Glitter Smokey Eyes Tutorial for a Party / Special Occasion

hello everyone and thank you so much for
watching today’s video if it’s your first time on my channel
welcome my name is An, and if you have been here already
welcome back in today’s video I’m gonna play with the Tati Beauty palette so
this is actually my third video so far I have already done a look using the pink
colors I’ve done a look using more of the softer colors and today I’m playing
with the more bolder colors I actually played with this glitter right here in
my previous video where I use this palette I asked you all if you wanted to
see more of a bold look so that’s the look that I’m going for today now you
can see that I’m wearing a little purple in the inner corner that’s not a part of
today’s eye look I just decided to add a last minute I just felt like it looked
really cool with the background this eyeshadow is by anastasia and it’s in the color: electro for those who are wondering oh yeah in today’s video i’m
gonna show you how i created is a glittery smokey eye i really hope you
guys are gonna like it I think it’s one of my favorite looks that I filmed in
the last couple of weeks I really love the combination of the warm tones
together with the cool tones so yeah I hope you guys like it as well and I
think we’re just gonna dive right into the video I hope you guys are gonna
enjoy so the first thing I’m gonna do is pry my eyelids like always I’m gonna use
my all-time favorite which is by MAC Cosmetics and it’s the paint pot in the
color soft ochre, to apply this all over my eyelid I’m using a sigma Beauty p84
brush and I’m using this all over the eyelid. What this is gonna do is it’s
gonna remove all the redness from the eyelids and it’s gonna make sure that my
eyeshadow is gonna stay in place all day then after that I applied some eyeshadow
guards if you don’t have those you can use some regular sticky tape or you
don’t use any of those I personally find it a lot more easier to use them so like
I said earlier I’m gonna use the Tati Beauty Volume number 1 palette which
is this beautiful palette and the first color I’m going with is the matte color
which is called Soothe and I’m gonna start blending this all
the way from the inner corner to the outer corner using a sigma Beauty e-40
brush this is gonna be transition shade so this is kind of the color that I’m
gonna see right above all the shades that I’m gonna apply afterwards now you
always want to start with light color to kind of build up the color if you go in
with a dark color straightaway it can be a bit harder to blend out the edges so
therefore I like to start with a light color and then I build it up by going
darker and darker so the next color I’m going with is called Matte: Story which is
more of a orange kind of color it’s super beautiful and I’m gonna do the
exact same thing I’m taking my e-40 brush from Sigma Beauty and I’m gonna
start blending this all the way from the inner corner to the outer corner now I’m
going not as high as I went with the first color I used because I still want
you to see that shade peaking right above this color so that one I kind of
took almost all the way up to my eyebrow and this shade is going straight in the
crease so now the next color I’m gonna take I don’t know what the name is
because my brush is in front of it I think it’s called Ritual and it’s the
matte color and I took a sigma Beauty e 25 brush and I’m gonna start pressing
this color in the outer V area and then later with whatever is left on my brush
I’m going to blend it a bit more towards the middle part of the crease but first
I’m mainly packed-on the color so you can really see like that dark brown color in
the outer V which is gonna create a sort of shadow effect also I have a brand
collaboration coming up a very soon which I cannot wait to tell you guys let
me know if you can guess it in the comments I’m really curious to know if
any of you can guess what it is about but I will share the news real soon
with you guys so now I went in with the color mercury which is the matte black
color and I’m gonna start blending that in the outer V area as well I’m using a
really tiny brush from Sigma Beauty I think this is the e31 one I’m not quite
sure but have all my favorite Sigma Beauty brushes linked down in the
description bar in case you want to like know what brushes I use and what my
favourites are so I just kept blending it until I found that it looked dark
enough you can always go back in with more product I like to start with not
too much product so it’s easier to blend out and then I went in with a mixture of
Matte: ritual and Matte: story and I started blending it a bit above the black and
the dark brown eyeshadow because I felt like the edges were a bit harsh and I’m
gonna go in with this shimmery kind of pearly undertone kind of shade and I’m
gonna apply a little bit of that in the inner corner of the eye and also at the
beginning part of the eyelids because I am going in with quite a dark color on
the eyelids and I wanted to create more of a softer transition so therefore I
applied a little bit of this in the inner corner so that when I go in with
this shade which I’m using right now which is metallic super beautiful and it
just kind of blends into the color I previously used which was the really
light color and it makes it look less harsh especially when you look like at
the inner corner I’m all I am going to blend it like all the way to the inner
corner but because I have applied a light color over there as well the
transition is gonna look a little bit more smooth and not super harsh I hope
that makes sense I have been doing so many eyes shadow looks during the years
I actually noticed where I got a notification on my facebook that I have
been doing YouTube for 6 years and I had no idea I actually thought I was doing
it for 4 years but yeah it was that was really cool but I have done so many
looks and I just noticed using a lighter color in the inner corner first it just
makes it look a bit better so now I went in with the darkest glitter color in
the palette which is so beautiful I really wanted to do a look using this because
it’s so beautiful and I just used my finger because I feel like pressing it
on the eyelid with my finger works best I actually did film a video where I go
really in depth on how to apply press glitter in the best way possible some
tips and tricks on how to prevent glitter fall out and if you do have fall
out how you can fix it so I’m really excited for that video which is going up
very soon on my youtube channel actually promised to film a video like
that for a really long time so ya know that it’s coming real soon so now I’m
gonna apply the Maybelline studio gel eyeliner and I’m gonna create a winged
liner because you can see I already have that kind of wing shape going on since I
used the eye shadow guard at the beginning so now it’s really easy to
follow the line and create a winged liner so now that I’m done with the gel
eyeliner I’m going in with the NYX Cosmetics matte liquid liner and when it
comes to eyeliner I like to layer it up I feel like it makes eyeliner stand out
more so therefore I use gel eyeliner first and then I go in with liquid liner
because it just makes it more cover it just gives it more coverage it makes it
more black I really like it and the combination of the Maybelline studio gel
eyeliner together with the NYX liquid liner it’s just a really nice
combination and it’s drugstore so that’s also really nice and it has a really tin
applicator which makes it really easy to work with the now next I’m gonna take the Barry M bold waterproof eyeliner for in the waterline, I notice every time I film a
video where I have glitter on eyelids my camera gets out of focus very often I
think because of the sparkles my camera doesn’t know where to focus super weird
but I just noticed this happens every time I wear glitter yeah I just wanted
to tell you guys so I used a pencil in the waterline and then now I’m going in
with the color Soothe (matte) and story (matte) and I’m gonna blend both of them
underneath the lower lash line just kind of a mixture of both of these shades on
my brush and I’m just gonna sweep my brush back and forth underneath the
lower lash line to create a sort of transition just like I did with the
crease first I went in with the light color to create a transition and then
after this step I’m going in with the darker shades to make it look better
because obviously you can see the light color underneath the lower lash line and
you can see the black in the waterline. So you want to apply a color in between to make
a transition from light to dark look better so therefore I’m going in with
the color memory and I’m gonna take a really tiny Zoeva brush and I’m gonna
press it right underneath the lash line and also on top of the lash line and
this way the matte eyeshadow is kind of going to lock the eye pencil in the waterline in place because the pencil in the waterline is creamy, so by setting it
with powder it’s gonna be locked in place. Basically like I said so yeah just
try it if you wear eye contacts you might want to be a bit careful because the eyeshadow might get in your eye I’ve never worn contacts I’ve tried once but I just
can’t do it for some reason so I don’t know how it feels like when
you’re wearing contacts and something gets in your eye I don’t know but it
kind of sounds like it’s not the best feeling so now I’m using some mascara
I’m using the great lash mascara from Maybelline which is my current favorite
mascara when it comes to drugstore mascaras and then for my lashes I’m
gonna take lashes from my own lash company and these are in the style: Baddie . these
are actually super natural I might could have gone with more dramatic
lashes since this is quite of a dramatic eye look and then this is the end of the
video I really hope you all enjoyed don’t forget to give this video a thumbs
up if you did enjoy this is really helpful for my youtube channel also if
there’s any other look you want me to create with the palette definitely let
me know like I said earlier this was the third look I filmed so far but if you
guys want to see another video let me know also let me know what kind of look
you want me to create because to be honest as of right now I don’t have a
lot of inspiration. I feel like I have done so many glittery eye looks so I
don’t want to like kind of annoy you guys with doing the same look over and
over. Like I know a few eye looks that I can create with this palette which are
gonna look stunning but at the same time those are looks that I have already
done a few times so I don’t know how you guys are feeling about it but yeah I
will make sure to link the other videos that I made in the description bar for
those who are interested in watching and yeah I just hope you all enjoyed if you
aren’t subscribed yet and you want to like keep up to date with my videos make
sure you subscribe and I just hope you all enjoyed and hopefully I will see
you in the next one bye bye

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