GOP Strategist Talks Impact Of Having A Gay, Married 2020 Candidate | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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  1. I'd rather have Pete watching over the nukes. Not only that, but he will show what a real president looks like.

  2. Get real, people. Refreshing and real? The dude supports murdering babies up to the point of birth. That is a lack of decency that should disqualify him in the minds of fair minded and good Americans, yet he is finding support as a patriot and good guy? What has happened to us?

  3. Jesus Never mentions Homosexuality yet talks about divorce and adultery multiple times.
    Same with the Ten Commandments.
    Potus Bone Spurs cheated on multiple wives. Cheated on his taxes(and brags about it). Lies about stupid things all the time and acts like a bully with anyone who disagrees with him.

  4. If you want to talk about sexuality how about the president who cheated on his wife. Gotteeem. Gatchigasm

  5. Pete's policy is
    You like coffee with cream i like it just black
    Now Let's agree on making a good coffee!!
    Hmm i think i like it

  6. You guys are such political hacks. Your bias is so obvious that it is vile and disgusting. I don't know how you sleep at night. You want to call Trump out for lying and being an a**** you guys are exactly the same and worse. You slandered Bernie Sanders everyday and he is with the American people want. You try to push buttigieg because you like him not because he has good policies? American people want good policies not more fluff and Flash.

  7. Putin pulled the same trick in Russia. Found a look alike like Pete to be the front for Russia! 45 doing the same thing here…wake up people watch "active measure"!

  8. To those that say "I dont' care about his sexuality" I say Not caring is a choice and doesn't really help to reach equality. That argument is the same of those folks that say they are not racist but don't acknowledge the fact there is racism and white privilege, or rather not get involved when an act of discrimination is happening in front of their eyes. I know the 2 are different things I'm just comparing the argument of what people usually pretend to say they are ok with gays but don't support the idea of equal rights for us. I would rather hear or read " I do care and I support it"

  9. Biden is like the old Rocky Balboa….time to find a young Creed to coach to victory…. Pete, Beto, Liz, Kamala?……yo Lizzie!

  10. "You could put a glass of water with a D next to it and it would still win"
    To be fair you could play a video of a puppy on MSNBC and it would still give you Aids.

  11. If you people ever learn to walk and chew gum then move ahead a bit more and remove religion from politics 21st century thing.

  12. Sorry, MSNBC you can peddle all your desperate alternatives until the end of time but the reality of Bernie Sanders running the table all the way to the convention is the specter you can't face. And he's gonna.

  13. I haven’t chose Pete yet but trust me, he’s someone everyone should be watching during the debates.

  14. Isn't it curious that Republicans don't consider white, straight and Christian based politics as "identity politics".

  15. Mayor Pete (more than Biden) embodies a return to decency and civility. 🤞 Pete Buttigieg for President; Elizabeth Warren for VP.

  16. There was all ready a Communist Muslim Homosexual for 8 years in White House and every body know the devastation he created in USA , now you people want another Communist Homosexual with his Man in the charge of this Nation , you must be out of your mind , if you elect him them you deserve what you will get.

  17. EVERY PERSON SHOULD VOTE. stop judging voters. voters are the artery to freedom….forever please..if we want freedom everyone must vote.

  18. It’s been decades since the world I live in recognized the civil rights of prisoners and it never dawned on me that it is different elsewhere. It’s shocking that imprisonment isn’t punishment enough. It seems like something extremely radicalizing.

  19. I love Mayor Pete, he has my vote for President in 2020. I am sick of Trump and his hate filled rhetoric.

  20. Ever since Pete appeared on The Late Show with Steven Colbert I've been entranced by his calm, benign presence, his lucid, articulate answers, his intelligence and common sense, the way he appeals to a broad spectrum of people with his civility and humanity. Every trait he has is the polar opposite of Trump while his age is a serious plus, making him a better candidate than Sanders or Biden. If I was American, I would have him as my preferred nomination as the presidential candidate.

  21. Bernie, Tulsi & Yang stand with honesty and real policies to transform this country.

    'Pete''is being pushed forward by MSM (mainstream media) & adored which is a BAD SIGN. He will support democratic eshtablishment, big donors and stay vague on policies.
    For fire take Bernie
    For courage take Tulsi
    For intelligence and new idea's take Yang.

    We need all three of them, if Pete is a good major, STAY THERE BUDDY (or 'butty' 🙂

  22. Stephanie Ruhle is lucky to have the position she does. She has never shown any real political thinking much less intellect when she appears on MSNBC

  23. Stephanie Ruhle is lucky to have the position she does. She has never shown any real political thinking much less intellect when she appears on MSNBC

  24. Is it ok if we give a collective eeeeeew and ugh? Pete can be both the Commander in Chief and First Lady at the same time. God help us all.

  25. "… one thing that I know people across the country want – a return to decency and civility." Everyone around the world is wanting that from the US. The populist movement has turned the world into a very ugly place.

  26. More Bernie smears on MSNBC. Surprise! Surprise! AOC smears too! The corporatism perspective of MSNBC is getting more and more blatantly obvious. Conservatives don’t like MSNBC, populist leftists don’t like MSNBC. Trash!

  27. The media is having a field day with Mayor Pete. Maybe Turd Trump is getting a break. Don't blame Mayor Pete for every wingnut cop.

  28. Sanders is the best! Pete is great but he’s dead wrong on not allowing prisoners to vote. Shame republicans are so shortsighted to consider this refusal as a virtue when in fact it’s one of his few vices

  29. Well white nationalist Democrat Mayor Pete just went down in flames. Pete’s racist Nazi police force just murdered an African American. Pete it’s your fault and failure for allowing KKK racists on your police force. Trump 2020. KAG.

  30. I have no judgement about Mayor Pete's sexuality at all but I am curious about how he is going to deal with countries that will judge him on that.

  31. I'm from the UK so obviously don't have a vote.

    I would have voted for Trump in 2016.

    I would vote for Pete in 2020

  32. Let me be clear-Harris cannot win! Biden can! The goal is say goodbye to Trump-USA is not ready for a Smart Strong Black Women! Harris can’t win in states that Trump took last time! Biden can 100% She could be a decent VP- Im a warren and sanders fan-what ever it takes!

  33. The fundraising quarter ended just a few hours ago, and we've been poring over the results. Here's what we found: 

    Over 400,000 people have invested in this campaign, and in this quarter alone, Pete for America raised approximately $24,800,000!!!!!

  34. Republicans couldn't care less about Democrats or what they want or would like in a Republican candidate…..Why should Democrats take advice from a self identified Republican… Who can't stand his Own candidate?
    Never in my life have I felt I was being actively persecuted for the crime of Not being affiliated with the current Oval Office holders Party…..Until this President. Your either a devout Trumpist….or your Un-American or the Enemy of the People or somehow unworthy of respect or decency.

  35. Don’t listen to Republicans! This is a set up. They’ll support a moderate until the general election. The candidate in 2016 was a moderate and that cost her the election. Run a progressive!

  36. Who else is watching in 2021? I remember watching this clip when it first aired back in the Summer of 2019. Even then, the president was polling in a dead heat with Trump.

  37. Yeah um I’m a die hard democrat on social issues(more on the conservative side on economic issues), but what is the point of letting felons in prison, unless they have served their sentence they should NOT vote. It is not just.

  38. Mayor Pete really needs to be our next president. I can't think of a more intelligent person for the job.

  39. POST THIS VIDEO ON TRUMP'S TWITTER !!! Watch Pete Buttigeig’s First Speech On Foreign Policy And National Security | NBC News

  40. Watch Pete Buttigeig’s First Speech On Foreign Policy And National Security | NBC News

  41. I 🙏 pray Buttigieg gets more momentum as this year's almost over! He's our hope to Make America United! 🇺🇸

  42. Buttigieg is a 'supporter of Israel'. Supporting an apartheid, murderous government like Israel does not comport with Buttigieg's so-called progressive values'. I don't want to see this immature guy again.

  43. What does his legal relationship status have to do with his ability to govern? For that matter what does anyone’s color or even age have to do with the ability to govern. He is an American Hero, He has experience in government work, He is an educated man with a good track record. The rule of age is 35 so he is at the age that our forefathers said was ideal. WE NEED TO STOP JUDGING PEOPLE ON COLOR, AGE, Gender or SEXUAL PREFERENCE and start looking at the person, listening to the message and history. The only thing people tout that I dislike is their religion. I don’t care what your religion is or is not. In fact especially with the way the Church has supported this racist, womanizing dehumanizing president, I have les faith in the Church than ever especially win just under half of Americans are not religious. Not to mention even the Church can’t agree on their own faith when the largest group of faith in the USA is about Jesus. Many are claiming religion just for the votes. If Jesus is the real true son of god, he would be horrified by the inhuman way we are treating his children like animals at our borders. Where are these great churches that support Trump on the border atrocities He is committing and even proud of. Many people on the fence about religion are turning away because of the hypocritical silence about what we as a country are doing to other people this very moment.

  44. POTUS Candidate Peter Buttigeig was on CNN describng his 'husband' & what a good "father" he would be. I guess that makes Peter a wife. So does that mean he will be the first female President of the United States?

    With this in mind, Peter, as a wife, have you ever wanted to wear a dress, have a baby or feel your husband deep inside of you… your gastrointestinal tract?

  45. His sexuality would not be an issue if he didn't flagrantly flaunt it. I've never seen a president hug and kiss his wife the way Pete does. I find it disturbing. His sexual life is private, so keep it private. Presidents will hold hands with their wives and sometimes share a chaste kiss. The political stage is no place for flagrant sexual displays. We have more important concerns than watching him hug and kiss his husband.

  46. Eric Shira, the companies that have contributed to his campaign include Harvard, the University of California, Disney, Apple, Microsoft… why do you consider them horrible? There are no oil companies, not the NRA…

  47. We already had one in Traitor Obama and big Mike,no America REJECTS another one and we have a great WINNING President Trump.

  48. Peter Butt-i-guess Mayor of South Bend Over, Indiana… Thank U 4 your service.

  49. Agree with Mayor Pete – War Veteran Ivy league Mayor with brain, experience & humility.
    He understands about unity, national & international geopolitic policies, Uniting American.
    He is not perfect but he can unite Americans post divisive Trump.
    Very gracious, energetic and classy 38 year old candidates for President, Mayor Pete Buttigieg.
    He is not perfect but he can unite 95% of American voters 2020. (Black, Brown, white, Yellow & Mix Races) #PeteForAmeica #Pete2020
    He will be A great respectful, classy US President for all Americans.

  50. Pete is the most presidential of all the candidates.
    With the wide range of choices we have, he really stands out in every way.

  51. ….I wouldn't be surprised at all to see that "Impact" in America….for many reasons……however, homosexuality is a no-issue, insignificant, and an irrelevant detail in countries like Canada, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark….

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