Global Access Bars Day | 7th Annual Celebration

Global Access Bars Day
Jan 23 2020 – Hey everybody, its Dain
– and Gary and we’re doing one of the things
we love to do the most, running Bars! Yes, and if I get to run Dain’s Bars,
I usually get to run them for six hours. Yay! Anyway, we wanted to invite you
to Global Bars Day. It’s going to be livestreamed,
there’s going to be several languages. It’s going to be friggin awesome. It will be amazing,
please come join us, it will be fun. Come join us and just be aware, like perceive that energy
that gets created around the world, as people around the world run Bars. Global Bars Day,
see you there. Bye bye
Bye bye Rome 23 January 2020 In 2019 alone
took an Access Bars class Access Bars Parcticioners
OVER 330,000
all over the world Access Bars Facilitators
OVER 10,000
in 100 countries 23 January 2020 in ROME and online worldwide Bring your friends Bring YOU Come play All of life comes to me
with ease, joy and glory! Global Access Bars Day

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