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  1. Missing their own family member's play! Those people have a lot of nerve, just like when Confederacy had a lot of nerve for seceding from the Union in 1961!

  2. This episode sucked again. It has become more of a soft drama rather than a comedy. Please consider making a good ending. I'm a loyal viewer of this series and I hate how the recent episodes have turned out.

  3. Anyone else pissed that Jay and Gloria didn't seem to recognize Dylan? He's married to Haley and he's officially a part of the family now.
    I also. Want to see him and the twins in the intro sequence- maybe they could stand to the right of the Dunphys where Haley could be standing in between Phil, Claire, Alex and Luke on one side and Dylan and the twins on the other side.

  4. She should bring out a sex tape. If all men just put in $10 and a million men donate for this, we could offer her $10,000,000 to do this

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