Going Beyond Ministries with Priscilla Shirer – Supernaturally Equipped for Your Calling

I’m so glad to be here okay I’ll do the
preliminary things because they’ve told me I’m supposed to stand right here and
show you my shoes okay so I’m gonna stand here so you can see my shoes I never wear these shoes somebody gave
them to me as a gift and you know here you have shoes and you just look at them
and go those are so pretty what am I gonna do with those can’t just go to the
grocery store in store in sequins shoes so when Miss Joyce team emailed and said
hey you need to wear good shoes y’all should have seen me in my closet trying
to figure out what do you do with sequin shoes but it’s it’s fun to have an
opportunity to wear them so thank you so much miss Joyce for that I appreciate
that so much it is a privilege to be with you guys I want to thank you for
being so kind and and receptive to me and just so welcoming it’s always a
privilege to be able to be here I’m always excited because I know that I’m
going to be refreshed that I’m gonna be changed that my life is going to be
encouraged not only in the messages that are shared for Miss Joyce and the other
members of the team that are going to be serving as well but also just from you
individuals who have been so kind I was thinking just about how refreshing it is
to be with all of you this week has been a little bit of a tough week for me I
was just just had a little situation in my life that really caused me to just
trip up a little bit with fear and a little bit of intimidation and just
praying about that as this praying Laura just helped me to walk and courage and
walk in confidence and not to let fear take root at all in my life and sweet
woman just came up to me a few moments ago and just gave me a big hug and said
I have a gift for you and and she didn’t even know what she was doing I just
cried a little bit as she just came over a moment ago because she gave me a gift
I don’t even know what the gift is y’all all I know is that I looked in the
packaging and the the title or the packaging itself the label on it says
live fearless Lee I’ll know if it’s hand lotion I don’t
know what it is all I saw was live fearlessly and the Holy Spirit whispered
to me I got you I got you I’m so grateful miss Joyce thank you for
having me I’m very grateful to be here y’all let’s pray Lord Jesus thank you so
much for your word I thank you that it is living and active and sharper than
any two-edged sword Lord you have come to speak to us and so I asked father
that you will I pray Lord that the words of my mouth and the meditation of my
hearts will be acceptable I love what Miss Joyce prayed last night father she
said do not let me say anything that is not exactly what you want your daughters
to hear speak Lord in Jesus name Amen as was mentioned I have the privilege of
raising three sons Jackson is 16 and then Jerry jr. is 14 and then we have
Jude I’ve told y’all before Judas he’s 10 years old now but he’s our surprise
boy we still don’t know how Jude made it here and we named him Jude on purpose
because that’s as close as I could get to Revelation because honey it is
finished that is the end of the lines Jackson Jerry jr. and Jude I took them
earlier this year to the movies that’s one of our things we like to do is go to
a movie when one comes out that’s really what we want to see and it’s kind of our
thing and so we went to the movies we saw it in 3d so we sat down we are all
together at this Disney movie and and we we started the film and after the film
was already well underway I’m talking worth 15-20 minutes into the movie Jude
the youngest looks over at me and taps me on the shoulder and says mom I don’t
like this movie and I said buddy why don’t you like the movie he said I
cannot see it it is blurry why did they make a movie in 3d but the whole thing
is blurry since the beginning of this thing I haven’t been able to really
clearly see anything and I look down at him and I said buddy did you take the
glasses did you take the glasses out of the package you know that gave me those
little glasses and he said these and I said yes but he those put them on
he puts the glasses on and he had neglected to put on at the very
beginning and he said I love conferences like this one opportunities like this
one because y’all what it really is about is fitting you with the spiritual
eyewear that you need to see your life from the perspective of how God sees you
and the story that he’s crafting through your life and through mine the movie
that I took them to go see was Incredibles 2 Incredibles 2 I’m not sure
if you saw that one but it was man just as good as the first one and I loved the
storyline so much in this one mr. incredible and his wife Elastigirl you
know they’re in the throes of taking care of evil and sort of coming out of
retirement in order to do that but in Incredibles to its Elastigirl that takes
the forefront she’s the one that sort of at the helm of fighting dangers and evil
in the society and the children end up having to get much more involved this
time man they are running across powers that they never knew they had there
being second scenarios that are a little bit dangerous a little bit risky lots of
adventure that they are called to sort of be a part of and you know Elastigirl
she’s got a Mama’s heart and she’s watching her three babies in the throes
of all of this and at one point she turns to her husband mr. incredible and
she says they’re just children and he says they’re children but they’re
children with power and because they have power that makes them special and
then he said whether or not they choose to use the power is up to them
but either way they’ve got it it occurs to me in a room this size with women
that are actually daughters that have placed faith in Jesus Christ were
children but y’all we ain’t just children we’re children with power
that the Holy Spirit of God has given you power so that whatever place of
danger or risk or adventure that you may have been called into you need to know
that you’ve got the power to sustain you into that place in which you have been
called and but here’s the deal whether or not you choose to use it now that’s
up to you what I don’t want is to get to the end of my days only to look back and
realize I had all that power but never took advantage of it it is at least in
part to that end that I believe that there is a portion of Scripture that men
over the past year it has spoken so clearly to me and been a blessing in my
life I want to share it with you it is in Luke’s Gospel if you have your Bible
and you want to turn there with me you can’t if you know if you actually still
use the Bible with paper pages like I do or your iPhone your iPad pad any manner
of IMS will get you to Luke chapter 9 I think they’re gonna put it on the
screens as well I want to read verse 1 in 2 then I’m gonna jump over to verse
10 I’m gonna read verse 10 through 17 Luke chapter 9 verse 1 and 2 says this
it says and he called the twelve together that’s Jesus he called the
twelve together he gave them power and authority over all demons and to heal
diseases and then he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and perform
healing listen to that again this is the disciples going on their adventure and
Jesus called he called somebody sick he called he called the twelve together and
then he gave somebody say he days he gave them power and he gave them
authority then verse two says and then he sent somebody say he sent he sent
them out verse 10 says and when the Apostles returned they gave him an
account of all that they had done and taking them with him he was three by
himself to a city called Bethsaida and the multitudes verse 11 says they were
aware of they’re still they follow Jesus and
welcoming them he began speaking to them about the kingdom of God and curing
those who had need of healing verse 12 says and the day began to decline the
twelve came and said to him Jesus please send this multitude away they need to go
into the surrounding villages and countryside and find lodging and get
something to eat for right here I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not Jesus but
here we’re in a desolate place but jesus said to them in verse 13 he said uh-uh
you give him something to eat they said come on Jesus we have no more than five
loaves and two fish unless perhaps we go and we buy food for all of these people
Luke wants to make sure you know that there were 5000 men there I love the
physician Luke because he wants to tell you the details he says five thousand
men because there were women and children there so scholars say there
were likely 15 thousand there on that patch of stony ground that day Jesus
said have all of them reclined in groups of about 50 verse 15 says so they did
that had them all reclined and Jesus took the five loaves than the two fish
and looking up to heaven he blessed them and then he broke them and he kept
giving them to the disciples to set before the multitude and verse 17 says
they all ate and they were all satisfied and then they picked up the leftovers
and when they did they discovered that there were twelve baskets full of
leftovers in this very familiar story that many of us probably have heard or
and are in some way familiar with is a story of a multitude of people who are
being fed they are hungry they are empty they’re in need of nourishment and they
are more in need of an encounter with Jesus and Jesus gives them both but I
want us to turn our attention away from the multitude and really focus in on
these twelve disciples the disciples those who walk with Jesus and talk with
Jesus those who are in relationship with Jesus those who follow him the
who want to learn of Jesus the disciples the one who’s fly halfway across the
country to come to the conference to learn more about Jesus the disciples I
believe that this story this well loves story and encounter miraculous encounter
that Jesus had in the scriptures man I believe that it is it is starts not just
when the crowd gets hungry I really do believe that it starts in verse 1 and 2
we find the disciples the twelve have an up-close personal encounter with Jesus
we find more out more about this particular encounter that they had in
mark chapter 6 you don’t have to turn there but this exact same story is told
in mark chapter 6 what I love so much about the first three books of the New
Testament is that they’re called the synoptic Gospels Matthew Mark and Luke
synoptic meaning that there’s synergy in the stories that are told the tone in
which they’re told the way that they uh that the writers wrote those particular
encounters and the more you read them the more layers of insight you can gain
about what happened in that particular story in that particular encounter that
Jesus had we found this same story found in mark chapter 6 and when we read mark
chapter 6 it gives us some texture to the story it’s kind of like if someone
offered you some chocolate cake and they gave you an option you can either have a
one layer chocolate cake or a seven layer chocolate cake well I don’t know
what y’all gonna do but I’m gonna choose the seven-layer chocolate cake every
single time because the more layers there are the more rich and delectable
the experience becomes mark chapter six is our layer of chocolate cake what we
find out is that this is the occasion where God called Jesus called the
disciples together and do you remember he sent them out in pairs
he sent them out two by two to the neighboring towns and the neighboring
communities they he sent them out within that women assignment their assignment
was that everywhere they went every person that they encountered should walk
away with a more clear picture in their head of who Jesus really is
they were supposed to go out in power and authority to preach and to teach and
to perform miracles for the purpose of authenticating that Jesus was who he
said he was and that Jesus could do exactly what he had said that he could
do the whole point of the disciples coming together and then being dispersed
was so that the power and authority with which they would live their life would
mean that every person they encountered every interaction that they had would
leave the people who they had encountered knowing that Jesus must be
the real deal what’s the point of us coming together just after we leave this
place every person we encounter does not know that there must be a god somewhere
and his name is Jesus Christ so they go out in pairs and I mean they
handle their in assignment with integrity they are fully entrenched mark
chapter six tells us in the task that is at hand
and after they finished the assignment they come back to Jesus and they give
him an account so how they handled the assignment that they had been given how
they handled the ministry that had been entrusted to them I want to make sure
that everybody in the room knows that they are in ministry if you have named
the name of Jesus Christ you are in ministry don’t let someone else or the
enemy convinced you that ministry is relegated to standing on a platform
behind a podium with a little microphone attached to you ministry is the place
where you’ve been called to serve in the assignment that you have been given
every one of us are representatives of the King of Kings and the Lord of lords so mother of small children don’t let
anybody tell you that you’re not in ministry every single time you sit
around that dinner table with the casserole that you prepare the new way
that you figured out to make chicken for dinner tonight and you figure it out
successfully one more night and you sit those kids around the table and you pray
over them and you teach them a Bible verse before they go to bed don’t let
anybody tell you that that a ministry and high school student when you’re
walking down the corridor of that high school that you attend and you’re the
one that stands for righteousness in the midst of the darkness don’t let anybody
tell you seventh grader eighth grader freshman sophomore that you are not in
ministry and university students like mr. Dave’s nieces he just told us about
University student when you are the only one in the philosophy class where the
professor is telling you things and teaching you things that are left
Center of the truth of God’s Word and you’re the only student in the class of
300 that raises their hands and takes them to term and lets them know that
there actually is and corporate man a woman when you sit around that boardroom
table and you’re the only one that when they’re talking about the projections
for the future but they lacked a smidge of integrity or character and you’re the
one that stands for white just doesn’t calls people back to the truth of God
don’t let anybody tell you that that a ministry every single one of us has an
assignment and just like the disciples the day is coming where we’re gonna have
to give an account the day is coming sooner than we think what we’re going to
look our Savior in his face that we’re gonna have to give an account for how we
used our time and how we used our talents and how we use the gifts that he
entrusted to us and how we took care of the assignments that teach and every one
of us have been called to he’s not gonna ask me about her assignment he’s gonna
ask me about mine and he’s not gonna be interested and how many Instagram
followers ahead he will not be interested in how many
people weren’t my friends on Facebook that likes the tweets that I put up he’s
only gonna ask me number one did I know his son Jesus Christ
and then I will have to give an account for the assignment that he called me to
and when I look my Savior in his face I want to tell you that I am looking for anybody interested in well done I want to share well done which means
that my main priority can’t be to please you your main priority cannot be to
please me our priority collectively cannot be to garner the applause of
people our interest has to be in garnering the applause of heaven because
the day is coming you think we’re going to have to look our Saviour and give him
an account it has been about two months ago on July 24th that I celebrated gosh
my 19th wedding anniversary I was out celebrating with my husband doing what
you do when you’ve been married for almost 20 years we we were at HomeGoods
just strolling around just enjoying an afternoon you know with no schedule we’d
had a little bit of dinner and then we just went ran a few errands or just kind
of walking around in in HomeGoods I was looking forward to the whole week I had
plans the next day with really my best friend one of my best friends my cousin
went her we had plans we were going to go to the movies together she was gonna
drop her four girls off off at my house so that my three boys and the four girls
their cousins they could all kind of hang out and be together we had a plan
for the next day it was just gonna be a fun week so I was strolling through
HomeGoods on the 24th just enjoying my time with my man and the phone rang and
I saw that Jonathan Pitts winters husband Jonathan Pitts his name popped
up on my phone and because their last name is Pitts we always kind of tease
them about that I always answer the phone and I say you’re the pig so I
answered the phone right there in an aisle way between the kitchen towels and
the bath towels and I said you’re the Pitts
what’s that and I just heard sobs sobs Jonathan could barely catch his breath I
had to calm him down Jonathan what is happening why are you crying of course I
was I was startled just because of the intensity of the phone call as I heard
this groan man wailing and wailing Jonathan what is
going on he said she’s not breathing she’s not breathing I said what are you
talking about who’s not breathing he said winter she’s not breathing
I said Jonathan what’s happening did you call an ambulance yes they’re on their
way but Priscilla I don’t think she’s gonna make it I’ve been doing CPR
they’ve only to live in two or three minutes since I’ve called them they’re
on their way but I can’t I can’t get her to respond to me she’s not breathing I
said Jonathan we’re on our way we jumped in the car
we were about 30 minutes from where the ambulance was taking her I called on the
way to talk to him he was being driven in a car with some friends of ours that
I had immediately go over they were at our house immediately had go over to
take him we arrived at the hospital and when I arrived at the hospital I ran
down the corridor and another family member was standing outside of the room
already leaned up against the wall and I said to her is she breathing yet and I
knew that when Andre I looked back at me and shook her head know that if it took
me 30 minutes to get there if she was not yet breathing that means she
probably wasn’t going to breathe again they let me in that little room to see
my 38 year old best friend and cousin with four small children ages 13 and
under four girls she went from being fine and planning a movie with me in a
play date with the kids one minute the last message I have is from it from her
at 5:00 p.m. and it’s 6:15 p.m. God said it’s time and she stepped out of history
into eternity and in a moment she had to give an account I want to say to all of
you who are in the room that you do not know the day nor the hour and that if because you’re 35 or because
you’re 25 you think you’re pretty young so you have a whole lot of time ahead of
you would you listen to me and listen to me clearly that you cannot judge whether
or not you’re old or young based on your birthdate it has to be judged based on
your death date because if you’re 25 but you only have to you’re 36 you’re pretty
old if you’re 50 but you’ve got until you’re 95 you’re pretty young but for
all of us since we do not know when he will call us home since we do not know
when we’ll have to look at our savior in his face and give him an account we
better get busy living fully the adventure to which he had called us and
when these disciples came to Jesus the reality is that he said to them
basically well done he acknowledged that they had exhausted
themselves fully engaged in the task at hand mark chapter 6 says that he
recognized that they had done the thing that they had been busy following hard
after the assignment to which they had been called they had done the thing
would you look at the woman next to you and say girl do the thing they had effective ministry so I wonder
really quickly if you don’t mind I wondered if I could just take a rabbit
trail for a second because I found in this story a recipe for effective
ministry I just want to open up a parenthesis here to tell anybody who’s
interested what the recipe is for effective ministry anybody interested
there’s a recipe here the recipe is in those first two verses there are three
ingredients to the recipe it says first ingredient he’s cold
then he called them all there are so many beautiful layers here in this first
ingredient in the recipe I loved so much that God the Father the glory of all of
God Almighty that he was willing to clothe himself to encase himself in
flesh the purpose was so that the word John writes could become flesh and dwell
among us so that we could behold his glory the glory of the only begotten of
the Father Jesus made it so that he condescended to humans so that when he
spoke the disciples could actually hear the voice of God the Father in the
person of Jesus Christ all that deity closed in humanity so
that he could meet us where we are he made it so that humans could hear him
and what he did in the first century is exactly what he does in this century
through the person of the Holy Spirit that just like they could hear the call
of God on their life through Jesus Christ you get the privilege to hear the
call of God for your life through the person of the Holy Spirit God calls he
convicts he compels he challenges throughout this conference
you’re gonna feel a pain in your gut it will be the Holy Spirit saying go and
here’s the thing about the hope about these disciples when they heard the call
of Jesus when Jesus said you go out in pairs and authenticate Who I am
through the deeds that I’m giving you power and authority to carry out when
they to call of Jesus there was no other
earthly ambition that they had that superseded the calling of Jesus on their
lives when they heard the call of Jesus they laid everything else down to pursue
what it was that Jesus had asked them to do may it never be that we have
ambitions that are higher than the ambitions of God’s calling for us may we
always be willing to lay down our nets to leave behind prior ambitions to do
what it is that God’s God has called us to do may his calling in your ears and
in your heart be like fire shut up in your bones to where you can’t not do
what God has called you to do Lord forgive us
when because of hubris our pride or arrogance we have left your calling to
pursue a calling that was never ours to pursue forgive us father when we have
tried to walk in shoes that were somebody else’s shoes to wear forgive us
father when we try to walk down the lane that was never our lane to walk down
when he calls accept and celebrate your calling and then I love that when he
called them he didn’t just jump to the third ingredient he didn’t call him and
then send them I loved it before he sent them the second ingredient in the recipe
is that he gave them power come on somebody say power and he gave them
authority which means they did not have to be afraid that they were not equipped
for the calling because even if as miss Joyce taught us last night they did not
have the natural capacity to sustain them in the calling he entrusted them
supernaturally with the power and authority they would need to succeed in
the assignment that he gave them in other words he does not call you because
you are already equipped he calls you and then for those that will say yes sir
he will equip you with exactly what you need to sustain you in the
calling that you have been given can I tell you that there is a very real enemy
and the enemy hopes you will go in your own power he hopes that you will go in
your own authority he hopes you will think and I will think that we are
gifted enough or talented enough or savvy enough or you impressive enough
what he does not what is a woman who has chosen to rest not in her laurels but in
the power and the authority that has been trusted her by Almighty God it is
the anointing and the favor of God on your life that will sustain you in the
calling to which you have been sent and called it is his supernatural endowment
his entrusting of power and authority in you that will make you the mother that
you’re supposed to be the wife that you’re supposed to be the single woman
that you’re supposed to be the career woman that you’re supposed to be the
entrepreneur that you’re supposed to be the woman in ministry that you’re
supposed to be whatever it is that he has called you to do it do he will give
you exactly what you need to be victorious and successful in that task so he called them there’s the first
ingredient then he entrusted them with power and authority Oh y’all the power
is there whether or not you choose to use it is up to you and then third
ingredient he sent them listen he’s the one that did the sending resist the urge
to send yourself to do an assignment that it is not yet time for because just
as important as your calling is itself so too is the is the timing in which
that assignment is out worked in your life because if you give birth too soon
to an assignment that it is not yet time for you will abort the character that he
was trying to build in you you will abort the spiritual backbone the
maturity that was going to be necessary to sustain you in the assignment to
which you have been called it listen the spotlight that you may be craving if
that spotlight hits you and you have no character that light will burn you to a
crisp so wait until God Cisco Lord make us patient enough to wait for the time
and the season that you have called us to do what you have asked us to do so
the disciples after being called after being entrusted with power and authority
after being sent in the timing of Jesus they go to give it their best they give
it their all they handle well the assignment as disciples that they have
been called to handle they come back and they give them an account
Jesus says man y’all done well and you’re tired he acknowledges that they
are plain old flat out any disciples in the house tired
cuz man you haven’t been doing the thing perfectly but you’ve been doing it
purposefully your marriage your children and your job the ministry man you’ve
been trying your best you’ve been doing it diligently you’ve come to this
conference and you are plain old flat out time you’re so glad that all of
these sessions are gonna happen today but you’re you’re debating because you
just you know that you could take a nap cuz you’re tired
anybody come on now Jesus recognizes their exhaustion here’s what I love
about this whole encounter Jesus has with these exhausted depleted disciples
who by the way Jesus recognizes in mark chapter six he says y’all haven’t even
had time to eat he says you’re hungry too you haven’t even had time to eat I
have never been that busy anybody ever I don’t get that busy I’m
the kind of girl that I’m not gonna order a salad and have slow water to be
cute mhm i’ma order the biggest plate of nachos
they got and then when I’m finished i’ma scan your plate for any leftovers but
the disciples had not even had time to eat here’s what I love about Jesus
encounter with the tired depleted exhausted the disciples he does not say
to them y’all go away from me take a nap get yourselves together then come back
and I’ll use you he says come away cuz you do need rest but come away with me
don’t go away from me come away with me in other words the cure for your
exhaustion is intimacy with Jesus that’s the cure you’re looking for so take a
holiday take a sabbatical take a vacation step back for a little while so
you can get yourself together from the ministry or your job or that endeavor
but but when you take the holiday don’t take a holiday from Jesus
the actual oppression that you’re looking for cannot be found apart from
an intimate servant close up relationship with the lover of your soul
intimacy with him is the cure for your exhaustion so he says to them come away
with me he takes them across the northern tip of the Sea of Galilee to a
little patch of stony ground that is right outside of a town called Bethsaida
he takes the disciples on a retreat so they can be replenished and refueled
he’s taking them on a holiday so when they arrive on the little patch of stony
ground outside of the town of Bethsaida and there are 15,000 people waiting for
them you can imagine how perplexed the disciples must have been Jesus you said
for us to come away with you you said there was gonna be something in us and
then for us you said we were gonna be replenished and refueled Hill here and
Jesus of course in his sovereignty sovereignty means he’s seen the end from
the beginning sovereignty means he stood in eternity past and he has seen all of
time from its beginning all the way to the end of the spectrum of time which we
have not yet seen and he has seen into eternity future sovereignty means not
only that he’s seen the whole time spectrum of time and eternity
sovereignty means he’s got the whole thing in the palm of his hands which
means your life and mine which is a blip on the radar screen of the spectrum of
time and eternity is also in the palm of his hand if you believe in the
sovereignty of God it’s what allows you to do what Psalm 46:10 says be still
cease to strive chill out and know that I am God so he knew what
the disciples could have never known in his sovereignty jesus knew that he was
taking the tired disciples to a place where there was going to be a multitude
waiting on them when they got there it was not a mistake it was of the
sovereign design of God which means there must have been something in that
multitude that was going to be refreshing for the disciples it tells us
that this that well-loved biblical encounter is not just about the
multitude getting fit it’s about the disciples getting fed it tells us that
the five loaves and the two fish was the gift to the multitude but it’s that
multitude that is the gift to the disciples there’s something about that
multitude placing a demand on them something that is out of their control
and beyond their capacity something that they do not feel like they have the
capacity to handle it’s that multitude that is actually going to enable the
disciples to finally pull out the treasure that they’ve been ignoring and
acting like it’s completely insignificant
it’s the multitude that is gonna have them see what it looks like to place
their little bit into the hands of a multiplying master and watch him perform
a miracle that is going to blow their minds it’s the multitude that’s gonna
have them access the power and authority that has been given to them by Jesus and
see what it looks like to operate in the power and authority that is rightfully
theirs without the multitude they would never have the opportunity to experience
the power of God that has been entrusted to them I’m talking to anybody that’s
got a multitude in your life that there is something pressing on you that is
you out there is a struggle in your marriage your finances are in your
health or on your job and it’s more than you can handle the multitude is beyond
your natural capacity the good news is when you come face to face with a
sovereignly ordained multitude that means the multitude is your gift because
the multitude is gonna have you start accessing power and authority and
treasure that you would have discounted before it’s gonna have you look at the
five loaves and the two fish that little gifts that little talent that little
finance that little energy that little patience that little idea that little
creativity that you thought was so useless before you’re gonna pull it out
the multitude go make you pull it out the multitude is your gift did you
notice that in verse 12 the disciples say Jesus send the multitude away and we
don’t just say it we pray it in Jesus name and by the power of Almighty God I
speak to the multitude Lord take this multitude away and we don’t even know
that we’re praying away this thing that is our gift in verse 12 the disciples
are praying away if you look they are praying away at what in verse 11 Jesus
just welcomed it says in verse 11 he welcomed the multitude 1 verse later the
disciples are praying away what they don’t even know is their gift resist the
urge to wish away what God has welcomed into your experience instead say Lord
don’t take it away if there’s something in it for me Lord instead fit me with
the right eye wear the right spiritual hour that will help me to see this 3ds X
you’re right Lord don’t let this multitude be taken away until I say see
and mine from it every single treasure every single gift every single nuance
that’s gonna build my life Lord that’s gonna help me to access this power and
authority Lord don’t let this multitude leave my life until I milk it for every
single thing you jesus said to the disciples the exact
same thing I want to say to you today he said verse 13 you give them something to
eat everything your multitude needs is already in your hand you don’t need
something else something more something different what you need you’ve already
got pull it out tap into the power and authority of the Holy Spirit of God that
is already on the inside of you so finally the disciples they take their
little bit and they place it in the hands listen I place it in the hands of
Jesus you need to know that everything changes when you take your little bit
and give it back to God Jesus took the little meager gifts of man thank you
Lord he took them a little bit that they had and looking up to heaven he blessed
it you don’t need more you just need God’s blessing on the five
loaves and the two fish you’ve already you don’t need more time you don’t need
more still you don’t need necessarily more resource all that you need is God’s
blessing his favor his anointing his God’s favor is what opens up doors god bless the five loaves and the two
fish and then he broke it and then he kept handing it out to the disciples and
it kept going and it kept going and it kept going and going and they had no
idea that disciples couldn’t figure out where all of this resource was coming
from they just had this and now it keeps going and going their patience just
exponentially their resources their ideas their creativity their gifts their
talent everything that they need was already in their hands they just they
just had to give it to Jesus and now the entire multitude is sustained and verse
17 says that when everybody ate and just in case you’re not clear on what kind of
meal this is they want you to know everybody ate to the point of
satisfaction they were filled up to overflowing and after everybody got a
good old Sunday afternoon kind of meal they picked up the leftovers and there
were twelve baskets full twelve baskets there was one basket for each disciple
to take home as a reminder of the great power of God to make I believe in your
life Lord Jesus multiply our resources do it
for your glory it is in Jesus name that we pray amen

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