Good Feeds Us All: The Birthday Party Project

Everybody has a birthday and so everybody can remember that moment in time when they had a special wish, where
they had friends sing happy birthday to them and who wouldn’t want to share that
with a child? A lot of these kids are coming from situations where they don’t know what’s going to happen in the next hour. They don’t know what they’re gonna eat. You are addressing a really basic need. There’s so much hatred and just bad traumatic things that you see on the news nowadays. It’s just like you sit back, you’re just like, what is the world come to? You know like why is all this bad stuff happening? So it’s nice to just, really see that there is still kind people in the world. That will genuinely care about people who may not have what they have. The Birthday Party Project just
celebrated our eighth birthday. We started with one agency in Dallas and
have grown to 46 parties a month in 15 different cities throughout the United States. So you think the agencies we work with do the hard work. They’re providing the basic needs. We get to provide that level of I’m just a normal kid and this is my birthday. To be able to bring that to a child who needs a little extra joy in their life. It’s just it brings communities together. I volunteered for The Birthday Party Project because I wanted to spread joy to children. Growing up I had a birthday party every year and it was something honestly I probably took for granted. I think that The Birthday Party Project is different from
other volunteer opportunities in a way that when we walk in we know that we’re
trying to put a smile on that kid’s face and it’s a lot more personal than other
opportunities. So today we’re at the headquarters for The Birthday Party Project and we’ve taken our Good Feeds Us All Tour to Dallas, Texas, to be here and today we’re gonna be hosting a birthday party. I think we really fell in love with this idea because for us The Birthday Party Project lives out really the brand’s purpose. Around Good Feeds Us All and their purpose really of bringing joy into the world and celebrating kids that maybe are in
more transitional areas of their life. And Good Feeds Us All is really grounded
in this idea that we as a natural food brand are intending to not only bring
good food into the world but to bring to light all of the good that’s going on in
the world too and so that’s kind of why The Birthday Party Project spoke to us as
well as we see all of the good that they’re doing. My name is Beau Coffron from Normally when I do a demo it will be on TV or doing a radio interview. Today, I’m most excited honestly is to be with these teenagers and to be able to celebrate their birthday with them and to me it’s it’s an honor just to be here,
to be able to show them a little bit of something, but also learn from them too. It is a different theme every time. So it’s like okay, so what is it? You know. What’s the activities that we’re gonna do? So it’s fun to like kind of guess it. We bug the staff about it. So when The Birthday Party Project comes in and it’s somebody from the outside, it’s just like somebody else cares about our birthdays too. They brought somebody in who actually cares about us and wants to throw us a birthday party. A lot of the kids who come here were thrust into situations where they had to grow up really fast and learn to be adults and
learn how to survive. So they come here and they get to celebrate their birthdays. For teens, they just want to be kids they wanted to be treated like anybody else and to see that little kid come out in their face when they’re opening their gift, when they’re blowing out their candle. That’s really special. It’s also about strangers coming together and there’s something about
food that just opens up this an idea that you can communicate together and it
breaks down barriers breaks down walls. Because I haven’t done anything for my
birthday since I was like 16 and now that I have a baby, it’s like no one
really asked me about me. It’s more like, oh how’s the baby doing? So it was nice to just be able to come here to The Birthday Party Project and get a little cake, you know, get some presents. When I hear Good Feeds Us All it really just, what I get from it, it means that no matter what you’re going through in your life, no matter what’s happening in the world, as long as you within yourself and the
people around you still have kindness in their heart. They try to see the bright
side of everything, you’ll be okay.

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