop have a fantastic time at your eye shadow party and let me know if you really have one

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  1. Cute idea πŸ™‚ my sister and friends would love this πŸ˜€ I would love to make a video about it when I do it on my channel too πŸ˜€

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