Good Kid vs Bad Kid – ROAD SAFETY | #TrafficRules #Roleplay #Fun #Sketch #MyMissAnand

Uncle, why you’ve thrown this on the road?? you need to keep the roads clean as you keep your house clean you thought why I am here on road as today’s video is related to it that is Good Vs Bad – Traffic Rules If you like this video then hit the LIKE button and get this video to 80,000 LIKES now I can’t wait anymore so lets enjoy the video Don’t play on the road like this oh Uncle why would you teach a lot is it free of cost or you charge something as I don’t have the change don’t waste my time just go away from here Always cross the road at Zebra Crossing and yeah always see your right and left and then cross the road your phone is ringing I am driving dear Hello Aunty, how are you? want to talk with dad ok Papa Sharma Aunty’s call I’ll talk later Papa your phone is ringing see who is calling want to talk to your father Uncle Papa is driving you can tell me if anything urgent I’ll convey your message to him or he’ll call you back ok dear tell your Papa to call back Papa you’ll call back to Uncle where are you going? towards foot overbridge you too come with me not from foot over bridge so many stairs Mumma always ask to use foot over bridge where are you going dear? lets cross the road no Mumma always foot over bridge is for pedestrians yeah its take a bit effort but its for our safety so lets go with Mumma why you stop here we need to stop on Red Light oh Mumma no one is here why you follow the rule see nobody is here why you need to follow all the rules for today Mumma nobody is going to give you the award for this See Papa, Nobody is having patience all are jumping the red lights also heard a lot ” Better late than never” also our teacher make us learn Papa where are we going today? movie tie your seat belt no I don’t as its irritating me a lot ok I am not driving at all unless you tie your seat belt have you got hurt why you remove seat belt where are we going? market tie your seat belt oh thank god! I’ve tied seat belt thats why always tie seat belt its for our safety would you help me to cross the road? would you help me to cross the road? walk on the foot path oho Mumma I am enjoying always walk on foot path as it meant for pedestrians and these roads for vehicles so thats all with today’s video if you’ve liked it let me know in the comment section do you follow the traffic rules or not? tell me in the comments below also SHARE this video with others as I worked a lot for this video will see you in my next video

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