Google makes fun of Apple!(You will hate Apple after seeing this)

Feel free to choose whichever size pixel you prefer because you’ll get the same great experience on both We don’t set aside better features for the larger device both devices We’re also making it easier than ever to switch to pixel most new pixel Users will be able to transfer their stuff from their old phone in less than 10 minutes Including all of your photos apps and even your eye messages So we’re happy to announce that pixel 2 users will continue to get free unlimited Storage for all of the photos and videos they capture in the highest resolution including 4k videos and motion photos This is a big deal This is a big deal pixel users Take twice as many photos as typical iPhone users and store an average of 23 gigabytes of photos and videos per year in Google’s cloud If you had to use iCloud, you’d reach your free limit in less than three months pixel 2 comes in three colors kind of blue just black and clearly white We love taking the color names So with pixel you’ll never run on a space remodel, and you can say goodbye to those painful storage full pop-ups And there’s a subtle wedge from the top to bottom, and there’s no unsightly camber left Pixel is available in three colors descriptively named white black very silver and a limited edition really blue Turn your sound on change is good I do it all the time with my makeup my outfits and even the angle were shooting in right now Change is what life is all about trying something new and fresh like the new pixel There’s just a few things you got to do to make that change super smooth. Let’s get your prep So first things first make sure you’re getting messages from your friends and family on your new pixel so before you take out your SIM Card on your old iPhone you want to turn off. I messages and FaceTime, so here. We are in the settings menu We’re gonna go right here into messages, and you’re just gonna turn that little button off Let’s do FaceTime same thing in your settings go to FaceTime Boom turn it off, and you’re good to go Okay, so do you have a work phone or maybe you have a work account set up on your phone if you do you probably? Have encrypted backups, and you want to take that off, so we’re gonna turn off that work profile right there Boom, it’s gone so the guys have any problems be sure to reach out to your IT person for help Next you want to grab your computer you want to connect your old phone boom and this part is really Important in iTunes make sure your backup is not encrypted all of your important stuff will transfer neatly to your new phone When the time comes that’s gonna take a few minutes. Let me go ahead and show you guys some fall Outfiiiiits!! :)):OO I’ve got a lot of apps that I love Most of your free apps will come over when you start up the new pixel and some paid apps you might have to be downloaded Now you’re ready for your Google pixel because change is good thank you so much for watching and don’t forget to check out Todd tricks video where he teaches you how to move your stuff to your new pixel by Turn your sound on what’s up, gotta get cute for you guys really that’s more like it What’s up Everybody gets todrick coming to you to show you how to get your old stuff onto your new fierce Google pixel got an old iPhone You should talk to my friend Whaley She’s got some amazing tips on how to get your phone set up if you got a notification to finish setup on your new phone You’ve come to the right place, and I’m gonna walk you through it First make sure that you’ve popped your SIM card into your new pixel or that your own Wi-Fi make sure that both phones are at Least 50% charged yes We’re good next take your old phones charging cable in your quick switch adapter that came with your pixel and Use it to connect your phones together once you’ve connected your phones. Just follow the instructions on your pixel screen Alright, let’s get personal sign into your existing Google account using an email or phone number if you don’t already have a Google account Great we’re logged in everything you synced is now on your new pixel and for everything else pixels gonna scan your old device so you Can bring everything over then you could choose what you want Alright hit copy and let pixel work it This is gonna take a few minutes, so I’m gonna take this time to work on a few dance moves If you have any other accounts you’d like to set up on your pixel add them later in settings under Users and accounts once you’re all set up Connect your phones and log in and transfer add more accounts. That’s what this is all about Yeah And if you happen to need a little more help there are literally people waiting to help you like right now No like literally like right now, so check out Andrews video on how to get more help

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  2. Ok, so they're advertising that they force me to de-encrypt all my sensitive data to transfer them to one of the most data-greedy companies on earth? Wow! I think I stick to my iPhone…

  3. Honestly, you can have whatever phone you have I don't care.. but in my opinion, I switched from Android to Apple and I really regret it….

  4. Apple will always be the better product but it is so annoying how there is a rivalry between samsung and apple and google and apple

  5. 1 camera? Only normal shots?

    Compare that to Apple’s WAYYYYY better iPhone 11, which has 2 cameras: telephoto lens and ultra wide. (as well as night mode which gives low light shots light!)

    Also, 3 colors? Apple has 6! Overpriced? I think not. All the resources are expensive, so the phones are priced like that.

    Like if you believe that iPhone/iPad is better. (Just a note: App Store is more secure than play store!)
    Edit: also iPhone and iPad’s autocorrect doesn’t even correct play store xd, but it does for App Store.

  6. Huawei, Samsung and Pixel always diss Apple during their reveal of phone while Iphone trying to focus on thier own. No hate but everywhere you go, and look you will always see people using apple products, because you get the satisfaction you deserve. And i think even the those phone endorser from the competition uses apple and prefer apple too. Lol

  7. When every samsung, huawie and pixels need to mention apple during thei phone reveals so that theyll get more buzz. Sure apple doesnt need to this coz all eyes are on them. While these other phones need to diss iphone just to get the attention of the people.

  8. Androids suck especially the camera quality and how slow it is no matter what kind of new or old android it is the camera quality still sucks and it’s so slow I HATE YOU ANDROID!

  9. Google: So you added the second camera right?

    Apple: No three camera

    2030: How much cameras does a apple phone have.

    Apple: yes

  10. I hate this type of marketing. Instead of showing how their product benefits them like what Apple does, Samsung and kinda google too show how their phone is so much better than an iPhone. And make fun of apple

  11. Man if I can’t take pictures or gifs and send them to my friends from texting fuck Android no I’m keeping my IPhone

  12. Lmao look at google now they're doing everything they made fun of,

    They spent so much advertising against apple instead of advertising about the features of their new phones…

    Oh apple does this? Google does this!

  13. 2017:So you added a second camera, right?

    2019:So you added a third camera, right?

    2021:So you added a fourth camera,right?

    2035:So you added fourteen camera,right?

  14. Guess what! I still love apple.

    And also the like for this and comment for this comments are trash because basically all the time the thing in the like part, they will always won because no one wants to comment.

  15. Google: So you added a second camera right?
    No need

    Other phones: But the thing is, why you didn't know wide and ultra wide angle lens?

    For the time google has made fun by other phones again………..

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