GLAD’s 50th Anniversary Luncheon

Hi! Hey! Whats up? Have you purchased your ticket for October 12? What’s happening? GLAD is celebrating the 50 years since the organization was founded in 1969. Ever since, GLAD has provided many services that benefit the deaf community. So it’s important to look back and celebrate those 50 years! That’s cool! Wait a minute, it’s here right? Right here at the Pickwick Gardens in Burbank. Wow what a beautiful location! You know, we hosted our 25th anniversary here too! So awesome. Wow! How much is the ticket? It’s $75 from now until September 30, then it will go up to $85. There will be a buffet too. I’d be happy to pay for it, but how? You can go online at or then you’re all set! What if I want to write a check instead? You can do that too! Just drop it off at our front desk or mail it to 2222 Laverna Ave Los Angeles, CA 90041 Thank you for all the great information! I look forward to attending GLAD’s 50th anniversary! No problem! See you there!

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