Goa Cruise Ship Party in Budget | Goa Night Life | Just ₹500

We have come to Goa Cruise. [Nidhi showing the long queue to board the Cruise Ship] [Chota Bheem is welcoming us on the Cruise] [Just entered the Cruise Ship] [Upper Deck of Cruise Ship] [Photographing with Chota Bheem] Other Speedboats and Cruise. The dance is going on in the lower Deck and we came to the upper deck to enjoy the natural winds. [Chota Bheem dancing] [Beautiful River Mandovi Bridge Lighting] Fabulous lighting show in the adjacent cruise ship. Casino Ships over Mandovi River Goa. [Traditional Konkani Dance in the Cruise Ship] So ladies and gentlemen. Presenting an exclusive dance performance. This is how Goa celebrates. So presenting Konkani traditional dance before you. So clap with hands guys. [Claps and Applause from the audience] Alright, here we go!

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